Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Homeless Camp Day

Keni, Poppa's president, came down to help me trap again at the homeless camp. Took a long time, because they're trap wary now, but we trapped three of the females who badly need fixed, two more kittens, including the little one I was worried about, and one problem male.

I think, if the homeless themselves are right, there may be two black short hairs, a gray and white big problem male and one or two more black and whites to catch. But, with the 25 done now, we're really cutting things down there.

Two homeless men wanted me to take them all away. I knew them, because they lived in Camp Boondoggle, when the City of Albany asked me to clear the camp of cats and I took out almost 3 dozen unfixed cats. The two men are nice, but another homeless person said they got attacked by the young couple, who, they said, are now in jail. I asked what happened to the young couple's cats, and they said one of them took the kittens away, with them and they don't know what happened. I felt bad for those fixed boys I returned. I guess I shouldn't have returned them. These are not your normal people living there. They're alcoholics and drug addicts.

I want to find placements for some of the adults. They don't want them there, stating in the winter, they suffer from starvation and die, and I have no place for the adults. But, even if I have to return them for now, maybe I'll turn up a barn home or two, then I can go trap some of them again.

It took a long time to trap the three adults. I retrapped a couple of the others I'd already gotten fixed first. I don't know how many more cats are back in there needing fixed. With my eyes, I have seen four that need fixed. Two I know are males. The other two are black and white and I do not know their sexes. I'll get back in there again. I've trapped 15 so far. I did not return 13 of the 25. There were already two tame fixed cats there, from the last time I got cats fixed. That means there are 14 fixed adults running those woods and four unfixed ones who are there only occasionally. Even if there are four more, supplemental feeding 16 fixed wormed cats is not a huge deal. I will try to find someone in Corvallis who will help do that. Five of the 16 are owned and fed by their owners. Meaning, tops 11 cats might need supplemental feeding until I can find them somewhere to go.

My eye got stuck by a stick out there. It still hurts. I washed it out there with bottled water. but when I came home and looked in my eye, there were still two large flat pieces of wood debris in it. I got them out. It's sore and terribly bloodshot. I have a big blister on the little toe of my left foot. My shoes quit fitting. I wear primarily one pair, but they're sort of worn out and wearing blisters into my feet.

Keni took home two of the kittens, Clover and the latest small little kitten we trapped. She couldn't take more because to get them into the adoption program of her friend, they have to have had two shots, which is two weeks away for three of them and almost three weeks away for the rest. She has someone who is going to foster those two little ones.

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