Thursday, September 24, 2009

Photos of the Five Cats Fixed Today

The tabby manx male, fixed today, who has occasionally visited my yard, but has been fed as a stray nearby. The woman has a home lined up for him with a friend of hers.
The Lebanon teen trapped by the old woman, fixed today.
This Albany male was fixed today after being rescued from a horrible situation on College Park Drive.
Female from same situation as above, now living a good life with a nice family. And fixed today also.
The male again, fixed today.
The last kitten of the stray female mom, now fixed. I pulled this kitten and four siblings out from under a shed, just after they were born. And I mean moments after they were born. I had to lay on my stomach in a tight spot between the wall of a shed and a fence, then dig out gravel to make a hole so I could reach under that shed to pull the newborns away from a still bleeding new mom I didn't even know.

A DD woman fostered all of them and did a damn good job, with the help of a neighbor. All the kittens are now in homes. This last kitten fixed today was scheduled to go to her new home later tonight. The fosterer is keeping mom. She's one very kind hearted decent smart woman, if you ask me, far smarter than many on that street, although she is labeled DD. I don't think she's DD at all, but I do think some of the druggees and trouble makers on that street who abandon cats and cause trouble for everyone are truely retarded.

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