Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Happy News

KATA found placements for all these ferals here from the Lebanon situation. They'll be leaving this afternoon. I am so grateful I just want to cry. I'll take the three unfixed ones they trapped last night up to be fixed tomorrow. At least I can do that.

It's insane the hardships and costs one collector can cause others. These are nice cats just caught in human drama and irresponsible behavior. It's been a hard three weeks, what with all those homeless camp cats and kittens, Lacomb kittens, still the Millersburg mom with kittens, Yoyo returning, the never ending calls, then the Lebanon collector thing and that man involved. Very hard.

It's insane that so many people still don't fix their pets. Completely insane behavior. Everyone who doesn't fix their pets should be committed. I apologized to KATA for breaking down, for not being able to do more. It's like Sodom and Gomorrah in Linn County. People delight in using and abusing others, taking advantage of them, entitlement mentality, insane inhumane and corrupt behavior it's all rewarded and applauded. Maybe it's this way everywhere now.

My coping mechanisms have broken down. I do need to get out of this town. I grew up running into a forest to escape my father. I feel totally lost without woods somewhere closeby to run to. I can't seem to cope without a forest nearby, something wild, a river, anything.

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