Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cozy Gets a Home

Cozy got a home today. Cozy was the slightly wildish flea infested fourth kitten, of the feral calico, I caught in downtown Albany. She was part of the group Hope came from. Hope was the abandoned kitty whose right eye was whacked out by some freakazoid. I relocated most of those 15 cats because the situation was so horrible for them there. Cozy is the last to get a home here, although I believe Poppa's president still has two of her siblings in foster with her and I don't know if Hope got a home yet or not.

I had all three of Hope's kittens here for quite awhile, because they broke in ringworm, which meant a lot of work. I gave them baths three times a week, sprayed them with anti fungal---lots of work. It broke my heart, too. Cozy wasn't much work. She never got ringworm and fit in here immediately, playing wildly with anybody who would play with her. She was so cute, a little innocent faced Lynx Point Snowshoe Siamese female kitten. She went to a great home. I miss her already.

Someone who lives outside Vancouver B.C. wants Mickey. And actually, I want her to have him. I think she would provide him a great home and that would be one less kitty for me to be caring for. Win. Win.

I've had no other adoption inquiries on him. So I'm hopeful this can be worked out. Apparently she's in a rescue group having some event in Seattle and Oregon members may be travelling up to that and a transfer could be arranged, possibly. In any event, I am hoping very soon I can find Mickey a lift to Canada!

My car is needing some repairs and is not suitable to make the trip to Seattle. But I think we'll be able to work something out---a pipeline for Mickey to Canada.

I bought a black light today. A family is interested in Aces. Because he once had ringworm, I wanted to be sure he was clean. I went over him with a fine tooth comb and the black light and did find three pinprick spots that flouresced green.

I need to bath him, because he'd been into something, and after that try it again. He had dirt all over his face, from getting into something, and stuff stuck to that, and the pinprick green under blacklight was in the dirty part of his face. I don't know what he'd been up to. He had dirt all over his paws, too, so I better check my one surviving houseplant.

I called the mother up and told her, and she wasn't too worried about it, as I wouldn't be. But I like to tell people everything I know about a cat, and not hide things, because adoptions are more likely to work out then. So they're going to wait five days.

Little Miss Sunshine is spoken for, but I haven't heard from the lady for a week or so. And now someone else is interested. So I'm going to contact the coast woman who wanted her, to make sure she still does want her. I've still got Shady, too, and she and Little Miss Sunshine are very good friends.

Mooki, the third Spicer Boy, is still here also and coming out of his shell altogether. It's nice to see. I believe I am sending Scooter and Solomon to a barn home this week, but I don't want to. I really don't want to, but I don't see much other options for them and it's a good barn home. I hate to give up on finding them real homes. It's like failure for them, condemning them to a life as barn cats, instead of cherished house pets. They're cherished here. I love them.

I engaged a new colony today. The old man says there are 19 cats. I trapped the first five in about two minutes. They were fixed today and will be returned tomorrow.

I have a break now, of almost a week without vet fixing appointments. I think a week of just sleep sounds pretty good.

Here is a list of the cats who have recently got homes: Meeko and Machi, two of the Spicer Boys; Scottie and Maryann, of the BS colony; Pixie of the BS; Teddy, Jiggles, Scruffy, Cozy and Romeo, of the Railroad and 5th situation; Starry, an unfixed calico abandoned over on Clay, Jabba, a gray kitten from Corvallis, Micah and Spidy, brothers from the BS; Ming, Maryann's sister, of the BS; Two kittens from the brush and junkpiles, at Hull Oaks mill; and Old Salvadore, whom I miss very very much. I also miss Bangor, now named Maggie and I miss old Butterscotch who passed away about ten days ago.

I still have a lot of cats here. Up for adoption I have Spicer Boy Mooki. I have Shady and Aces from the BS. I have Little Miss Sunshine from Fern Road. I have Thor, although I think he'll be going to a barn home, due to his manx "completion" issues. I have Blooy and Gypsy from Hull Oaks and I have Wheelie and Thistle, Siamese kittens, from Hull Oaks, too. I have Mickey and Brambles and Weed and Tulip from HTN colony, too, in my bedroom. Brambles will likely return to the colony.

And I have Scooter, Solomon and Panda from Lebanon and Poppy from 34th street and Gretal, dumped as a kitten on highway 34 with her brother. I have Cattyhop, too, from the Slaughterhouse colony and Comet from Heatherdale trailer park.

And, besides my own five, that's it right now. Except for Scully, the old river cat, who also is kind of slowing way down and I think I'll lose her, too.

So I have 20 up for adoption here. Of those, Thor and Brambles will leave this week. Little Miss Sunshine, Mickey and Aces are spoken for. I have a barn home for Solomon and Scooter. If these homes work out, I'll have a bakers dozen to find homes for is all. That ain't bad. Not bad at all. It's been a hellish kitten season in Linn County.

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