Thursday, September 03, 2009

Mowgli is Spoken For

Bengal kitten Mowgli is now spoken for. Nice guy from Eugene will pick him up Sunday or Monday. Someone is coming tomorrow and may adopt Buddha. Am keeping my fingers crossed.

I took up four cats to be fixed today. I took up three teen girls and one adult male from Lebanon. The three teens are from Albany and turning feral. I got the mom cat fixed months ago, for this family. They were trying to find homes for the then small kittens. They couldn't place the three girls and called, wanting to get them fixed. One by this time has a broken tail, still has nerve stimulation at least.

I've been experiencing menopausal symptoms for the last two or three weeks. I haven't had this trouble for almost a year. Hot flashes, sleeplessness, the bubble pressure problem in my left side...hope this episode is almost over. I got my sleep turned upside down, too, trying to do too much getting the Bengal Group fixed. When I work too many hours in trapping or transport, I get behind. I come home to all the work involved here, of taking care of all the rescued cats, and then, when I finally go to bed, the cats, lacking in personal attention due to my workload, demand it. When the cats demand attention, I don't get sleep.

I ended up sleeping yesterday, during the day, waking up mid afternoon, then not sleeping most of last night, partly because I slept during the day and partly because Miss Daisy was on a loud streak, racing around happily screaming. She doesn't have to hear herself because she's deaf, but I do, and there is no sleep to be had when Miss Daisy is having a happy play night.

So today, I delivered the cats, napped an hour, and when I had returned them all, by 5:00 p.m., come home myself, I fell asleep on the couch immediately. That was almost seven hours ago. I just woke up, but I'm going back to bed.

I am very hopeful Buddha will get a home tomorrow. Mowgli isn't leaving until Sunday or Monday and one other kitten may get a home this weekend too.

In Lost and Found, I saw what looks like a picture of Sashi, a silver tabby kitten I adopted out with a silver torti kitten to a N. Albany couple last fall. She's missing. I can't believe it. I could not help but e-mail that woman, who works for the university, and ask if she was letting those kittens out at night, there in heavy coyote and bobcat country. Why in the world do people do such things?

I can't even take it anymore. I put so much love into the kittens I rescue, only to find out they are dead in under a year, often due to indifference of an owner, when they're treated as disposable toys. "Oh, we want them to run free," some say, as their supposedly beloved kitten "runs free" and is torn to pieces and eaten while still alive by coyotes, bobcats or a free roaming dog. Or hit and injured by cars.

Or, they say "it's too much trouble to keep them inside". Then don't get a kitten. Sashi was such a wonderful kitten. I hope they find her. I hope they were not letting a kitten, barely a year old now, wander free at night in coyote country or be torn apart by a free roaming dog. I can't even bare to look at the photo of her now and I wish I had never seen her in the lost ads. I can't do this anymore. I wonder if the other kitten they adopted met the same fate or is still alive.

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  1. are you sure it was Sashi? did the owner reply back to your email? even if it isn't Sashi, that sucks that a kitten would be lost - I'm sure when you adopt them out you stress that the cats must stay inside (except, of course, barn cats) but i guess people do what they wanna do without regard to dangers to the little kitties...