Friday, September 04, 2009

Cats Fixed Yesterday and Cat Tree Redo

Pippi is leaving me soon for a home. She still tries to nurse sometimes on Jade, her mom. Jade won't have it, but will groom her sometimes still.

Photos of the four cats fixed yesterday, the three Albany teen girls and Lebanon male. Plus, my one cat tree has fallen apart, carpet long shredded while the middle platform broke. Yesterday, I took the shredded carpet off the main stud and removed the broken board. I glued a ripped shard of wood back to the four by four, using zip ties as clamps until the glue dried. This morning I cut a new board to fit the main vertical post and used hardware to attach it. Now, I just need to find some carpet scraps to recover it and that project will be done.

I found some some cheap wood stain on sale at Walmart. My fence is rotting. I don't know why unless those boards used to build the fence were a whole lot older than I thought. The fence was built last summer and the boards are cedar and should not have rotted in one year. I began staining the fence yesterday, to give it some protection at least.

This teen female, from Albany, fixed yesterday, has a broken tail.
Two of the three teen girls from Albany fixed yesterday.
Lebanon male, fixed yesterday.

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