Monday, October 29, 2007

Ten Mill Cats Fixed Friday and Sunday.

I trapped another 11 adult and teen cats at the mill, Friday and Saturday, plus found the four five week old kittens. So in total, another 15 mill cats will be fixed at some point.

This evening, shy on places to foster little ferals where they will get adequate handling, I adopted out two of the small Hull Oaks kittens, ignoring my own rules about waiting until a kitten is fixed. Both adoptors are officially fostering until the kitten is fixed and one is just trying out the kitten for the night, at first. I tried to get her actually to take all three, to foster, so they'd be handled adequately so as not to behave feral in any manner, but for now, she'd take on only one. Anyhow, one must weigh the choices, with feral kittens. If ferals are not handled by enough people, when young, they end up attaching to only one person and virtually unadoptable.

Anyhow, of the 11 teens and adults, from Hull Oaks, only three were males and 8 were females, which is a little scary. If they hadn't called, think of the kittens to be born next spring there. I still have at least two adult females to catch down there.

I also took in a female from 34th street in Albany. And the one cat I caught at Sycamore Towers in Corvallis was a silver tabby female, too. Of the three HTN colony cats I took in, two were males and one was a female. Below are photos of ten of the eleven Hull Oaks cats.

Missing in the photos is the third boiler room kitten, a light gray medium hair female, now in the hands of KATA, who got her spayed in Salem, and have her under their program, although she will be returning here until they have an opening at one of their offsite adoption kiosks.

DMH gray and white male teen, fixed at Sunday's FCCO clinic in Philomath.
Brown tabby on white teen female, fixed at Sunday's FCCO clinic.
DLH gray on white male teen, fixed at Sunday's FCCO clinic.
Gray tabby tux teen female, fixed at Sunday's clinic.
Gray tabby female, Gypsy, boiler room kitten, fixed at Sunday's clinic.
Boiler room torti teen, now named Blooey, who was fixed at Countryside Vet clinic Friday.
A tamish dumped off at the mill long hair brown tabby on white adult female, fixed at Sunday's FCCO clinic.
Adult brown tabby female, fixed at Sunday's Philomath FCCO clinic.
Adult brown tabby tux male, I caught in the old car field late Saturday night and who was fixed Sunday at the Philomath FCCO clinic.
Long hair gray and white adult female, fixed at Sunday's FCCO clinic.

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