Saturday, September 05, 2009

India, Buddha, Mowgli Spoken For

Hopefully Mowgli's people will still come get him. They were so nice. They were coming back tomorrow night or Monday.

India and Buddha will be adopted by a woman who requested my help with cats when she was just leaving Columbus Greens Trailer Park. A neighbor man, in a wheelchair, was feeding about 16 kittens and a few adults. I ended up trapping I think 12 or 14 kittens and four adults, relocating all but two adults and all the kittens. This woman adopted two of the male kittens.

So India and Buddha will be well loved and well taken care of and have a great home, those two, and I'm happy.

Two other adoptors never showed but at least one man called to say they'd found a kitten elsewhere, so not to expect him, which was courteous. The other potential adoptor who had said she was coming today, a woman whom I talked to, just as she was leaving to come to town to see the kittens, never even called to say why she didn't come. I don't know what happened. I always hope nothing bad like a car wreck occurred. However, this sort of thing is extremely common when trying to find kittens homes. People call, say they're coming, and then don't, for whatever reason. It's just something that goes on and if you're going to try to find cats homes, you learn to put up with it.

I still have, as for kittens, Shaulin, Honey and Calamity, who need homes.

I want to catch the last two homeless camp kittens, before winter sets in, if I can, or they will be dead. I saw one of them scampering off just as I was leaving this last time I went in, and trapped two more adults then the little brown tabby female kitten, now in Wilsonville and named Maggie.

After Buddha leaves, Honey will be the last homeless camp kitten here, of 14 I took in. I'm so happy they got homes and did not have to suffer anymore, hungry and cold as winter comes. Just two more kittens to go there in the camps. Yes, there are a couple of big males I've not run into yet who need fixed, too, but other than those big males, just two little kittens left to catch. They're hanging out with Buddha's mother, I was told. Then I saw her with them. I trapped Buddha's mom, using Buddha, whom I'd just caught, as bait. He was almost as big as her. But when I saw her this last time I was in the camps to trap, boy she looked so much better, now that she is fixed and I rid her of her worms.

I'm having phone troubles. I have the two hand helds, but they don't seem to charge anymore and will suddenly go dead. Do I need to replace their battery packs, or?????? It is inconvenient to be talking away and boom-----dead zone. Then the phone remains dead for a few hours until its' sat on the charger, but it still no longer seems to hold a charge long at all. Who has experience with these things? There is no beeping or anything that precedes the sudden death of connection or any life to the phone. I thought it was supposed to start beeping if the battery is low.


  1. same thing is happening with my landline phone - it is a wireless one, and recently, i used to be able to leave it off the charger for two days and still get great phone service - now, i have to leave it charged up twenty four hours to get maybe half and hour of phone time. forget the batteries - they cost as much as a new phone. i got this one at amazxon for ten bucks. two years ago. thats long enough for a battery to last. i'm ordering a new one before i leave.

  2. Hi Jody!
    Yep-need new batteries, they are costly now, though. Best Buy or Radio Shack UNLESS WalMart happens to have them but I have yet to have luck there.

    Take care,