Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yoyo Gets a Home. Four Collector Cats Leave Tomorrow for Barn Home.

Well, so far, no call saying "Come get Yoyo, he's driving us nuts," from the disabled woman's place or her caregivers. I've expected the call, but not so far.

I hope it works out.

The four collector cats here leave tomorrow for their barn home. They've done really well in their time here. They've started putting on weight, gotten over URI's, been rid of their parasites and even been vaccinated.

The one the collector calls Babe, now in my bathroom, will go to the vet tomorrow. I want to make sure she is spayed before returning her to the collector, who now lives with relatives and about a dozen of her cats.

I have no place for Babe so she will go back. With such reduced numbers and all of them fixed, hopefully the collector won't get more. This is an older female and it is very hard on an older female to be abandoned, or to go to a completely different situation. She will go to a home that's different but there will be her owner since birth there, at least.

Betty Boop is probably the happiest to have been saved. Her eating has slowed some finally. Boy was she starved. There is only one collector cat unaccounted for. I hope he is caught soon. That's Tony.

I've had only two calls on my ad running outside of the one interested in Yoyo. One woman wanted a kitten because I guess she had been compelled by the law to replace her neighbors cat. Her dog killed the neighbors cat. I told her I don't do second party adoptions, among other things.

The other was from a woman who wanted a kitten. But she lives in a notorious Albany trailer park, one where I"ve gotten about a hundred cats fixed. I have a policy that I do not adopt out to anyone living there.

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