Monday, August 03, 2009


I only went to help trap over there. Not to keep and place more cats that I will never be able to place. Now it seems I've 8 cats here and nowhere for them to go. No media help in finding them homes. No help with cat food or Advantage or anything else and I'm sick of this. I want to abandon this house and leave.

KATA trapped five more. The woman took one she wanted, the former homeowner/collector. One of the other four is fixed. Three need fixed. I don't know what to do. I got bamboozled once again. I have so many cats here I can't even think or sleep. NO time to sleep or do anything. I want them all gone. I want to run away. This is like living in hell. Nobody's helping find homes. And the calls keep coming even though I have a message on my machine. I'm out of cat litter and I need some help. NOt advice, physical help.

However, I don't expect help. I got myself into this. I will get out of it. I will do what I have to to place all the cats here and then I'm out. I'm getting rid of and starting to pack my things already, actually have been doing so for a few days, to make it easier, once I find homes for most of the cats here, to be gone. The Lebanon situation was a huge bamboozle, but the cats were going to die otherwise, so I guess I don't regret getting involved. The fact that man lied so much, never got any media help with homes, well that's just par for the course in these parts. To be expected, when value systems now involve selfishness and scam artistry as supreme.

When I have most of the cats placed, I'll be already gone. I also plan to change my name. I'm no good to anybody anymore. Two years in Albany was two years too long in Albany. It's ruined me, physically, emotionally and financially. Too many animal abusers, abandoners, neglectors here. I don't know why, but it's that way. To be an animal lover trying to change things in Albany is going to kill anyone. And it has me. I'm pretty much dead. I am going to leave before I'm completely dead. First, I must place a lot of cats. Any help in doing this would be greatly appreciated.

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