Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trapped Four More at 88 year Olds

I trapped four more cats this morning at the home of an 88 year old amazing person. She actually walked a mile and a half to get her hair cut the other day. There are two left to catch there. She usually traps the cats herself. She is independent and amazing, I think.

One of the four I trapped is a new arrival, a teenage black tux female, who is tame, but was so starved she was trying to eat dirt. Can you imagine!

I'm also supposed to trap tonight at the complex where those four young kittens came from. I'm still worn out and have a cold, ache all over, so am going to try to catch a few Zzzzzzz's mid day. I have no free traps, is the thing. I have 8 traps in total that work, four on loan and four now containing cats. Someone who moved in Portland gave me a fold up trap, however. I just need to unfold it, fortify it, and then I'll have nine. Which is good.

I would have another trap, but I loaned it to my brother about a year ago and haven't seen him since, or he would bring it back. That trap someone found all twisted up after a flood, washed down a river, deposited in their fields. But they thought I might be able to fix it and brought it to me. I did pound it out, replace a few parts and I painted it and restored it into a nicely working trap. I'll get it back one day.

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