Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Reluctant Registration for Adoption Options Day

I don't want to go to the Petfinder.com/Petco Adoption Options workshop in Eugene. There's nothing in it for me. Petco refuses to allow me any perks there, no fund raising, no adopting out pets there for me, because I'm not nonprofit and I haven't got the money to go nonprofit.

So I ignored the fliers sent to petfinder.com members about the upcoming workshop. The scheduled speakers don't speak about anything that would be helpful to small time rescuers who are not nonprofits. The opening speaker is from the Petco foundation talking about how pet rescue (only those who have nonprofit status) can utilize Petco to increase adoptions and donations. There's a speaker who talks about how to pep up adoption events. You can't have adoption events if you don't have nonprofit status. Nobody, including Petco, will let you in. There's a speaker on how to use PetPoint software to upload pets. I don't use that. I don't do that kind of volume. Then a speaker on dogs or dog training or something, and another on training staff in adoption counselling. I have no staff. I become friends with many of my adoptors, which has been nice for a lonely soul like myself.

But then I get this e-mail from petfinder, describing how, if you get enough hits on your petfinder site, and satisfy a host of other requirements, including attendance at an Adoption Options workshop, you might be chosen for the "Sponsor This Pet" button, that would be placed on your website by each adoptible pet. If someone clicked that button and paid a sponsorship fee, I'd get that money to use for rescued cats.

I don't get any donations, really, except for once in awhile from a couple who live in Portland, whom I've never met and someone else in California I've never met. That's it. And I get desperate, as my credit card bill rises and everything jacks up in price. Today, I had to take Dia in to the vet---$45 it cost me, for a ten minute visit and bottle of clavimox. She and her sister, Little Miss Sunshine, broke out in URI's after they got spayed at Heartland. Sad. So now I'm down another $45.

I don't get any help from the bigger nonprofits in the area, either, with anything at all. Not cat food. Not cat litter. Nada. I do get them wanting me to help them, however, trap cats, take pictures of cats for their website, etc. etc. And stupid pathetic me, I'd go do it. But not so much anymore, because nobody helps me back. I figure I'm a laughing stock to the others, many of whom have highly paid salaried management.

So I don't really want to go. It costs $10 and gas down and back. That's significant money to me. Plus I lose a day. Every time I'm gone a day, the work backs up here.

Networking opportunities? People will be wanting me to do things for them, if there's any networking at all, that'll be it I'll guess. So, I'll need to stay clear from people now that I've registered to attend, solely because I"m hoping to get that "Sponsor this Pet" button and that somebody might actually click on that and sponsor a cat.

I'm too pathetic, too lonely for my own good, and people, including cat rescuers and groups, take advantage of that.

So I"m going. I don't want to go. I don't want to spend the money. When I go into Petco and they are raising money for every group under the stars but me, it hurts me so bad I don't go in there anymore.

And when I see all the other groups, who got big donations from a private citizen to go nonprofit, and so they can adopt out rescued cats there at Petco, and I can't, it hurts me.

None of the other groups will let me in with them, either, to adopt out. I tried to get them to let me, but they won't. But they'll all ask me to do favors for them, that's for sure. I'm a ghost.

And I'm a joke among the other shelters and rescues "Jody will do it. She's so lonely. We'll just say something nice and pretend to be her friend temporarily and she'll go trap that 100 cat colony for us." That's the way it goes.

Speaking of another 50 cat colony, a friend of the Big Situation caretaker lives next to some old man feeding over 50 cats. She asked, "Can you get them fixed, too?" I have a big sign on my car that says "Feed my Cat Fixing Addiction" then I direct people to Poppa Inc's website, to donate for mid valley cats to be fixed. But seems around here, people want but don't give, which kind of really sucks. So, I don't know if I can tackle the BS2 yet or not. I haven't got BSOriginal done yet.

Old Sal Adoption Video

Me Bad! Overloaded the Vet With 9 BS Cats This A.M.

I expected to take up three females and at most four males this morning. I took in seven cats yesterday, but six of them were males. Not sure the elderly woman with a husband suffering from a rare and disabling nerve disease could round up the numbers for today, I went out to the back barn, where scores of teens peeked at me from between haybales or from the berry vines on the side of the barn. These kitties are barely teens, probably three months old and slightly too young to be fixed at Countryside, since they wait until four months of age there.

I hand grabbed three of the teens, with weepy eyes. Two are orange tabby and white and the third is all black. I had already grabbed the buff and white 8 week old kitten up front and put him in a rabbit hutch I took out there. The five month old gray male is also in there, to be sure he gets antibiotics, since he has a bad URI, too. So now there are five kittens in that rabbit hutch. I am trying to find someone with a pickup to help me take out my huge relocation cage, which could comfortably house kittens and teens until I figure out what to do with them all.

There are probably 12 or 14 tweens, as we call them, roaming out in the barn. All would easily tame or at least could go as barn cats, to relieve the pressure at this place of too many cats.

I did post on craigslist about the need to find homes for some. The only response I got was from some guy who wanted only nursing kittens. These requests usually, but maybe not always, come from snake people, those who are dishonest and manipulative, looking for free snake food. I don't know that for sure about the person who e-mailed wanting only nursing kittens, to give the guy who e-mailed, the benefit of the doubt.

So anyhow, I went out to the back barn, grabbed the three with weepy eyes, set a trap, caught the gray and white tween, up being fixed today, and an adult calico who looks pregnant.

She vowed to catch three more males and two more females, three more females at most, so there would not be more than, at most, four females.

I was shocked when I arrived this a.m., to see confined cats everywhere. Besides the feral tween and feral calico, she had three more tame females confined, plus another she confined because she thought it was a male and now thinks it might be a female. I didn't look, because I was late getting going. It could be a neutered male. She didn't eartip some. The vet will check. I warned them on it.

So, now I had four known females, a feral male, possibly a fifth female, plus she had three big males. Nine cats. I was really on edge taking them in to the office.

"How many do you have?", the tech asked. I hedged, not knowing the easiest way to say "9". Finally, I just said "Um, you're going to kill me." She didn't kill me. I explained that I had told the caretaker the numbers of males and females to confine and then the reality of what greeted me, when I went out to pick them up this a.m. I said "Do the ones you can do. Do the two ferals first, as priority, because it would be hard to recatch them." She said "We will do what we can do!"

She knows the situation is dire out there. The ill man of the house knows Dr. Anderson, the former owner of Countryside. They've been bringing in cats for years, to be fixed, but could never keep up.

