Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cute as Hell Mill Kittens

I spent the morning trapping at Hull Oaks mill again. So far, I've trapped all three boiler room kittens. I trapped two adult females. One adult male and three teens. I also tracked down the four fluffballs Mrs. Hull was concerned about and trapped them. Their photos are below. I have not yet trapped their Siamese mother. I trapped 13 more cats at Hull Oaks in the last couple days, however. I also have the 34th street female and three from the HTN colony.

But, KATA took in already one of the Hull Oaks boiler room kittens. Another was fixed yesterday at Countryside. So I have only seven Hull Oaks cats suitable to be fixed at tomorrow's FCCO clinic. I have 15 reservations. Total cats so far: 7 Hull Oaks; 1 34th street stray; 3 HTN=11 cats.

1 comment :

  1. ohmygoodness those are the cutest litte buttons! do you have trouble rehoming siamese as well as the 'non-pedigrees'?

    just read about the daft person letting the mother loose! what an idiot!