Thursday, October 15, 2009

Caught Wheelie, the Injured Gray Male

I caught him tonight, with the drop trap. But now, what to do with him and his injured rear leg.

He's tame. Unneutered. I have no money.

What to do with the poor boy. His leg needs X-rayed for starts, to see what's going on. I'll have that done, at least. Not sure what that will cost me.

The little girl gray kitten looks a whole lot like him. My guess: whomever abandoned the black female, abandoned him, too. Bet they are brother and sister, the black female and the gray male. I will bet you! Bet both were abandoned by same asshole.

UPDATE: He's up at the clinic. The vet will do an exam under anesthesia, since he's going to be neutered anyhow. The tech said "Well, maybe it's a torn ACL, on his knee." If so, she said, he'll need three months of cage rest. Her own cat incurred that injury. If, under exam, they feel it is something else, I authorized X-rays, as a start. We'll see.

UPDATE: The clinic just called. They did have to do an X-ray. His patella is behind his knee, not in front, so his rear leg cannot operate in any normal fashion. The vet felt any knee surgery would fail, most likely, and that it is an older injury. How old, he doesn't know. He does not think he was hit by a car, but rather suffered direct trauma to a specific part of that leg, likely being kicked or fell.

The vet feels he could be fine in an indoor only home, certainly though, not scampering around trying to survive on the streets. And if the people who adopted him had the money, they could either have the leg amputated, if need be, or the knee surgery repair could be attempted.

So, for today, he's getting off easy. He had X-rays, exam, shots, tested and was neutered. I think the bill will be about $200, just guessing though. Now, to find the guy a home.


  1. can't do much till next week - but let me know what it costs and i'll send what i can on wednesday....

  2. Might rename him Flat Tire. Don't know what to do about him. Hoping to find a rescue or no kill shelter with enough bucks to help him. I'm "no kill" and "no money".

  3. I like Wheelie...or Wheeler - what about that? He looks like a real sweetheart - and I curse the folks who would leave him in this condition. I sincerely believe in what goes around comes around and someday, Jody, someday we will have the satisfaction of seeing this in action.
    My friend, Fran, from Cat Rescue here in Maryland, said it is so cruel to abandon these cats who have never ever been exposed to the outdoors. They have no street smarts, no survival in the wild skills...and they get injurerd, hurt, hungry....its not right. If thats how you treat your babies, I would hate to be a relative....of those people...

  4. do you have paypal?

  5. No, but if you want the vet's number, donations can be called in. I have gotten zero responses so far, outside of yours. It's tough to find anybody to donate. Countryside Vet in Jefferson, OR. 541-327-3758. He's up there now. They are going to examine the leg under anesthesia and they said it could be a torn knee ACL. If it is, he has to be caged three to four months. The tech there said her cat suffered that injury and is fine now, after confinement for three months. Anyhow, if they don't think that is the problem, then X-rays will be done.

  6. same thing happened 2 1 of mine & he's fine after cageing