Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Seven Girls, Six Boys Fixed Today

Well, it was a good day for Albany cats. I took in 13. 10 of them were from just one location in Albany.

Two others were from one apartment, a male and a female, both tabby on whites. The female has four kittens that aren't very much noticed, unfortunately. Two of them are weight grade for spay/neuter at least. One isn't. The fourth I couldn't find and the woman wasn't much help looking. I'm hoping she has the other one contained in the morning, so I can weigh the kitten, and see if it can go up with the other two.

The 13th cat was one someone took in from a woman who was moving and couldn't take her along. This woman with the unfixed female was the person who adopted two Jefferson cats from me, Yoyo's mother and sister, awhile back. She got a boyfriend, she said, and they moved. The boyfriend lied and said the new landlord wouldn't allow cats when in fact he hated cats and the landlord does allow them. So, she gave the two Jefferson cats to her brother and his family and says they are doing well and she goes to see them often. She would have gone and got them back, she said, but her neice and nephew love them too much now, and she couldn't do that to the kids or the cats. I do believe her.

She dumped the boyfriend who turned out to be a control freak. Big surprise there.

Now she lives in a nice house in Albany and took in a female someone couldn't take with her, when she also moved. The cat is all black and very sweet. So that cat was fixed today.

13 cats fixed. All three kittens were boys and even the littlest kitten was fixed. They will all go back sometime tomorrow.

The abbytabby and the brown tabby tux were both girls. The little Lynx Point Siamese and the black tux, those were the other two boys in the bunch. So there were a lot of girls. The black long hair was a girl, and of course the calico and torti were girls. So, of the ten from the one place, half were girls, half were boys. Two of the cats were pregnant, the brown tabby tux and the calico, but they were barely pregnant.

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