Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fake Rivers and Fountains on a Hot Day

While I waited for the kittens to be fixed, I enjoyed two of Wilsonville's amazing fountain parks. They are man made shallow streams and cascading man made waterfalls, for adults and kids alike to enjoy on hot days. I think they are amazing.

It is hot today, near or over 100 degrees. Killing time in Wilsonville isn't that easy. I wandered Frye's forever. That store is addictive and dangerous. If you go in, leave your debit and credit cards locked up somewhere else. Bullwinkle's is a Family Fun type park in Wilsonville. I looked in from outside, but did not go in, as it seems oriented to little kids.

In the end, I spent the day between the two fountain parks. I took a few photos.


  1. oh i am soooo ready to jump in and join those kids...hope you got your feet wet, at least - enough to cool off anywho. what type of store is that?

  2. Yes, I got very wet. Frye's is an electronics store, every gadget imaginable, from cameras, to computers and everything in between,.

  3. It looks so inviting and I really like the water cascading between the rocks. The best picture, though, is the water shooting straight up and it looks like all the children are dancing. So sweet!

    Take care,