I asked the tech if she'd ever been out there. She said she hadn't. I said there are probably 15 teens running around out there in the barn. She said she knew it was a crazy situation.

However, there are only a few more adults to catch for fixing. With today's nine, total fixed in just two days is 16 adults. I have five kittens/tweens confined. There are two or three more tame adults, and maybe three feral adults to catch, then the just the tweens to do--but there are in total with the ones up front also, probably 16 of those. Twenty more to get fixed, more or less. Then, we work on finding at least half of them homes. Many are highly adoptible. Most are tame.

Orange and white kitty the caretaker thought to be a male, but then told me might be a female. We'll see what happens there. She/he is up being hopefully fixed today.
These are both buff and white males, up being fixed today.
This is a muted torti, up being spayed today.
Buff colored female, being fixed today (hopefully).
Feral calico, being fixed today (hopefully).
Buff orange tabby male, being fixed today.
Back barn tweenager, being fixed today.
Orange tabby female, being fixed today (hopefully).

Monday, July 30, 2007

And More BS (Big Situation) Cats....

Orange tabby kitten, sex unknown.
Previously fixed orange on white.
Previously spayed and eartipped orange on white female.
Previously spayed torti point Siamese female adult.
Big orange tabby on white unfixed male, who hopefully will be one getting fixed tomorrow!

More BIG Situation Cat Photos

Back barn teen black and white, sex unknown.
Three week old gray kitten, guarded by hissing torti mom (not in photo).
Back barn orange tabby adult.
Orange tabby on white back barn weepy eyed male kitten, now contained, for URI treatment, and hopefully, when well, a real home.
Orange tabby on white kitten, sex unknown. Most orange tabby's are males, but there are a lot of orange tabby females out there, so I won't know until catch this one.

I hope to get as many of the kittens out of there as possible. Even most of the adults are mostly tame.

Cats from THE BIG SITUATION and KAT has 120 Cats and Kittens in foster or up for Adoption!

The first seven cats, six males and 1 female, from the BIG Situation, a colony between Albany and Lebanon, are up being fixed today. There are kittens out there, too, everywhere. Some might be adoptible. But I talked to KAT today, to see if they might fit some in, and guess how many they have in foster care? 120! That's right--they have 120 cats and kittens in foster, way more than SafeHaven. I told her "Right now, call a reporter and get some publicity, for all you do." They need it. They deserve it. No publicity=no donations.

They also got close to 90 cats fixed last month alone. Nobody at KAT is paid and many work full time jobs, as well as doing all they do.

So anyhow, I actually had nabbed seven cats last night at the BIG Situation. But two had severe URI's, too severe to be fixed. So, last night, I steamed them, twice, with my trusty infant vaporizer, gave them anti-biotics, wormed them, defleaed them. Getting rid of parasites helps them overcome URI's. I took them back this morning, to the colony, and swapped them for two healthier cats. It's not like there aren't a million to choose from.

She's gotten as many as she could afford to fix, fixed, but never can keep up. Some were fixed, before she started eartipping ones who got fixed, and she can't remember who is fixed of the uneartipped ones sometimes. Everybody is getting eartips from here on out.

Six more will go in tomorrow.

Gray and white four month old male fixed July 30, 07.
Adult gray short hair male fixed July 30, 07.
Two orange tabby males fixed July 30, 07.
Calico female fixed July 30, 07.
Orange on white male fixed July 30, 07.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Goodbye Bangor. Goodbye Shilo.

Photo is of Bangor, rolling in cat weed, which she adores.

I am torn over my decision to send Bangor to a new home today. I let her go because she needs more than I can give her. Bangor is an absolutely wonderful cat, whom I have considered my own since encountering her in southern Oregon, when trapping for a group there. She followed me relentlessly and when I finally picked her up, all skinny and starving, she cupped my face in her big polydactyl snowshoe paws. My heart melted.

But she's had issues here, with the other cats. My ghandi boy, Moby, who loves everyone else, will relentlessly chase her. She has no friends among the cats here, which is unusual. She is athletic, fun and friendly, yet pathetic, in her low status here, among the others.

So although she adores attention, she doesn't get enough and greets every visitor like she is begging for them to take her with them. She is usually run off the bed by the other cats, even though she is strong and could beat any of them up over a bed spot.

A very nice older woman had called about perhaps adopting Old Sal. I was so excited about this possibility. Today, she came over and fell in love with Bangor, and Bangor wouldn't leave her alone. Perhaps this was fate. This woman lives alone, is home almost all the time, has a nice house, currently has no other cats, and this was the perfect opportunity for Bangor to have the only cat home she has wanted all along.

And yet, now that my beloved Bangor is gone, I feel both guilt and immense sadness at her leaving. I love her. And yet I also feel she's going to love her new situation and finally get the full attention she has always wanted.

She'll be an only cat. She'll be brushed daily and be adored. The woman is going to keep me updated and if it doesn't work out, Bangor will return. I warned her she will likely go through seperation anxiety and feel abandoned by me.

I also feel this might be minimal with her, because of her beleagured status here with the other cats.

I hope it works out.

Shilo, one of the three Fern Road kittens, also went to a great new home in Tigard.

I still have her two sisters, Dia and Little Miss Sunshine, now both spayed, who want homes badly.

Good luck to you, Bangor. I will sorely miss you. I did this for you, Bangor, in hopes you could enjoy the life you've wanted. You will always be welcome back here, if things don't work out as we hoped.

And as for Shilo, her new life is just beginning. I am happy for her. From living grungy buried in a woodpile, to life as a cherished companion--what a happy ending for her.

I went and picked up the first seven cats at the "Big Situation", six males and one female. Two are coughing and wheezing. I immediately roundwormed them all and changed them over to traps, since the only carriers I have now are small ones, and started an infant vaporizer inside my car with the cats in it also, in traps, to steam them.

Tuesday, six more will go in. These folks can't afford to donate anything, so if anybody out there wants to donate to help fix about 30 or more cats in one situation, outside of Albany, e-mail me PLEASE! bluestray@yahoo.com. THANK YOU!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Cats of Albany are Crying. So Am I.

The calls and e-mails today were nonstop from people wanting me to immediately take on their cats or kittens. The Circle K clerk told me his friend now wants me to take the kittens her mother cat had. I had tried to get her to let me fix that cat three months ago. Tried repeatedly. Even went to their house. And now, after she got pregnant and had kittens, they want to take the kittens. I said "no way".

