Monday, September 07, 2009

Funny! Oregon Special Edition Barbies

Click post title to go to photos of Oregon special edition barbies. Check out the Lebanon and Sweet Home barbies. Linn County scores two special editions! It's so funny! I love the N. Portland barbie too.

Well, I was putting out the trash tonight, and it's after 11:00 p.m. Down the street comes a dog walker. Not just any person walking their dog. The dog was a foofy dog, maybe a Yorkie, from what I could tell, in the dark. I strained to get a better look, but it was too dark. In the dark, the owner looked like the dog, I imagined, foofy, pigtails, pink, but I could have imagined the likeness.

I have not seen that person walking on this cul de sac before. I half expected her to enter one of the houses past me, thinking she must belong at one of them, or be pet sitting for someone. But no, back she came, dodging foofily around curb placed garbage cans. Then she and ultra gorgoues foof dog, disappeared around the corner.

Not even one peep from the neighbors yard this evening. Was nice, the quiet. Soon enough I'll be old and deaf and wish I could hear kids screaming, I think. How strange is it, when I don't hear them raising holy hell, I think, "Oh my gawd, I hope they're all right."

The Mad as Hell doctors, some of them from Corvallis, headed out on their cross country last ditch crusade. They officially start off tomorrow morning in Portland. There are a caravan of people following, all headed to WA D.C. I hope they don't get harrassed on the way.

They're good people, you see. I've seen the ER doctor from Corvallis who is with them.

These are not political people, they're doctors and supporters, lots of them from this area, who see a need a desperate need, and a chance, to make things better. And they're going for it. With heart and hope and good for them.

Be good to them, America, out there on the road. They're good people.

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