Thursday, July 02, 2009

Kitten Photos

The seven Lacomb kittens are now in my spare bedroom with Jade, the black mom, and her one remaining kitten, Farrah. I did go see the other four today, when I picked up the trap I'd loaned those folks, who offered to foster them. I think they are anxious to have them gone. They're doing just fine, growing like weeds.

I think the people who said they were going to come look at kittens may not be coming. Maybe none of them. That's the world of kitten adoption. I was cocky, thought I had homes for as many as four of the seven possibly lined up and now I may have no homes for any of them. Haven't heard back from the woman intent on adopting two, and she was going to come tomorrow morning. Boy, don't want stuck with seven more kittens, plus a lousy mom and her teensy micro daughter, and later on, her four siblings. I thought I was maintaining at least some control this kitten season.

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  1. I'll pass the photos around at work.