Monday, September 28, 2009

8 Cats Taken in Today. Seven Fixed.

One of the boy kittens fixed today.
The only female kitten of the six.
One of the five male kittens.
The kittens' mom, fixed today.
This girl, fed as a stray, turned out to be already fixed and had been abandoned by someone who lived on City View.

Off a craigslist post, I contacted people feeding strays. Specifically, they said they were feeding two adult females and six kittens from one female. I arranged to get them all fixed. They had failed to find a solution with Safehaven and never got a reply after calling every week with the local FCCO coordinator. So they were unbelievably happy to find another solution, a quick one day solution, which is what I love to provide when I can, through Poppa, area vets, and the local cat grant.

The kittens were five males and one female. Then I got their mom done also today. But the second adult female, a long hair brown tabby tux, wasn't fixed. That's because she already was spayed. She had nice green "NS" tattoo in one ear, although the vet didn't see that. However, when her belly was shaved, the vet did see the green NS tattoo on her belly. She was fixed at a Neuterscooter clinic.

The Albany newcomers said neighbors told them she was left behind by someone who lived on City View, when they were foreclosed on. Anyhow, they are going to try to find her a home. They are attemting to rehome the kittens and their mom also. They're very sweet kittens about 12 weeks of age. The girl kitten already is spoken for.

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