Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Miss Daisy's Leg

During the short time I left to go pick up the fourth kitten from the seed warehouse something happened here. I came home and Miss Daisy could not use one front leg. She was holding it up awkwardly and screaming in pain. I don't know if it is broken.

I hope not. I don't have any money right now. Too many things over the last few weeks have eaten up everything I have and then some.

I had some old pain meds, from a few months back, when she had a tooth pulled, so it is measured in a syringe for her specific weight. I gave her the dose and she was soon more comfortable. She won't move, is just laying on the floor on my shirt, with a pillow put for her. I had her leg on ice. The paw and ankle seemed swollen and the toes curled like her tendon is retracted tight, the tendons that would allow her to stretch out her claws. I don't know if she fell or what. Miss Daisy is not exactly athletic. She's very clumsy in fact and stumbles over almost everything. I worry if she fell off a cat run or shelf, she could have injuries I can't see, like head trauma or chest trauma. Tomorrow she goes to the vet and somehow somewhere I'll have to dig up the money for it.

The cats were in a tizzy when I got home, Mops attacking his sister, Shady going after Jade. I don't know why.

I think Sam had something to do with what happened to Miss Daisy. He doesn't like her and didn't from the start. He looked down the hall, hair at tail base raised and fluffed out, eyes dilated, like he was ready to attack. Then up the hill hopped Miss Daisy crying. Sam ran off. I believe he attacked her somewhere and she fell or something. God damn that Sam. As if peeing on my couch, and everything else isn't enough. I don't know what to do with him. He wants to be indoor outdoor and live with cats, but not 20 other cats. I can't find him anywhere. I have to disclose his three month old behavior issue, the pee marking, and then nobody wants him.

Now what do I do with Miss Daisy, how do I keep her comfortable. I'm so tired. She is my favorite cat. She's been so optimistic, so loving, so wonderful. Tonight, she was screaming with any movement. Seems like everything happens at once, conspiring in my exhaustion to take me down. The damn phone broke and that happened the last day my house guest was here, but I didn't know it until I got back. I need to get another one. My darm alarm/radio, that was crap to begin with, from a thrift store and barely ever worked. Those are just cheap things I can replace. Or even not replace. But Miss Daisy, that's another story. She's my baby, my friend and I love her. I'd whore myself in the streets if I have to, to get her what she needs.

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