Then the clerk says there's a gray and white kitten running around the Circle K and trying to get into people's cars and can I take that one? I said "I can't. I have too many now needing homes."

Then the people on 34th street whose two adult females two with litters, I got fixed two weeks ago, who had promised a copay but never came through with it, called. She said she'd have the money tomorrow and they don't want the third adult fixed because they're getting rid of the three adults and keeping two kittens, which will likely go on to reproduce also. I know they're going to dump those three adult females. You can't find homes for adults. And, she told me when I first talked to her, that her own mother dumped three unfixed cats of hers over near the hospital, on 12th street.

To think of the two adult females I got fixed there now, after talking to that woman, I see ghosts only--ghosts, because their fate isn't going to be a nice home.

And the calls today were nonstop. All were people wanting me to take their cats and kittens until I am so agitated, I just can't even sleep and I want to cry. I want to sob. I want to slam my fist in the face of the people of Albany and scream "Why don't you people care about anything alive?"

This is a machine worship town.

The old man next door, with whom I have one sided conversations because he's deaf and can't hear anything anyone else says, was raging tonight. He hates liberals. He hates Oregon government, too. I just walked away finally, because I don't want to hear all this anymore. I want some peace. I want away from the horrors for the animals here, because I can't take it anymore. I try, but I can't take it anymore.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Pacific Blvd Road Junk Gives Me Flat Tire

Well, shit happens. Shit happens so often to me I think I'm getting more shit than is my fair share, to be honest.

Long day today, getting all the work done here, and returning the formerly pregnant feral from the Spicer colony, now all fixed and free flea, etc. We're holding off on trapping the final cat of the colony, another teen, because she's way spooked. That teen is the only one left unfixed. I got five fixed there.

And next Monday I'm starting in on the 50 or more cat situation outside of Albany because it needs tackled and I don't see anybody else volunteering.

So my younger brother's 50th B-day is upcoming and a relative of his wife is soliciting cards, photos and stories, I guess for a party they're having for him, although I did not get an invitation. No matter. I figured I'd write up some stories on him, get some old photos together and copy them, make a card, and send him a little gift.

Well I'm just not in the know, on how to do things easy anymore. So I you know, did it all the hard way, going here and there, not knowing where I could copy old photos the cheapest and the quickest, and what have you.

Finally I got it all together and headed to Corvallis, and while there I was going to mail it all at the PO.

But on Pacific Blvd, just north of the college, the Loop Bus ahead of me swerved suddenly. I was behind the bus and saw the bus had avoided junk in the road. I swerved and thought I had missed most of it, but I heard something hit into my rear tire.

I couldn't stop there. I could hear the tire clicking loudly, however. I turned into LBCC's parking lot and checked the tire. I couldn't find anything except a rock stuck in the tread, which I flicked out. So off I went again, but I could hear the clicking louder and louder.

Once on Highway 34 I suddenly heard something clack against my wheel well, then a loud hissing and my car began to veer. I pulled to the side of the highway, got out and stared at my completely deflated tire.

The jack in a Scion is below the front seat, while its handle and the lug nut wrench are under the back luggage hatch, along with the doughtnut spare. I got it all out and got the jack under the car and was just situating it, when I felt hands taking the jack handle from me, from above. I looked up and here was this muscled black man, very good looking, who said "Do you need some help?" I said "I would love some help."

Wasn't a moment more before a state trooper also pulled over to offer help. So the tire got changed in no time. I was very grateful for nice people!

Off I went, straight to Schwab's, where I'd bought the tires. A forty minute wait later, and the flat was repaired and put back on the rear wheel and the doughnut spare was returned to the luggage space in the back.

Could have been so much worse. Could have been dark and raining, for two things. But I could think of much worse scenarios than that, too, but I don't have to, really, because the tire fell flat on a public highway traversed by some really nice people.

Thank you, man in the red truck!

By this time, the PO was only minutes from closing. So I hurried down there to get the birthday boy's package/photos mailed.

I was supposed to buy cat food, but to hell with it. I'm hot and dirty and the cats can eat dry food for gosh sakes although there will be hell to pay and that will come down on me, probably in the night sometime.

Shilo is going to her new home in Tigard on Sunday. I still have two little now spayed Siamese girls up for adoption and the three four month old boys from the colony off Spicer. They can go back there, if need be. I thought I'd give them a week here, and try to find them homes. But a week is all I can give them here. I don't need more permanent cats, that's for sure.

And look what "the chosen" shelter gets, as a result of getting 20 cats dumped on them---donations and fosterers. If people only knew what private individuals, like myself, accomplish for cats on zero public citizen support, zero publicity and close to zero donations. Can turn one bitter towards the likes of SafeHaven, especially since they adopt out unfixed kittens and are now letting the preggie of the bunch of the dumped cats, have those kittens.

Here's a quote from the follow up story in today's paper:

"The shelter also received a number of “generous” cash donations to help out with expenses, said Christiana Gunderson, the development director at the shelter."

Man alive. Articles like that can make a person like me feel like a ghost again. Just a ghost.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Vick House Dog Torture Chamber--Nike, GET REAL! Choose your endorsers from People who Better This World.

The torture of dogs that went on in NFL player Vick's house is as disgusting as it comes. Rape stands. Body slamming dogs to death. Horror stories of brutal heartless cruelty by humans lacking souls. Vick claims he didn't know what was going on at that house and yet he had a dog breeder license and website.

We will see if the feds have specific evidence to back their charges, such as a paper trail of significant culpibility. Allegedly witnesses claim they were paid off after fights by Vick and that he made X amount of dollars on certain fights and was present at many of the fights and participated in the brutality. But this doesn't have to be just based on the word of witnesses, who sometimes like to point blame at public figures. These charges can be backed through a paper trail---computer records, cell phone calls, credit card bills, plane tickets, etc.---easy to find out if he was there and to collaborate witness accounts with cold hard factual paper trails.

Sure, he's hired some really expensive fancy lawyers. Justice isn't supposed to about being able to afford a fancy dandy lawyer. It's supposed to be about hard evidence and right and wrong. Justice should be blind to his status as a football player and his extreme wealth. Justice should strip that away, down to the bones of hard evidence.

I know I need to ignore the horrendous nature of this crime and not assume he's guilty. Someone did this to these dogs. A lot of someones and at his house. I want all those someone's to get long prison terms. I want those tortured dogs to get justice. I want society to stand up for right and wrong and ignore their "need" to see this man play ball. If he's guilty, he needs to go to jail for a long time. For the love of god, let's try to muster real values. I mean it's nice to go to church and all, but if you don't practise real values in real life, with what you do and even what you consume, then it's just a bunch of hot air values and worth nothing but laughter.

