Thursday, September 10, 2009

Three Girls! One Huge Orange Boy

The last two kittens, fixed yesterday, trapped in the middle of the night. The boy is the brown tabby on the left. The silver tabby girl on the right is very sweet and beautiful.

So, all three tabby kittens were girls. I could have sworn I checked and thought the one was a boy. Testament to my bad eyes. The big orange male has a slight heart murmur, but he made it just fine through surgery and even got his ears cleaned and treated for a bad earmite infestation. So he's looking and feeling much better.

He'll go home in the morning, on my way, or a slight diversion, from me heading to the airport to pick up Timetravel, as she calls herself to post, who is flying in from Baltimore.

Timetravel/Jeanne will be in Oregon a week to visit and check out the west coast. She lives on the east coast, so she is coming about as far as one can come. I have never met her or even talked to her on the phone so this is a new experience for me. And for her. Welcome to Oregon, very shortly, Jeanne from Baltimore.

I crashed and burned this evening. Was going to clean, grocery shop, a million things before Jeanne arrived. But those homeless camp kittens and trapping in the middle of the night last night, messed me up. Then I transported them clear up to the kitten fixing clinic to be fixed today. All except the little four week old girl, who is way way way too little.

I napped an hour in the day today, but then, after picking up the cats, I immediately upon arrival home, crashed on the couch, dead tired. I'm not young anymore. A night out trapping and I have to catch back up on sleep. Period. The cleaning, the grocery shopping, all that can wait and those kittens couldn't have. Nor, sadly, can the rest who remain there. I wish there were others in this are who would help catch those.

Well, it's exciting to think I'll have a guest starting tomorrow. I'm trying to at least get the laundry done tonight.

Update: Actually one of the kittens had a shaved belly but no spay scar. I took them out one by one to vaccinate, worm and clean out their ears, then apply ivermectin. Turns out, it's a male. They must have first thought it was a girl, shaved the belly, then realized it was a boy. Anyhow, interesting.

Poppa's pres is going to foster the little black girl, who is just adorable, from the homeless camp. That will help immensely. Somehow I have to sandwich in getting her to Keni's before I do the airport pickup. I decided I'd return the orange male later in the afternoon, after I get back. It will be Jeanne from Baltimore's introduction to an Oregon homeless camp.

I'll just then have the three older kittens, about ten weeks, but have the weight of an 8 week old. They're great kittens, especially the silver tabby female. I need names again! Shaulin hates them. She is the Bengal kitten left here. She is a cuddley kitten once she's in your arms and would be a great single cat to someone who wants a constant loyal defensive companion. She would be that for sure. She's just a sweetheart, but very clingy to me, as any kitten alone would be.

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