Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Five Cats Up Being Fixed Today

Four are from Lebanon, including Dirt Eater, the little starving girl, and one is the complex cat, likely mom to the kittens found. I will find out today, if those kittens likely were hers.

The woman isn't going to stop feeding them. I misunderstood her. She's just going to rig it so the raccoon can't get to the food.

The old woman in Lebanon caught the last kitten, but not the mother cat yet. She's still trying.

I have seen two dead cats now in a very unlikely place--along or on Highway 20, east of Albany, right where the truck route takes off of Highway 20. One, hit or dumped today, looks for all the world like a dead Bengal. The other, hit or dumped dead, two or three days ago, looked like a Bengal mix tabby, fuzzy. I wonder if they are from the Bengal group colony. It's unlikely, but to see two dead cats there, within a quarter mile of each other, where there are no houses, makes me think the cats were either trying to make it home or killed and dumped there.

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