Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dew Mistake

I mixed half Mt. Dew into a cup of otherwise Seven Up today. My downfall. I can't handle Mt. Dew. It keeps me up like speed. Or worse than speed.

Up now, sleepless, am contemplating how to get more publicity for the cats and kittens here needing adoption. Without an adoption venue, where they can be seen, up close and fuzzy warm, it's tough.

Publicity in general only helps get homes or donations in specific circumstances with heart tugging cases. And even then, only if specific needs are designated along with very clear instructions on how and where to get donations or whatever is needed to the group needing it. TV news is the worst at providing the details needed to actually be helpful.

How then to get the faces of the wonderful cats and kittens here, needing homes, out there, to the right audience? The right audience is people who are considering adoption and would make good cat owners. There are people who get cats on a whim or for a birthday present for someone else or a kid, and I want to avoid these type of adoptors while targeting potentially good adoptors. I am trying to formulate a good plan of action.

I may go back to adoption books. I made them long ago for KATA and one other group. I left them in vet clinics and even willing doctor offices. Even up to a year ago, I got asked why I wasn't doing that anymore. People liked going through those, reading the rescued cat stories in brief. They were effective. I will at least begin that program immediately again. Tomorrow, I will make car magnet photos of adoptable cats and plaster them on willing cars.

I've got car troubles again. Big ones. Don't even ask, but I may be grounded again, and I can't be, because I've got to deliver four cats down south Monday.

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