Sunday, September 13, 2009

Baltimore to Oregon

My Baltimore online friend, timetravel, has arrived in Oregon!

I think I did a very good job of my first airport pickup, arriving just as the flight was arriving. I even recognized her immediately as she came out with the other passengers from her flight!

We came home a roundabout way. I had a homeless camp kitten in the car, the four week old black female, and we met Poppa's president, Keni, at PAWS, in West Linn. She is going to foster her until PAWS can take her in.

Then, in search of Jeanne's needed table cream for her coffee, several sets of bad directions to a Safeway left us heading south via 213, towards Silverton. No matter. It was a different way to get home.

Once home Jeanne got to meet all the cats and we watched a movie she brought with her: the Buffy musical episode, which is very witty and funny.

Yesterday, it was off to Foster Reservoir, where Jeanne reported the water was cold, real cold. We Oregonians think it's really warm and wonderful! I could not persuade her to go in for a swim, although she'd go in about waist deep. I swam across the arm, jumped off the rocks, then swam back. The Lebanon families over at the high rocks were yelling "Baltimore, come over here".

So I went to get her. She rode back across the arm to the high rocks in style on the "tube cab". She has yet to pay the fare.
(Okay people - here's the real deal.....this is Jeanne here, so you know this is the real thing!):

Okay, here goes: the water was like swimming in a pool of us east coasters, there was quite a difference between "Oregon warm" and "atlantic warm"
But it was fun and we both had a good time and i think i got some terrific pics of Jody looking like a drowned water rat.
But let's start at the beginning. This was my first plane ride ever. I had never met Jody; we've been internet buds for a bit over a year. My connecting flight was in chicago, where another internet bud, whom I've never met, Keith, called me on my cell to say Hey and he will meet me there on my return home. He lives in Ill. Jody did recognize me immediately - but I would have known it was her, anywho.
What is Jody really like? Okay - real deal here - She is very very nice, a bit of a drill sargent - but its all okay. She's not used to having people around and I am trying to be a nice person to be around. So I let her give orders (occasionally) and when I feel like it I actually follow them.
she is very considerate of my hearing loss - I am almost totally deaf in one ear, so she looks at me when she talks which makes it much easier for me to hear her. I am too vain for a hearing aid yet.
We aren't doing too bad for a couple of 53 year old women with bad knees, bad backs, and a host of other ailments. The hell with old age!! we are better than teenagers...except, of course, we tire more easily!...
Her cats are amazing - deaf miss daisy has taken a shine to me and follows me everywhere. Mops is coming around; Jade is sneaking around. Honey scampers around - Calamity is so playful. The feral kittens in the bathroom are sooo cute and I think I have a name for one of them: Starr. I love all of oregon so far and I hate the fact that I only have six more days to be here. Time goes by quickly - I'm just about over the jet lag.
We'll update more later; right now its coffee and morning girl talk....

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