Monday, July 20, 2009

Louie, the Homeless Camp Kitten's Adoption Video

He needs a home, along with all the other homeless camp kittens. Spread the word! My back is in spasms today. Makes it interesting to try to even clean litterboxes. I had so wanted to be back in the camps and finish that, but I can't carry anything right now. Volunteers out there willing to help? Anybody? There's another six week old gray tux kitten I am worried about in there.

Well, in other news, a woman who wanted help getting her cats fixed over a month ago finally took in the second female this morning, but not without controversy.

She took the first one in almost two months ago, but behaved strangely with the clinic, in regards to picking up her cat. She didn't want to pick up the female that night, clinic staff told me later, and instead wanted them to hold the cat overnight and she would bring in the second cat, whom she said she had in a trap, the next morning.

I contacted her, told her she could get that second cat in, since she was in a trap, but got some very bizarre responses regarding the cat allegedly in the trap. I didn't know what to think and I never heard back from her after that.

The clinic told her she needed to pick up her cat and that she could drop off the one in the trap. They never heard from her again and neither did I. She picked up the one female. This was close to two months ago. I did not hear from her again. Until the vet clinic staff told me what happened late this Friday afternoon.

So Friday she calls the clinic late in the day stating she had the second female in the trap and wanted to bring her in right then. They said "no" because it was late Friday, for gosh sakes, and they don't do surgeries on the weekend.

She then wanted to know the name of the worker there who had told her she could bring her in whenever she trapped her months ago. Common sense would dictate you don't trap a cat late on Friday and expect a clinic to get her done. Well anyhow. I was there just after this happened to pick up cats being fixed.

The assistant really questioned whether such a person should be getting her cats fixed for nothing. I wanted the cat to be fixed somehow, but it's tricky, if you are dealing with someone who is not up front and has been angry in behavior with a clinic. I said, "Well, tell her she needs to pay a copay." So he called her and said they'd do her on Monday if she paid a copay. That wasn't his job, I know and I should have taken care of it.

She e-mailed and e-mailed all weekend, sob stories, how she couldn't pay, all that. I was not in a mood for this, being exhausted, with my back and knees wracked out. But I relented and reduced the copay. I had told she should have checked with me first, because the amount of funds available vary greatly. I'm out, on my Poppa quota for this month, except for Albany cats. I didn't tell her the copay was also partly because of her treatment of my vet clinic.

She said she'd have the money for a smaller copay. She arrived at the clinic this morning without a dime. I talked to her and told her this was not acceptable, promising a copay and not bringing one. She then got home and sent me a nasty e-mail.

She got two cats fixed for free. She was abusive to the clinic staff and to me. She is an example of entitlement mentality and unethical dishonest behavior.

You can't do enough for some people. They want it all for free. They want to lie and get away with it. And in the end, they want to blame someone else.

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