And I want Nike to drop this man's endorsement. I want the NFL to actually pretend they have some standards, some eithics for their players they tout as role models. Professional sports no longer include ethics and people don't seem to care.

And Nike, do they have ethics? Do they really want to name a pair of shoes after someone of this caliber, someone who tortures dogs for fun? This is their big role model for kids?

What a pile of crock. No wonder our society and world are going to hell. Greed has taken over. Not ethics or decency. Greed. Selfishness. Cruelty.

It's wrong to treat animals like that. Plain and simple. Black and white. Wrong.
Got it? One shouldn't have to think about that one.

I am a poor person. As such, shoes have been a huge problem for me. I've had shoes so full of holes they wear blisters into my feet. A few years ago, someone bought me a pair of Nike leather boots, for me to wear in the winter, when out trapping.

I sent Nike a letter today, detailing why they need to drop Vick now. I told them I help animals, am very poor but that if they don't drop those Vick shoes and his endorsements NOW I will burn those boots. I'd rather go barefoot than wear boots made by a company that has sacrificed all morality for greed.

That is what it comes down to. We make decisions with what we what we let slide. And with what we consume. I want to hear that Nike dropped Vick real soon.

Or, you all are invited to a Nike gear burning bonfire! My boots are going to be burning. What NFL and Nike gear will you add to the pile, in the name of justice, in the name of right and wrong?

I also told Nike they should start seeking endorsements for their products from true heroes, from people sacrificing to make this world a better place. They'd make money on doing that, but maybe they're just not real bright afterall. I want to believe they are smart and that they can even sprout ethics.

In other less than noble human news today, turns out the last space shuttle crew was really drunk before their flight, so drunk in fact some Nasa people thought the astronauts might be a danger to others if they flew. Drunk space shuttle flying.

And Nasa computers were deliberately sabotaged, I guess by a disgruntled employee.

And probably the most disturbing news is the ongoing saga of Pat Tilman's death. Turns out, he may have been set up and killed by his own mates. The doctor who examined his body says he was shot in the head three times from less than 10 yards. There was also no evidence of any enemy fire. No enemy fire evidence found anywhere in the area. Also, higher ups sent congratulatory e-mails to one another that a criminal investigation had been thwarted.

I feel bad for his family. But I give them credit. They have not let this go and have sought truth despite the pain they must be going through.

If it turns out Pat Tilman was murdered by fellow American soldiers, what a shameful thing. The first distortion was that the military and President reported that he died fighting Taliban from enemy fire. What lies! Again, is it any wonder why our society is going to hell? It matters what we let slide.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Video Clip of Shilo, Dia and Little Miss Sunshine, the Three Philomath Siamese Mix Kittens Who Need Homes

Make my Day. Darimart clerk falsely accuses me of stealing bottle of wine.

Boy, do I ever get into the whacko situations! Today, a Corvallis Darimart clerk accused me of pocketing a bottle of wine. I'd run into the store looking for distilled water. I had a kitten in my car who was dehydrated and needed fluids.

An OSU vet student had offered to foster and adopt out the 4th Bottle Babe, from the Millersburg colony. I got a late start this morning. I transferred the three teen boys from the colony off Spicer to a rabbit hutch in the bedroom. There's one teen left to catch and it's easier to catch that one if you're not re-catching a bunch of already fixed teens. I also have their mother in a trap now, also in the bedroom because the garage is too hot.

I finally got going and returned the orange adult from same colony, then went and picked up the kitten at the Millersburg colony and headed over to the OSU vet college to drop her off with her new fosterer. But the student wasn't there. She was at lunch by then.

When I had picked up the kitten, she was outside, in a carrier, drenched in her own urine and her water that she'd spilled. Poor little girl. Exactly why I've been trying to spring her from that situation.

So, while waiting for the student to get back from lunch I cleaned her up, then saw how dehydrated she was. So, I went over to Densons, got a vaccine so I could give her a first three-way and I got a 25cc syringe. They didn't have distilled water, however. She needed fluids.

That's how I ended up at Dari-mart, right up the street from Densons'. I'm a long time customer at that store. I used to stop in there almost every day. I got 15 cats fixed for one clerk alone.

So, after studying the labels on various water bottles, choosing one, and handing the clerk a dollar to pay for it, I was shocked when she said, "and the wine, too?"

I was confused. "What wine?" I asked. "What are you talking about?"

"I saw you take a wine bottle and put it in your pocket, on the mirror," she said glibly.

I still thought this was some joke. She wasn't joking. I said "where do you think that wine bottle is?", and held up my hands to show it was just me, my shirt, my shorts and sandals.

I think I should have demanded a strip search on the spot just to prove with finality to this paranoid, hallucinating or full-of-unresolved-issues clerk, that I didn't have a wine bottle concealed anywhere on my person. But the shock of being accused of doing something I didn't do, when in a rush to help a dehydrated kitten, didn't allow me to think quickly like that.

She told me it must be in my front pocket. I pulled out my car keys and said "You mean in here, with my car keys?" showing her the now empty pocket.

Then I said, "You know what, just give me my dollar back and I'm going to go get water somewhere where people don't falsely accuse me of stealing." Then I left, still unbelieving something like that could have just happened.

I went and got water at Safeway and gave the kitten 10cc's of fluids.

I wonder if I should call the manager or something. If it's the same one I used to know, when I went in there daily, she'd know me, too. It's not a good feeling to be falsely accused, loudly, in public like that, with people in line. IN fact, it's embarrassing to have to defend yourself against false accusations like that. Not right.

Boy, and just trying to help a little kitten, too, that isn't even mine. Not right.

Well anyhow. When I went back to the OSU vet hospital, the student was still at lunch, but the receptionist said they were all set up for her, in the back, and the student had told them just to put her in the setup and that'd be just fine. So, she's with the student now and thank you for taking her, Marvelous Mutts! I appreciate it and so does that little kitten, who would have had no chance had she not gotten free of her origins.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Twenty Plus Cats Dumped at SafeHaven

Yup, the Linn County cat dumpers are at it again. It's a favorite past time over here in Linn County, where we have real values. Just kidding there.

