Sunday, August 23, 2009

Photos of the Five Cats Fixed Friday

Three of the five fixed Friday came from Albany, behind a complex. The mom was abandoned, allegedly by druggees, either when pregnant or just after having kittens. The blind man began feeding them. He himself had once had a female cat who had nine kittens. Another cat fixer took the survivors in, and only four of the nine, in two litters, survived, he said. Then he got the mom fixed. She later died.

Now he's feeding the three strays. He wanted me to take them, wish I could but I have too many here now. I did remember that a woman who adopted one of the homeless camp kittens, now named Clowie, wanted an orange kitten. The orange kitten of the three turned out to be a girl and very handlable. So, Candy came and adopted her last night, which was wonderful for that little girl. I wish I had a place for her brother and her mother, but I don't and the blind is looking for a home for them, among his friends, which are many.

The other two adult cats fixed come from a family in Lebanon. They have about four kids, several dogs, all unfixed, and they had these two adults. KATA had been called by them about kittens they wanted them to take. They took three I think but one was in the process of dying. So I picked up the two adults, and then was told they had another male who was off roaming. At least the black and white female, who was pregnant, is now fixed. The vet said she had an infected uterus, too. He said there were two kitten bubbles on each horn and below the two bubbles on each side, the uterus horns were full of fluid. Anyhow, no more kittens for her.

When KATA returned to pick up the final kitten, they went down the wrong alley and saw another mom with kittens. They tried to find anyone who would take responsibility for those, or who might own them, and only ran into apathetic people and openly hostile people. One woman, who said she would never feed a stray cat, said to talk to "those people in that house" and pointed.

They went around the block to Hiatt street to the house the woman had indicated. They knocked on the door of what they said looked like a drug house. There was no answer. These poor mothers, out there, in a jungle world, trying to find food and protect their little ones.

They had also received a call about a stray mom with kittens in a Sweet Home trailer park. The caller said the management traps them. When V expressed shock, the caller said, "Oh, they don't kill them, they dump them." V explained to her that dumping cats is like torturing a cat to death slowly.

Lebanon female, whose uterus was infected, spayed Friday.
Lynx Point male fixed Friday, from same household.
Torti mom cat of two kittens, abandoned in Albany.
Male tabby tux kitten, fixed last Friday.
And the lucky female kitten, spayed last Friday, who got a home yesterday.

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