Monday, August 03, 2009

We Did it Anyway

We went up there anyway and trapped 13 cats. There aren't 100, and never were. Boy, I don't know how truth got so distorted and lost. The collector was nice I thought. I would never call her a collector. This was a 35 to 40 cat situation, but most of the cats lived in a field and line of berry vines, not around the house.

The truth about numbers was distorted most likely by the new owners' employee, there to clean up the property and "dispose" of the cats. Or maybe someone else told him there were that number. I don't know.

But there were not and never were 100 cats. She took her six pet cats with her and seven were relocated already. We trapped 13 or 14 more and there are about 8 still needing trapped. That means it is a far smaller but still big situation.

I had been told they were all sick, that many were deformed and many had missing eyes. There were no sick cats that I saw. All look in great health. There is one cat with one missing eye. One cat had a broken leg that healed funny, but that is far from being inbred deformed as was decribed to me, and I was told many were inbred deformed. Boy. I think those descriptions of the cats were given to me, so somebody could justify killing them all. But it was not the truth at all.

Not sure yet where the nine I have in my car right now will go after being fixed. The Lacomb woman had said she could relocate 15 I think, but I'm not sure on that number. She's already taken in seven.

I think I have nine in my car and I think KATA has a home for two. That would then be beyond the total the Lacomb woman can take with the five already fixed ones we trapped, that the foreclosure woman took away, to take up to Lacomb in the morning. So the Lacomb woman will have 12 already with the five she will get tomorrow. If she's taking 15, that means only three of the ones in my car can go up there. Two can go to KATA. What will I do with the other four and where will the other 8 out there, once trapped, go?

I think there will end up to be maybe 15 that were not yet fixed. Nine of those are in my car already. I know at least two of the cats still there are already fixed.

But the foreclosed upon woman is working on it too. I worry about these things. That man never contacted media, to help find homes for them. And the media didn't contact KATA or myself back either. It's sucky all the way around. We need barn homes for cats.

I filed a late night complaint with the commissioners office. It was a lazy public servant complaint. I told them about this woman knowing the local animal control officer and why in the world didn't he help her get them fixed long ago, being animal control is his county job and being he was her friend. I mean, that's a lazy, pass the buck public servant thing. Your tax dollars not at work.

He never helped either once she got into foreclosure trouble with the cats, other than to hand her Vicki's private cell number. That's so pathetic.

Yes, I'm still quitting. Have to. My spine is an inflamed painful mess, knee inflamed too, shoulder numbing from swelling, that year old torn muscle issue, that keeps haunting me again and again. I am unable to be nice to people anymore either. I'm burned out. I used to be able to be nice to even those who lied to me, or promised things they never carried through on. But I can't be anymore. It's time to quit, at least for a month or two.

I have all sorts of problems going on in the house right now. Most seem to be RF interference related. The furnace may be failing, my brother theorized. Garage door opening and closing in the night or when I'm gone, phone sometimes nonfunctional due to static or just suddenly cuts out. Kind of worries me some. These devices operate on radio signals and interference will make them mess up. Anyhow, not sure what is going on. The phoneline and the garage door opener are right by the furnace. Failing motors sometimes throw out RF interference along electrical lines or even through the air, affecting radio wave devices in the vicinity. My phone fails most often when I wander into the garage or when I am talking in the kitchen.

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