Saturday night some good Samaritan saw boxes in SafeHaven's driveway and stopped. Inside, were plenty of kittens, dehydrated from the heat. He rushed them to an emergency vet in Corvallis. What a guy! I ain't kidding there.

I could say "Hey SafeHaven, stop whining!" I'd only say that because just a few weeks ago I got ten cats dumped on me, many with health issues from broken teeth to FIV. I survived it, without any press coverage or big donations or help. So that's the only reason I'd say to SafeHaven "Quit the whining." I guess I'd also say it because they said in the article that the numbers will rise because one cat is pregnant. To that I'd very quickly say, "So get her fixed now!"

It's not like I didn't whine like hell, after I got tricked into those ten cats. I whined to beat the band, and the effort of whining, plus doing all that work to house and take care of those cats, one of them FIV positive, trying to scrounge money to pay for the medical care they needed and find them homes, nearly killed me. If I'd dropped the whining at least, my work load might have been slightly reduced. There's something cathartic about outrage, however, when an injustice is deposited upon my lonely shoulders. I felt people should care that happened to me. In reality, nobody has that kind of time, to cry tears or open their checkbooks for someone who voluntarily takes this mission on. A couple of people in faraway towns, whom I've never met, helped out though. Well oh well. So I fully understand Safehaven's outrage. It's justifiable.

Well, anyhow. We all love cats and hate cat dumpers. So no matter what goes on, we sympathize with any group that gets dumped on like that, even groups much better equiped with publicity and donations to handle such an event than little timers like KAT and myself.

When that happens, it's like your heart takes a extra leap, and you want to help, because deep inside you don't want to think people are that way. In reality, however, this happens weekly if not daily around these parts. People only think it happens every now and then if they're not involved with animals, because they only hear about the dumping or abuse that hits the news.

Same with the abused kid stories. I wish I had the money to help kids. There is such a need out there. Much more expensive and difficult to "rescue kids" but must be so unbelievably rewarding. I suppose people shy from it because kids with issues from abuse or neglect can be very hard to deal with. I know. I was one of those kids and I grew up to be a rather dysfunctional adult.

Back to the cat dumping. Immediately, after reading that story I start running through my mind the people who might have done that. My first thought was that Lyons street collector. She had three black older kittens back in January. I was going to take those in, but then the whole thing happened with the cops threatening to arrest me over helping the gray male with the torn out throat loosely owned by the collector.

My second thought was of College Park Drive and the horrendous atmosphere that exists there for cats, with tenants moving out constantly, and when they move, some leave their cats behind.

My third thought was of a lady I saw last night, when heading over towards Spicer to pick up another trapped cat in the colony off Spicer. She was walking along Three Lakes pushing a dolly that had an empty live trap on it. When I see someone with a live trap, I get sad or worry. It sometimes means somebody is mad at cats and they've determined they're going to trap somebody's cats or spillover cats from some stupid ass neighbor that doesn't fix theirs, and kill them or dump them. But, it could be someone was trapping nutria or raccoons. Or even trapping cats for fixing. I can't always think it's a bad thing.

My fourth, fifth and sixth thoughts were all of Lebanon situations with unfixed cats and people who refuse to fix them. One woman I heard about likes kittens, so keeps her cats unfixed, but then when she tires of the kittens, she had, in the past, taken them all to Heartland. Well now Heartland doesn't take Linn County cats, so it could have been her, dumping off outside SafeHaven, I think to myself. You just never know. Linn County ain't animal paradise. In fact, it's hell in some ways for animals here, because so many people just don't fix their pets and so many people abandon them like so much trash.

Very unChristlike behavior. I don't know if all these folks who don't fix their pets or who abuse animals or abandon them had really bad upbringings or what. I can't figure it out. I know some just can't afford to get their pets fixed, but there are many ways to find help for getting that done. There's not much excuse anymore.

So all four cats from the colony off Spicer I've trapped so far have been boys, including the three teens. There are four teens in total. Tonight I caught the mother finally, leaving only one teen left to catch and that will be done.

I heard of a bad situation between Albany and Lebanon with allegedly close to 100 cats. Some are supposedly fixed. I'll be checking it out tomorrow. Never seems to end.

I'm getting the three Siamese females fixed Thursday, but I have to pay out of pocket $96 to have it done and I don't know where I'll come up with that kind of money. I'm nervous about that.

A group in Corvallis has agreed to take on "the fourth bottle baby" from the Millersburg colony. The "4th bottle babe" was not related to the other three and suddenly appeared three weeks ago, with eyes barely open, on the colony caretaker's porch. She was briefly fostered by Useless teen, who then turned her out again, but fortunately the colony caretaker found her and kept her inside the trailer.

So I'm happy about the Corvallis group willing to foster her, because otherwise, she'd have no chance at a normal life or even at life, at all otherwise. I'm picking her up tomorrow.

Six Cat Fixes Today

I took six cats up to be fixed today, although I don't know if the vet can get to all of them. He might. Four at least are males. I have caught four so far at the colony off Spicer with two more to catch. I caught three of the four teens. Two of them are males for sure, because I pulled them out of the traps, held them, vaccinated them, applied flea treatment and checked "in the trunk" to find they were males. The big orange stray, from same colony, is also a male, a nice guy, if you ask me. A neighbor said he'd been roaming that area for years.

I'd barely gotten home, at 10:30 p.m., when the colony caretaker called to say another of the kittens was in a trap. I told her to put the teen kitty and trap in her garage and I would pick up this a.m., which I did, but I never had a chance to check the sex on this third teen. Still to catch there--the mother and one teen.

Last night, I stopped by the Frye of Siam colony again. They'd bought two traps but have not yet tried, for some reason, to catch the two latest cats, one a kitten from last fall, a female, who had kittens they told me, and a male roam in. I don't know why they wouldn't do that, now that they have traps and the skill necessary. They had found one tiny kitten against the barn when somebody mowed the field. It is likely she was moving them, to get them safe, when she dropped one, or the rest were mowed to death. Anyhow, their vet took that kitten. They said they couldn't deal with more kittens. I said "then trap the remaining two." I set up their own traps then, tied them open, gave them instructions again on feeding in the traps and tying a line to the door, then cutting the line on either of the two unfixed cats.

It's not like they haven't seen me do this out there time and time and time again. I trapped 40 cats last year there and got them fixed. Then they went and bought the traps and said they'd take care of any newcomers. Not.

Anyhow. I hope to help them catch these two, and be done with it, but I bet I'll have to do it myself.

