Monday, August 03, 2009


I am exhausted. Totally. The Lebanon cat saga continues. SafeHaven told KATA they'd take tame ones. I can't get ahold of the former home owner, who has four of my traps. I don't have a single free trap.

She did take the five already fixed cats up to the Lacomb woman this morning. Many of those were tame, but they have already been relocated.

That guy who works for the new owner called KATA at work saying they had a cat in their trap and could she come get it. She said she was at work, to call the former home owner to come get the cat. I guess she took off with a feral male free roaming in her car. She claims she backed the car into a friends barn and opened a window and that the cat is contained in a stall in the barn and will be fixed but I don't believe that. She now also tells me she has maybe 11 cats from her old house at her sisters when before she told me six and that they were all fixed. now she says at least five are not fixed at her sisters' house.

I have 8 of the Lebanon cats now in my garage waiting for homes. They were fixed today. Five boys and three girls. And there are who knows how many still over there. I need help finding all these cats homes for sure. I don't know where to turn.

The family who sought help for the stray female with the eye hanging out who has mastitis now are finding her kittens. Three so far, but they've only caught one and I don't have any traps.

A woman called for whom I'd trapped two cats a year or more ago. She had another male show up now with a prolapsed rectum. I got a quote on that surgery and its in the hundreds of dollars range, and I told the woman I had no help monetarily to cover that surgery but if the cat is wormed and fixed, maybe it would resolve so she is going to catch him and take him in.

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