Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kitten Photos

This is Buddha, the latest homeless camp little boy, with Honey. Buddha is really laid back and sweet. He was neutered Friday.
Teen mom Jade, with Pippi and Lucy in the background.
I have been clipping the cats here, not that I'm good at it, to reduce hair and give them a break in the hot weather. Teen mom Jade was the target of my clippers and got a bad "do".
Pippi and Lucy. Nap time!
Bear again.
Bear relaxing.
One of the two most recent additions. The Siamese mix female kitten is much more human oriented than her sister, the muted torti, who is still scared, but not scared enough to hide from me.
Muted torti kitten, born to a muted torti mom, whom I got fixed awhile back. I have to treat them all for earmites today. I need homes for these two new girls! Come on, people! Suggestions needed!

Last night, I brought Stinod in from the cat yard. Stinod is almost totally blind and deaf. I wanted to give her a clip job. Once she smells and feels me, and knows it is me, she relaxes and rolls around wanting petted. I clipped her, cleaned out her ears, and was cuddling with her on the bed in the spare bedroom, when Yoyo jumped up, startling the blind kitty, who swatted. Only she missed him and planted claw marks all along my left temple. It hurt. Blood ran down my face.

Darn Yoyo. I'd pushed him off the bed twice before. He's an attention whore and somewhat of a cry baby.

Louie is charging around here like the energetic fun loving kitten he is. I am very glad to have the exclusion room. Hard to get anything done with kittens around, that's for sure. He is one cute little guy and I hope someone wants him soon. He is soooooo ready for a home. The woman who adopted Blackjack says he has bonded already with her small dog and that she will send pictures of the immediate friendship they formed. She says it is heartwarming. That was like a Gold Star home for him. What a lucky kitten!

Good news: the little Siamese mix girl fixed yesterday is now spoken for! She is getting a great home. Louie is going to the same home. Yay! Of the fixed kittens here now, that leaves only Buddha and Calamity (the muted torti's new name) not spoken for. Honey, Bear, Pippi, Micro and Lucy will be up for adoption once big enough to be fixed, which isn't too far off on any of them. Jade also has a home to go to in about three weeks. The people interested in her would have her as an outdoor kitty, along with the two cats they adopted from me a year ago. It's a good home. They will be on vacation for two weeks and want to wait until they get back to take her in.

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  1. Oh, I love the tortis and the black ones.