I also picked up two Lebanon cats this morning, for fixing, a KAT referral. They paid $40, towards' the pairs fee, while a relative of the colony caretaker who lives off Spicer paid $100 towards the fixing of that colony. This is helpful. And responsible.

I got stiffed by three seperate people who promised they would donate when they were paid small amounts to offset the costs of their own tame cats being fixed. All are Albany residents. One couple lived on 18th. One on Salem Road and one on 34th street. The 34th street woman was apologetic and vows to pay up this week, and I kind of think she will. As for the other two, I have serious doubts but I keep hopeful, that people aren't just theives and liars and users.

I wish I could get all these folks cats fixed for free. I really do! Makes me feel good and I know how people struggle these days with having enough to just survive. But Poppa volunteers have worked hard for that money, worked their butts off for no pay to make that money to fix those cats, so I do have to try to get something out of people as a copay for fixing tame owned housepets--out of respect for taking responsibility for their own cat, out of respect for the volunteers of Poppa Inc and out of respect to me.

I tend to believe people, too, when they say they'll pay a copay, say on Friday, because if I said that, I would make sure I did pay on Friday. But a lot of people aren't honest and just lie to get what they need from you. That's human nature, I suppose. Bad human nature at least.

Big orange tom, soon to become an "it". In fact, that's happening today. He's way too skinny for his size, but I have already wormed him, which is likely the issue.
Gray tabby tux male kitten, from the colony off Spicer. Too bad these teens have to go back. Although shy, I'm already handling them easily. The gray and white male, in yesterday's post, is so sweet.
Teen of unknown sex, trapped late last night at colony off Spicer.
The male of the female and male pair of owned cats from Lebanon up being fixed today.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Cat Wheel Progress and First of Five Ferals Caught

I'm making some progress in building my cat wheel. Check it out in first photo below. Also, I was referred to a small colony off Spicer Drive, of a female and four teen kittens. I caught only one of the teens so far, the one in the photograph. Trapping is complicated by over involvement and the many nosy fixed cats in the area, who get into the traps.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Projects--Cat Wheel, Pegboard Pots Holder and Cat Tube

I've been working on some projects. Number one idea, and now I got some parts to make it, is a cat wheel, like a hamster wheel, only bigger, for cats. It's a hairbrain scheme, I know. I bought the pipe pieces for a cheap axle rig and wheel holder at the Habitat store. I know, if I could have found a dumped old bike I would have used the wheel axle and the wheel itself, to make the extended cat wheel run from. But, in a pinch, I couldn't locate a dumped old bike. My cheap axle rig won't have bearings. It'll have to spin metal on metal. Ah well. I have some heavy bearing repack grease, but how would I keep it in? I don't have any grommets or gaskets to fit. I suppose I could rig that too.

I also repainted my old pegboard, from the old place and hung it, so I could hang my pots on the wall again.

And, somebody gave me a heavy cardboard old carpet role tube. I stapled on carpet fragments from here and there, some well used, on the inside and out, cut some holes in its sides, and hung it off the never ending cat tree in the living room. The cats love it, as evidenced by the photo showing Poppy sleeping in one end.

These are the pipe pieces for the stand and the axle.
I'm using the top of my garbage can as a pattern to cut a circle, the first piece of the cat wheel's hard side. I'll spoke out from the solid wood wheel center because I don't have a big enough piece of old board for a big enough circle. Then, my plan is to attach some sort of one side-sided frame, maybe of old hardware cloth, about a foot out, then attach something the cats can grip for running, if they actually do so, to that. I'm skeptical of using carpet over the hardware cloth, in case a cat got a claw caught in the carpet, which could be disastrous sort of like some of these accidents at carnival rides of late.

I took a break, later on, and took a nap. I'd been up late, and then the power went out where I live, for quite a long period. All the street lights and blaring porch lights---darkened. At long last, I could see the stars. I wouldn't waste such an opportunity. I didn't. I finally got to see the stars again.

I told my cats I didn't care if the power ever came on again.

Anyhow, I had bad nightmare during my nap. I dreamed Vicki, from KAT, Penny from Roseburg, Sharon from Lebanon and a whole bunch of other cat people were at this place. I thought I was going there alone, to solve a cat situation. There was an old lady, with cats out back and kittens walking across some cement. She was calling them by name and I was asking "Is that cat fixed? How about that one?"

Suddenly all the cat people were there also, but they kept moving away from me to whisper about me. I was tired, even in the dream and trying to feed all these cats, because all I saw that the old woman had there, to feed them, was a few crumbs in an old empty cat food bag. I couldn't figure out why the cat people weren't helping me feed these cats instead of whispering about me. I slipped closer, on the other side of a divider and suddenly their words were loud enough to hear: They were telling one another how horrible I was for filing a complaint about the cat who died at the last FCCO clinic and about the failure to follow FCCO procedure. One of them said I should be hanged. Another said they should drag me behind a semi. Another said I should be coated with honey and left out for the bears. Then they would laugh.

I came around the corner and confronted them. I said "You all know how procedure has slipped and we can't let it slip or all will be lost including the lives of more cats. We're supposed to care about the individual cats, not just numbers we get fixed."

One of them said with a sneer "Don't you know, honey, the messenger is always killed." Then they all began laughing again and I started feeling like I was going to vomit. I woke up with a start.

I woke up thinking maybe the messenger isn't always killed now, but whistle blowers are ridiculed, ostracized and fired. I began to wonder if they'll blame it all on me and ban me from FCCO clinics. I know that's an outrageous conclusion to reach from a nightmare and I should just wake up fully and go on with my day.

The FCCO has had an issue with volunteer relations. I remember when Vicki and Doris were relocating a couple of ferals, years ago. They had not been to the people's property taking in the cats yet, just talked to them over the phone. When they got there, they began unloading their relocation cage. But when they went to meet the people, they discovered the property was trashed and the people ignorant and ballistic. They had told the people they require a donation, and when the woman asked who they should make their check out to, Vicki had told her to them, or they could donate to the FCCO. The cats had been fixed at an FCCO clinic. But Vicki did not claim to be the FCCO. Or even representing it.

When things turned sour at the relocation, they started to get their things (the cats had not been unloaded from their truck yet) and leave. One of the people's dogs, however, came out behind them and went at one of their ankles with teeth bared. The woman moved her leg to try to avoid a bite. The lady, who would not restrain her biting dog, claimed later in a complaint letter to the FCCO that they had kicked the dog. I know these cat women and they would never in a million years be mean to an animal. The FCCO however, instead of backing their volunteers, sent them a letter of reprimand. How dare they?

