Monday, August 24, 2009

Swearing Toddler Neighbors Get a LOUD Puppy

Apparently my swearing toddler neighbors got a puppy. I didn't know this until out in my yard today I hear what sounds like a dog being tortured to death. Loud desperate whining mixed in with screams and moans that were unbelievable.

I couldn't stand it after a while and peaked through the fence. There, at the end of a thin fraying nylon rope, was a puppy backed up and choking himself to death in attempts to free himself of being tied up. I tried to talk to the puppy through the fence to calm it down, to no avail, and finally came inside.

I didn't want to call animal control, because I'm scared of those neighbors. When their little kids are swearing like construction workers while screaming at the top of their lungs, there's something wrong going on there.

So, I've tried to steer clear and just hope to leave this town for good as soon as I can find a new place to live, which is in the works, but still probably months down the line.

Guess I'm very jaded these days. I don't believe in people anymore. They have to know their screaming kids are an issue for anyone living nearby. Telling them its' an issue, when they already know it is, is likely only going to provoke retaliation. I don't know normal parents who would let their kids behave that way, so I just automatically think if they do, they're dangerous. That's how I think. Maybe I'm getting old or maybe it's just the way this world is now. I can't appeal to right and wrong with people anymore. People don't care about right and wrong, I don't think. It's what you can get away with.

However, I'm not one to ignore an animal in distress. I got my phone, looked up the animal control for the city number, and went back outside, to call. Silence. I don't know if they came out and took the puppy in, or if he broke the rope and took off.


  1. i'M GLAD you were going to call ...poor puppy - i think if its a cute puppy it would have a better chance of getting adopted...hell, i would have cut the rope, and taken the puppy to a safe - if there are any - shelter and hightailed it out....but only the day i was getting ready to move .........
    people like that don't deserve pets. If their own kids behave like wild animals, then an animal is going to be no better off...

  2. I wonder if it belonged to friends of theirs or something, because that was the first I knew of a puppy back there.