Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Never Ending Barking Dog

I would think that poor dog would go hoarse. His lonely constant barking echoes the sorrow in his soul. I don't want to call the cops. I did once. They were supposed to give the "owners" a warning. I could have signed a complaint, but I thought a warning would give them a heads up and maybe they'd change. Fat chance.

The poor dog. If I complain, it's the dog who will take the brunt, not the people and they are the ones who should. They got a dog, two I think, and then they promptly ignored both, sticking them out back to literally rot away. And to bark.

I feel for that lonely dog. Bark. Bark. Bark.

The dog is doomed unless they wake up and give him attention, exercise, love and training. They won't. Their kids are out of control too. I listened them scream and holler and tear things apart and curse all summer. Now it's the lonely dog.

They've as good as killed that dog.

They should face punishment for their callousness. Lives aren't fast food or fads or plastic toys. They are lives, with hopes and loves and dislikes and wanna go for a walk tail wags and why in the world don't this people wake up and take decent care of that life out there, barking its head off and wasting away?

On another note, someone asked me if I was going to read the Sarah Palin book when it comes out. I said "Nope." The woman asked "Why not?" I replied, "I don't have that kind of time. And besides, she's just too Pro Death for me."

It just popped out, those words, to describe her "Pro Death".

When I think of her, I think of her with a bloody moose, or with a turkey being slaughtered behind her and her laughing about it.....those sorts of images, along with guns. Lots of guns.

I can't think of Palin without thinking of guns, war, blood, death. I am not sure why. But, because of what I associate her with, that's why those words popped out of my mind to describe her "Pro Death".

She's just too damn Pro Death for me.

Also, political books seem like ego inflamed soap operas. Sure, maybe I could get through one if I'm recovering from surgery and bed bound without anything else to read.

I think of politics as a country unto itself and that includes the politic worshipping media, who follow them, try to explain what they say, over and over again, choose the sound bites, to highlight the best of their fav politicos or the worst of those they hate. One big soap opera.

We little people out here running everything, in reality, tolerate Politicoa, the country, and we dutifully send it aid. We support them. We have to because we have good hearts and don't want to see them starve. One day, maybe we'll cut off all aid shipments to Politicoa, the country, and let it wither away, when it has become too much of an emotional and financial drain. Soap operas are ok until the plots start to repeat for lack of new material.

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