I got a letter of reprimand once from the FCCO for merely using the four letters FCCO in a letter to the editor. I did not claim to be the FCCO. The reprimand letter was stern and mean spirited. I had thought these days long gone with a new president and mostly new board members. I hope these days are long gone. Anyhow, quite the nightmare.

Cat tube.
Poppy in the cat tube.

High Moral Values

I saw a news piece yesterday about an exclusive EXPENSIVE Catholic community, built in Florida by the founder/owner of the Dominos pizza chain. It was scarey. The folks flocking in, to look at and perhaps buy houses there, were self-righteous to the core, claiming they have high moral values and so they want to live amidst people of the same beliefs.

That statement "high moral values" now seems to be rather exclusively used. It seems to indicate high moral values as hating homosexuals, being anti-abortion and, in this community's case, against birth control.

Since when do "high moral values" or Christian values mean talk of bodily functions, usually women's bodily functions?

Since when do having Christian values exclude such things one usually thinks of as high sins, such as cheating, stealing, gluttony (including lusting after and buying expensive toys, gadgets, clothing, cars, vacations, houses, mansion like exclusive communities with extremely expensive church paraphenalia, etc) lying, fornicating, extortion, materialism, harming the Earth, exploiting your workers, etc.?

Since when do true Christians gate themselves away from the world, instead of working side by side to help the poor and homeless, the sick, the down and out, like the Good Samaritan of Biblical story? Like Jesus did?

I think people are grossly twisting the message of Christianity and Catholicism, to their own liking.

There is nothing new under the sun.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I Submitted a Question to the Candidates, Via CNN and Youtube

Check it out! It was rejected by Youtube for being too long, so now I have a short version (I've changed it below). I believe it too has been rejected. Oh well......

Quiet Triumph

I went to Corvallis today. After shopping at the Saturday Market, I pulled into the parking lot behind Carmike theater just to the east of Safeway and stared at the piles of fresh dirt and the plumbing contractors working on producing another building.

Home Depot was first, built out behind Safeway. Now this.

Pain shot through my body just to see the bulldozed area, about to be developed. Emotions ran through my soul.

'Nobody knows,' I thought. Nobody will ever know what went on there and the sacrifices a cat trapper made to save 33 lives from the bulldozers.

A sense of quiet triumph overcame me. My soul was filled with an almost spiritual joy. The faces paraded through my mind. Blizz, Hobi, Eva. Bea, the black and white sisters, Jade, Croc and Bindy, and so many others.

I don't remember the long nights much anymore. I don't remember the frustrations, the exhaustion, the financial ruin I went through to save the cats from the bulldozers I knew were coming.

Most lived right there, right smack in the middle of the newly flattened ground, today, getting plumbed. The area was grass and blackberries then, with one big oak tree. Nobody could save that oak tree.

The cats lived behind Safeway, too, but Home Depot took their ground. Some moved back behind Home Depot, into the swampland where the homeless people were forced back into. The area is flooded each winter. I trapped many wading through ankle deep muck or even snow. I don't recall how hard that was, or its hard to recall now. Because what I remember are their faces.

They're all better off now--every cat, except the two who died--little Croc, one of the bottle babes, of congenital defect, and Eva and Bea's sister, pregnant like them when I trapped her. She too had a congenital defect that killed her, hers of the heart, while Croc's was of liver drainage.

The unknowing Home Depot clerks wait on unknowing customers. I watch them and think 'Only I know what went on, when there was no concrete to this floor, only brush and water and cats.'

It's like knowing a secret, a secret history, a hallowed sacred history, hidden beneath all the money changing.

I smile when I think about it.

Darkness was bearing down on the cats of Carmike and they did not know. But I knew. I was not afraid of the cost I might bear. I just did it, on faith alone I think, mostly in the dark of night.

The cost was indeed great. But the results have filled an old cat trapper's heart with satisfaction and joy, to see the area now, to know where those souls now reside.

The bulldozers claimed no lives there.

33 cats. 33 souls. Saved.

Friday, July 20, 2007

"A Special Place in Hell"....you tell them, Senator Byrd. Dog Fighters are Evil!

"There is a special place reserved in hell for individuals who treat God's creations in this way." Or something like that. These words echoed through the Senate Chambers, out of the mouth of old Senator Byrd, who said them with truth and with force.

He spoke in regard to the despicable behavior of NFL player Vick, whose cruelty towards animals for his personal gain is evident in the indictment details.

How dare this go on? How dare we turn away from confronting and stopping such subhuman basic evil? Participants will earn their special place in hell.

Those who abuse animals and children have lost their souls and I think sometimes, we should lend karma and maybe god a helping hand with their ultimate fate.

Animal and child abusers are the lowest scum of evil ever to walk the earth.

Frustrations of No Long Distance

I don't have long distance capacity on my phone, because I can't afford it. So I buy long distance cards when I can. I'd run out. I always get a certain brand in a certain Corvallis store. You have to watch out with these cards. Many have outlandish access fees, meaning for every call, they charge a fee, reducing the actual value of the card.

Unfortunately, Circle K sells only a card you pay for in cash, then you get a receipt. The access number and PIN are printed on the receipt in really tiny numbers. Then, I had to find extreme magnifying glasses so I could read the damn 800 number access. These cards now cater to Mexicans, calling home, so we Americans here, without long distance, get to pay that price. Most people calling internationally home, don't care about a high access fee because they use the card once, in one long call home. The clerk had no knowledge of the differences in the cards, even the ones they sell.

Turns out it's all MCI and they're one of the highest priced of the long distance cards. I call the access number, which automatically charges me $.79 on a $5 card. A fifth of the cards' value gone! Plus, while they are hooking up, they play rap music. I HATE rap. The guy doesn't answer, because he's away from his cell phone. Now, if I call back, it'll cost me another fifth of the cards value, just to hook up. Two fifths of the cards value gone.

I'm trying to call back the former Philomath man, who is back in Philomath to pick up stuff today. But, even though he had this cell when in PHilomath, it's long distance from a landline. This has been a huge problem for me, for a long time, when people call about wanting to adopt a kitten, even if they live in Albany or Corvallis, their damn cell phone is long distance, because it's from an out of area company. Some of us don't even have cell phones, because we can't afford them, let alone long distance.

