Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kitten Adoptors Dropping Like Flies

Gray tux, with long tail, from homeless camp, allegedly a female, being fixed today.
Black tux, looks like a male, from homeless camp, being fixed today.
This young female from the camps is the one the homeless tried to kill with a slingshot, simply because she'd had a litter of kittens.

I was so hopeful about getting these homeless camp kittens adopted out. I had numerous initial contacts off craigslist. But just asking them to fill out an adoption form, which asks for nothing except for a reference and that they don't declaw caused at least six inquiries to never respond again. Another potential adoptor, who already had several small dogs, wanted basically an outside cat and won't do litterboxes at all. So that wasn't really a good home for a kitten. Another I thought was a sure thing just told me her hubby says no. She is still working on him. I had counted on that one.

I have someone coming tomorrow and that's it. Of about ten contacts. Most only contacted me once, then I never heard from them again. Actually that's par for the course advertising on craigslist. From my local paper ad, I got zero calls.

I'm discouraged! I am over run in adoptable cats here.

I'm also exhausted.

I spent an hour wandering Lebanon looking for a vague address this morning. The woman had not told me the address was actually down a side street that has no name off the street for the address. I finally found the address, however, and knocked on the door. No answer! After all that work. When I called her, after getting home, she claimed to have been in the shower. The cats she wanted fixed however were in her driveway, not contained in carriers, as she said they would be. So I don't what was going on there.

I went on to the clinic with the three homeless camp adults. I had taken two traps up to Scio also, for a woman with two adults and four kittens in her barn. She caught both adults. She had wanted me to take the kittens, but was gracious when I said I couldn't. They have to be caught now.

I still have to catch the three feral kittens on Lyons and get the tame adult female fixed with five babies. I am told her five babies are almost two pounds. I pulled them out from underneath a shed, minutes after they were born, laying on my belly in gravel in a tight space between the shed and a fence. I had to dig out a hole beneath the shed, so I could reach under and pull them out away from their young mother one at a time, using a mirror to see what I was doing. So nine more cats there need fixed: those five babies, their tame mother, and the three feral kittens of the adult female I already took in.

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  1. How sad. So many cats in need of a home and so few homes. And so much work and expense on your part. Those wanting help should be investing something in the process.