Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Worn Out

I am worn out. I have five traps loaned out and nobody seems interested in returning them. Tomorrow, I'll round them up.

I have appointments tomorrow, then again on Thursday. That was to finish the Bengal Group and the homeless camp cats. After that, no more appointments and I don't think I"ll be making more than a few here and there. I need to concentrate on my exit plan from this town.

The woman who dropped me off at the homeless camps, with my traps, is having a hard time in town, too. She lives a few blocks from me. Her street has gone to hell. The parties and loud behavior, that spill into the streets nights are so bad she says it is worse than the trailer park in Albany where she used to live. She was envious of the homeless, camped as they are in the woods. She wants to perhaps make a joint escape plan with me, to get out of here and I'm up for that.

It's strange to hear people talk about how they would rather live homeless then amidst the chaos of illiteracy, alcoholism, bad parenting and drug use. I left a low income hotel for homelessness in Corvallis for the same reasons however, and it was an upgrade to live homeless and leave that hovel of crime, drama, drugs and alcohol abuse behind. I actually quit living there, and lived along the river, long before I actually moved out officially.

I am fed up living here. But I don't think I'd want to live homeless again, to get out. But I'm getting close to being at that point.

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