Friday, August 07, 2009

Blubbering Gratitude

I'm such a wreck these days, if anyone helps me out, I want to blubber. There's no way I can think of, in this isolationist electronic age, to adequately thank someone except say maybe "thank you so much. I love you. Can I be a follower on twitter?"

Because society these days seems so empty and shallow.

Granted, I don't use twitter and I am not a follower or fan type at all.

On Youtube, people want to trade sub for sub, even with strangers and if they hate your content and you theirs. This is too shallow for me to comprehend. I don't care if I have any subscribers on youtube. I should care, I'm told. But I don't. Most of the content on youtube is crap. I visit the sites of friends or watch funny youtube videos or educational videos or music videos or animal videos.

I was briefly on Facebook but I couldn't stomach it. Little updates on people's "walls" about what they're doing at that moment. I couldn't stomach it. Who has time for that?

Not that I'm not a loser too. I am. I embrace my loserhood. More people should be losers. Less pressure on everyone. After all, none of us are significant really, in the vastness of space and time. We're getting too full of ourselves. Myself included. It is good to be embarrassed publicly, puts a person back into their rightful place as a nothing. We're all nothings and we need to more fully understand that and enjoy it. If someone has a million subs on youtube, they're still a nothing. We all are.

I learned all this stuff from Dave, who works on maintenance at OSU. He's smart. He knows what's up.

Gosh, Stinod's photo just came up on the slideshow up above. She is so wonderful. Oh my gosh she is wonderful. She survived somehow, there in the fields by Three Lakes and Grand Prairie, for six months, after being attacked by a dog, virtually blind, until I netted her. What a soul. I have nothing to complain about.

Now that I have time on my hands, I just want to express my extreme gratitude for the existence of the Dollar Store. I can't even imagine how I would have survived without the dollar store, from their cheap tools, screws, carpet pieces and potting soil, to $1 T-shirts I've turned into partial works of art so I can wear them.

Here is one big heartfelt thank you to the Dollar Store and Dollar Tree stores, the best social program for the poor in America today.

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