Monday, July 27, 2009

Four Cats Being Fixed Today

Three females and one male I believe is a crypt orchid, are up being fixed today. Two of the females are from Corvallis. On the way to pick them up, I stopped and put out food and water for the homeless camp cats. They should be getting plenty anyhow, now that so many are no longer there, almost all are fixed, and me giving bags of cat food to two of the homeless campers for the cats. Their lives should now be drastically improved also because I wormed them, flea treated them and treated their earmites.

Anyhow, four more cats being fixed today. And, watch out for the heat wave hitting Oregon this week. It's supposed to top 100 degrees today.

I still have two beautiful fixed kittens here waiting for homes, also. Buddha and Calamity the muted torti.

UPDATE: The Lebanon male turned out to be already neutered. The cats' caregiver's sister is the one who had them ready for me. She had felt what she thought was one testicle. I reached into the carrier he was in this morning, and felt him up, reaching in behind him and felt the same thing, but I don't know what I was feeling because according to the clinic, he was neutered. However, the calico from the same location had a massive ovarian tumor. The vet clinic called and said they didn't even know if they could resect it and what did I want them to do. I called the caregiver's sister who said to euthanize her, that they did not have the money for the extensive surgery needed, nor after care, if she even survived the surgery.

These are the cats about whom was posted on craigslist ten days ago or so, that they would be shot if a home wasn't found for them. The actual owners' sister is caring for them now.

There is a kitten with a bloated belly, too, whom I met this morning. I wormed her and had the sister keep her in the bathroom, to see if she excreted worms. Instead, the sister said she excreted whole peanuts. This woman's sister doesn't feed the cats. The poor kitten is eating scraps and anything she can find.

The woman gets welfare and food stamps. She went through job training and never got a job, her sister said, so the state pays her $700 a month to go to the same job training class again.

She doesn't fix her cats or feed her cats either, her sister says. Instead, the sister takes care of them.

Her sister said, "if the state keeps giving her all that money and food stamps to do nothing, what incentive does she have to clean up her life?"

Well anyhow, sounds like the situation frustrates the sister no end, but maybe it will all turn out ok for both of them one day.

The kitten from the irresponsible sister is now going to be adopted by a neighbor, so that's good news.

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  1. thank goodness that little kitten is being adopted by someone who will feed her cat food. imagine. i can't stand to hear of one more desperate for food or shelter little kitten - its just horrific...