Sunday, July 19, 2009

12 Cats Fixed Yesterday

Yesterday, I took twelve cats in to be fixed at two clinics, one of them the kitten fixing clinic. I took five adults in to be fixed. They included four homeless camp cats and one adult Albany female, who four kittens also were fixed yesterday, along with three homeless camp kittens.Fatso, as the homeless have named this tame male, was fixed yesterday. They wouldn't let me get him eartipped, however.
This abbytabby female from the camps is owned by a homeless couple and mother of Blackjack, Hooch, Hoodie and another kitten I returned since they wanted him back after he was fixed.
This sweet young female, from the camps, is the mother of the gray tux six week old kitten here. When I returned the five homeless camp cats this morning, I saw her other kitten, still alive at least, and fed the poor little thing. The kitten hung in the berry vines out of reach.
These are three of the four kittens fixed yesterday who were born to an owned Albany female, also fixed yesterday.
This is the adult Albany female fixed yesterday and mom to the four kittens, three shown just above, also fixed yesterday.
This is the little calico, with severe conjunctivitis in one eye, one homeless couple asked me to take. The stories varied about what happened to her siblings, but they stepped on and killed at least one, maybe two. The mother was either hit by a car or was sick and the homeless killed her, I got told both stories.

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