Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm Running for the Hills

I"m going to run far away, where I'll never hear the words "Linn County" or the the word "Albany" again in my life.

I told this to my brother who stopped by. Him, his wife and his adult son, were on their way up to Washington, for a family weekend with their daughter at her college. They wanted me to keep Pixie for them, who has a cold, which is the last thing on earth I need here, a kitten with a cold, or even another cat to take care of.

I told him to sell this house to some Californian displaced by the fire ASAP and I'll go back and live under a bridge in Corvallis, my home.

It's the mentality here I can't take. The "we don't give a shit about anything" mentality. It's the "we won't fix our pets" and the "cats are discardable" attitude getting me down so hard here. You can't find a street in Albany where there aren't strays roaming, discarded like trash.

Here in conservative Christian Linn County. Oh sure, anti abortion sentiment here runs high. I am not impressed. Show me a single value town and I'll show you one consumed in addictions, afflictions, selfishness, hypocrisy, neglected kids and unfixed pets.

Because those who scream Christian conservative righteous anti abortion often do so, so they feel they don't have to do another damn thing.

Anyhow, can you tell I'm a bit tired out and fed up?

It's because of the calls I'm getting. 20 some cats abandoned over off Knox Butte. Police refuse to do a damn thing. And the bad renters just moved, to a rental real close to where I live. They'll repeat. Why wouldn't they?

12 more abandoned downtown Albany. The woman claims in the message nobody will do a thing, not the police, no animal shelter, and she was referred to me. She wants me to take them all. 30 or more behind Izzy's. More in the Main street area of Albany.

Albany's a shithole for animals. The calls today are nonstop. And I'm already exhausted. There's no sanctuary in Albany. Nowhere to get away from it. Strays everywhere. I have to leave my phone on because I'm trying to adopt out Linn County abandoned animals. What a crock, you know? What a crock. There's no hope for the animals of Linn County. This is Sodom and Gomorrah here. No hope. Need to get out and not look back.

I told my brother, I want it clear, when something happens to me, or I drop dead of exhaustion, it is never to be mentioned that I ever in my life lived in Albany, OR. He said "no problem".


  1. Hi,

    I posted previously as I mentioned Mickey stole my heart and I continue to think about him. However, I live in BC - too far away from you. I do have friends that travel to Oregon in the summers. Keep me posted as to how he's doing.


  2. I will. Thank you, Marianne.

  3. Hi Again,

    I know you can't post on a public forum , nor do I want you to. How do I get in touch with you?
    Keep up the great work you are doing - you are making a difference.