Monday, August 17, 2009


I've been trying to tie up loose ends of colonies. In so doing, I have really sealed my decision to scale way down. The collector situation just keeps on giving, headaches that is, expense, work, frazzledness, a word I just invented.

The cat I thought was Babe, the one the collector said she would take that was already fixed, was actually the right age, color but pregnant. The collector doesn't answer her phone, voice message box full.

I can't take on more like this. I'm done with it. I feel bad for the cats still out there. But nobody else will get involved, except KATA, and there has been only one small donation. There is no way to absorb all these costs without donations or compelled donations from the collector or the company who bought the house.

And now, more and more people are calling. Even from Eugene. Wanting me to be their slave.

Someone left a message that was garbled due to answering machine buzz, but it was something about them having some starving kittens, and something about the kitten harvest being low in some area, and she'd like to trap the kittens and take them wherever that was, with the low kitten harvest. That was the gist of the message, but it was hard to understand most of it, due to the answering machine problem. I did leave her a message. I said, "If you have starving kittens, feed them."

I won't be returning the Eugene call. I don't have long distance. I buy long distance cards. I am not going to waste my minutes calling Eugene.

So all these events, people asking for more help, with things they could do, despite knowing I'm broke and exhausted, have helped me realize I need to quit completely.

As I said, I've been tying up loose ends, with colonies or situations I started and that will be the end of it.

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