Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Photos of the Six Cats

These two boys were dumped as very young kittens along a road. Fortunately a kind woman and her grandson saved them.
This female hails from Corvallis!
This is one of five more huge and I mean HUUUUGGGGEEE males the Jefferson woman has been feeding, the latest in years of strays showing up hungry and otherwise unwanted at her doorway. She has tried to get as many fixed as she can over countless years. She tries to find kittens homes. But she's getting old now and worn out and broke, living on a fixed income and needs help with the latest five to show up, three of whom I caught.
This is another of the four huge males to arrive at this old woman's house, requesting assistance and food, in the last months.
The old woman thinks this cat is the female who had one kitten, when dumped off along the road a few feet from her door last spring. She has the kitten, now a teen, inside her place. She will be fixed a little later. To me, this very large cat, has a very male appearance. UPDATE: the brown tabby is indeed a male.

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  1. OMG, is that a seal point meezer? She looks sad and relieved at the same time - sad to be behind bars (but relieved to know she may be getting help. Look at those wide eyes!!) What a cute adorable cat! Wonder how she's mange with what my neighbours and friends call mt "zoo". I tell them no Siamese are in zoos, lol No Cats should be in zoos! (g)