Saturday, August 08, 2009

Hoarder Cats

KATA has 12 of the hoarder cats still and I have the one here, the little Lynx Point female. They have placements lined up for five of the 13. So we need homes. Unfortunately, that is why we had contacted the media, for help finding them homes and to cover costs, but the one media that covered it, took a completely different angle with the story.

That leaves us high and dry, in finding homes and covering the costs. Hopefully we find them placements. They're beautiful cats and actually quite healthy. I haven't seen a sick one, outside of the orange kitten I trapped the second time I went up, yet. SafeHaven took in the seven week old kitten I herded into a trap the last time I was up when I also caught the Lynx Point Siamese. The kitten was near death from starvation and dehydration by this time. We couldn't get anybody to feed up there, even out of humanity you know, until we could catch the rest. He'll be ok. It was close on him, however. Kittens can't take starvation and dehydration very long.

There are still at least four up there, some of them young, and we can't find anyone willing to help with those last cats or even feed them. It's very very sad to think about.

The photos below are of cats fixed last week through Poppa, that we caught that first time KATA and I went up. We caught 13 that night, a Sunday. The next night KATA caught five more and two nights later I caught the kitten and the Siamese. In the meantime, I guess the contractor there, working for the new owner, caught one, called the collector, who, because he wouldn't let her take it in his trap, turned the frightened unfixed male loose in her car and drove off and nobody knows what she did with that one. The second time KATA was up there, she allegedly also stuffed another tame one into her car. She might have 13 or more of the cats now at her sister's place in Albany, some of them unfixed.

Siamese mix fairly tame male, fixed from the collector's place, last Monday.

One of two tabby collector's males, fixed last Monday.
Another tabby male fixed last Monday.
Very pretty gray tabby collector's male, fixed last Monday.

Big Black male fixed last Monday, from the collectors' place.

Of the 13 trapped last Sunday night, five were already fixed and taken away by the collector, who took them up to a Lacomb woman who had a barn home for them. The other 8 came with me and were fixed through Poppa funds: five males, two pregnant female and one normal spay.

Of the next five KATA trapped, the next night, three were not fixed. They got them fixed themselves, two brown tabby males and one gray and white young female. They kept another already fixed brown tabby they'd trapped, and the collector took away the fifth cat, a one eyed black fixed male.

Then I trapped the little orange kitten and the Lynx Point teen female, who was with me when my car broken down. She'd just been fixed and is still here.

The cat count, if the collector is to be believed: 13 at her place; one unaccounted for male she hauled away loose in her car; 12 relocated in Lacomb; 13 waiting for barn homes with myself and KATA; and one orange kitten at SafeHaven. There are at least four still up there, too. That's 40 removed and at least four still waiting to be caught up there.


  1. wow for once you only got one of them left in your home - thats amazing in itself! that poor little kitten nearly starved and dehydrated - if people treat animals that way, know the rest.

  2. Good thing is just got a barn home offer for three or four and it sounds like a good home. I sent the contact off to KATA. That might mean only four of five left of the 13 now with KATA and myself needing a placement. But there are still the four or more still over there, at hoarder central.

  3. is someone going to try to trap those four? Barn homes are terrific ideas for the semi tame ferals - freedom and yet security - the b est of both worlds!