Wednesday, September 16, 2009

East Coasters Visit Continues

Yaquina Head.
Jeanne and Yaquina Head lighthouse.
A couple plays in the surf at Lincoln City.

Yaquina Head photo again.
Jeanne in the shark tank.
Standing in the sand at Lincoln City.
Looking south from Yaquina head along Oregon coast.
Smirking in the jaws of the shark.

The sea at Yaquina Head.

From Yaquina Head again.
Posing on the Newport bay.

Newport bay pose.
Jeanne in the wind at the beach.
Jeanne at the lighthouse.

Out my window at Jeanne on the phone.

Shark tank at Oregon coast aquarium.
Huddled against wind at beach.
Loading up!
Caught in the salt water taffee shop.
Newport bay bridge.

Jeanne's visit continues. She will be here only two more days.

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