Friday, July 03, 2009

I Hate......

I hate adopting out kittens and cats. I don't know who these people are, who contact me, wanting a precious little life. Two of the kittens have been adopted now.

Thankfully one of those adoptions was to the roommate of someone I know. The other, a young woman, who borrowed one of my carriers to take him back home in. She promised to return the carrier today, and didn't, which makes me worry and think the worst. Hopefully she will return it tomorrow and has an explanation. UPDATE: She did return the carrier, and very early, too, which makes her likely ultra responsible. This makes me feel really good now.

The Monroe people, whose kittens I took in to be fixed, had their dog spayed at Lane County spay clinic two days after I got the kittens fixed. The dog died the next day, after surgery. She never came out of anesthesia right then began vomiting blood, lots of blood, and died. The dog was about a year old. They were traumatized over the violence of the dogs death.

They'd also had some bizarre responses to their kitten ads when trying to adopt out their precious kittens. Some were so bizarre they decided to keep the rest of the kittens because they could not deal with the dangers out there to precious lives they loved from insane or shady would be adoptors. So they closed their doors to it and decided to keep the rest.

It is scary. Many of The people out there who want a cat or kitten, should not be getting any pet because they can't take care of themselves, and barely notice a cat once they get it and never again does the cat get any care at all. And then there are much worse people than those. And so many of them.

There are no guarantees and really stand out homes are one in a million these days. It isn't the economy so much as it is a falling apart of society and values. There really are very few decent homes to be had for animals compared to even a few years ago.

In Linn County, the number of homes piled high in junk and filth or just clutter is astounding. The number of people that abandon animals has always been high in Linn County. People move, leave their cats, get a new place, get another, over and over. They've been taught this behavior, by parents who did the same. For generations.

I don't meet a lot of responsible people doing what I do. I guess that taints my nightmares more, when trying to adopt out kittens. Sure gives me nightmares, to think about these little lives I may have saved temporarily, but only temporarily if I put them into the hands of the wrong sort of people. I have no way of knowing who people are who call or e-mail, if they're good people or rotten to the core. Lying is so easy and some people are so damn good at it because it's the only real skill they've ever learned.

I hate putting lives on the auction block, handing them off to the bidder who isn't as bad as the rest. Watching the kitten's worried face as it leaves this sanctuary for the unknown. I have nightmares. I know what's out there.

Now I know there are good people and I've found many who have taken cats from here. But I've also seen too much and know there are a lot of people who should not have kids, let alone animals.


  1. I think thats why it is soo important to get references and actually check them out before adopting those precious kitties out...including a vet reference...and if they don't yet have a vet, a call from them once they have one so you can verify it. They also need to agree to allow a follow up of sorts.....and then the rest is in God's seems from the photos you get that most of the adopters are good people who love the kittens - and most who adopt from yhou are aware of the trauma these kittens/cats have suffered.

  2. I do turn down a lot of people, actually I don't have to, once I e-mail them the adoption form, most never reply again. The woman who borrowed the carrier did e-mail that the little boy she and her brother adopted, is doing just fine, just lonely. The place where she lives allows cats but just one, which isn't good, not for kittens.

    I have someone else interested who lives only two blocks from the other person who already adopted one orange boy. That's pretty coincidental or small worldish! If she does end up adopting one, maybe the boys can play together sometimes. They'll live so close to one another.

  3. One more is leaving in about an hour. Good home, I'm pretty sure. They have another orange adult male named "Rocky" so they want the kitten named "Rocket". Thank you for that name suggestion, Jeanne! That will leave one orange boy and two torti's who need homes. Besides poor Jade, then her five, once they're fixed. I have three more orange kittens, once fixed, from the other mother up there in Lacomb, too, who will need homes.