Monday, July 27, 2009

Dog Obedience

I never thought much about dogs, dog training and all the different types of dog trials and shows out there. Until last Saturday.

I was killing time while two kittens were fixed. I found my way to a park in Wilsonville. I spent twenty minutes watching kids from various grades race around a track. It was some health event, to promote fitness for kids.

After watching two heats of third graders, I wandered farther around the park. That's when I stumbled into dog obedience trials. At first I perked up. I thought "Well this should be interesting."

I sat down on a big rock to watch. It wasn't long before I began to recoil in horror.

These were people who came from all over to this park on this day with their dogs, specifically to show how pussy whupped their dog is. If my dog does absolutely everything I command instantly, I win! What kind of person would enter such an event, to show off how dependent, how cowed, their dog is?

For some reason, it reminded me of the Taliban and how they treat women. Or just of abused desperate to please women or kids in general. And of control freaks. I don't know why that's what came to mind. These dogs weren't abused dogs. Maybe it was the heat or my own exhaustion.

I began backing away from the neatly trimmed people and perfectly clipped obedient dogs in horror.

Why would anyone celebrate feet licking belly crawling obedience and give awards for that?

Once safely in my car, sealed away, I began exclaiming how glad I am to be a cat woman.

We should hold cat disobedience trials to celebrate the independent mind of the cat.

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