Thursday, July 02, 2009

Eugene PC People are Nutty!

I posted on Eugene craigslist about my hopes to find Bad Black Teen Mom, a.k.a. Jade a home, rather than take her back where she'll likely have a short life on a country road where people drive like nutcases, like nobody in the world matters but them, and their need to speed. Many there have been killed on that road already.

The responses I got, two, were completely opposite in nature. One was from a very poor heartfelt animal loving Veneta woman, who wishes very much she could take her in. But, she cares for her disabled husband and already feeds ten cats. She did offer to post fliers and is making them herself.

The other response was from some politically correct Eugene woman, who expressed absolutely no concern for the cat, but did want to tell me my reference to her, as Bad Teen Mom, was very very offensive. She told me (so helpfully) what I should have said, and that the only bad thing involved was the human who didn't spay her.

It's ok to call a human bad, but not call a cat a bad mom who won't feed her kittens. Apparently I've crossed a line in some Eugene PC circles.

I couldn't stop giggling. What a PC nutcase, so concerned about wording, no sense of humor and absolutely no concern about the cat herself. I told her to get off her computer and go rescue some cats or something and to get a sense of humor.

For gosh sakes, she IS a bad teen mom. How dare I say that though, in Eugene! Where truth and freedom of speech are the enemy of all mankind, as well as catkind!

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