This world is leaving me behind. I truely do not know how people afford all these things--cell phones, internet, full coverage car insurance, gas, utilities, food, clothes, or any extras like vacations or fancy toys, like ATV's, motorcycles, video cameras, books, dinner out, entertainment, etc. I can't figure out how they afford all these things, plus save for retirement or their kids college. It's a big fat mystery to me.

I can't afford a cell phone, that's for sure. Even trac phones are expensive (pre-paid cell phones). My older brother gave me cable TV for a year, but I asked him to switch it to internet access instead just recently, which I am enjoying. I don't watch much TV and I can get some shows on antenna anyhow. So I'm lucky that way. I don't know how long I will have it, but for now I do and I'm grateful, because I know a lot of people don't get that.

I learned to use a computer in 2001. I'd never touched one before that, not the modern ones anyhow. My first computer was composed of various pieces I found in alleys and at thrift stores. I now have a monitor someone gave me (thank you Mike and Linda), which replaced the massive monitor, that slept two cats comfortably, and hurt my back every time I tried to move it, and I have various donated or thrift store components. This works just fine for me. (thank you Leigh Ann, for the printer, still going strong!)

Some folks, however, don't have this option because they don't have the ability to pick up such information, as how to redo an old computer or hook together scrounged or donated components. So those folks would have to buy a computer, if they wanted one, and that is a really big expense. They ain't cheap, that's for sure. So I'm very lucky in this regard.

Well, I'm really very fortunate, as a poor person. $640 doesn't go far. I hate buying those long distance cards but I have no other choice. So I deal with it, but I won't be getting the MCI ones anymore. Made the mistake once. Won't again.

Hair Reduction Measures and Today, Tess, the Lost Philomath Cat, Goes Home

Tess, the lost Philomath cat, whom I got fixed for the family several months ago, is going home today. Two weeks ago today, they moved to Portland and she got away from them in the move. For ten days she was on her own, after the food they left there for a neighbor to feed, was stolen. I retrapped her a few days ago.
Shilo, one of the Fern Road kittens. All three girls are just a couple ounces shy of the magical two pound weight, when they can be spayed and then go up for adoption.
Dia, one of the other Fern Road woodpile kittens, also just a tad bit under the two pounds she must weigh in order to be spayed.
Hopi--after her lovely haircut. When I get bored, sometimes I get out the battery operated clippers and practise on my cats. Also, I'm sick of hair. The cats can't go out here and I can't open the windows. This makes for a lot of hair floating around. Hair reduction measures include some bad hair jobs, on my cats, although Hopi loves her new do.
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Get Your Cat, Kitten, Feral Cats FIXED, August 5th---NeuterScooter in Sweet Home

The Neuterscooter family will be in Sweet Home again August 5th. Make appointments online and if you prepay online, the cost, for kittens or cats, including shots, is $40. Ferals are done for $20, but it is up to the Neuterscooter vet to determine if the cat is feral or not, so they are not taken advantage of.

Anyhow, go to the neuterscooter's website, by clicking post title and MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT!

Three cats were fixed yesterday, one in heat female, offshoot of the Millersburg colony, one owned brown tabby male I located calling free kitten ads (both adult females now fixed there), and a female from Lebanon, who has three seven week old kittens whom KAT is taking in, I think.

I had another female who was to go. Those people claimed they couldn't afford even a $5 copay. They said they'd keep her in the bathroom the night before I arrived to pick her up. She's had many litters. Well, when I arrived yesterday morning to pick her up, I had to knock many times before finally getting a response from the adult or late teen daughter, who got up finally, then banged around and came back to the door and said the cat must be outside somewhere.

They not only wasted my time and a surgery spot, but what kind of dumbshits pass up a free spay? What kind of people are just too lazy to contain their own cat, who has had too many kittens, for one night so they can get a free spay?

So anyhow, I ended up taking in only three cats. My cat fixing has gone way down, due to the tentativeness of my funding. I have been hoping to get the money at least to fund the fixes of ten ferals at the Neuterscooter, from Poppa, but haven't received a response yet on that request, and figure it will be denied. I mean it's over, basically. The nursery is closing. My funding will be money they make until the mid August close and anything in the bank they can spare.

I've been depressed over this turn of events. I've been trying to figure out what I will do now.

I have thought about trying to write a grant for spay/neuter funds but I would have to do so through a nonprofit, preferrably a local one. Safehaven is impossible to work with on this, because they want to do everything their way with their vets, and they dont' fix kittens prior to adoption which I believe is unbelievably irresponsible, given the cat problem in Linn County. KAT, while doing wonderful work, is impossible to communicate with, due to being way too busy.

This is beside the fact we really have no low cost vets that can do high volume spay/neuter in Linn County. It all gets down to that, the need for a low cost clinic in this area, and the fact to do so, would require changing that Oregon administrative rule that requires vet clinics to be owned by a vet.

The recent articles about the low cost vet being shut down in Coos County highlight the issue. The cheapest spay or neuter available otherwise in that county costs over $100. For most people, this is out of reach. People talk about the booming economy and all the jobs being added. They never mention these are part time or minimum wage jobs and that rent is sky high everywhere.

The Millersburg colony caretaker highlights these issues. She lives hand to mouth. She works a job she's worked for years upon years. After working this job for over a decade, she makes a little over $8 an hour and has no medical insurance through work.

She has high BP. She has to see the doctor every now and then on that. One doctor visit costs $110, plus the costs of any tests, like bloodwork, which she says can be an additional $200. She pays $80 a month for some med insurance that is supposed to negotiate cheaper rates and sometimes she gets $20 off the cost of her visit. I told her maybe she should take that $80 per month and just put it in a medical savings account then. Might be more cost effective.

She has to pay car insurance, too. The lucky thing is, she doesn't have to pay rent, because she lives in a trailer on her parents property. Even without paying rent, it is hard for her to pay all her bills each month and buy food. She has to save for winter, when her hours are often cut, to half what she gets in the summer. She also tries to pick up extra money babysitting or doing other odd jobs on weekends.

She was dismayed recently when the gas company raised her equal pay montly rate, she said because it must not be evening out at the lower rate she used to pay per month.

Anyhow, what I'm saying is, people are struggling out there, to live on low wage jobs, while rents are extreme, utility costs go up, and gas prices, so a person can get to work and back, also rise. Add even one small health issue, if you have no insurance, and most of your earnings go to doctor bills. Paying astronomical rates to get their cat spayed, is not an option for folks in this category. That's why feral colonies arise, like the Millersburg colony, and like the cat problems in Coos County.

Our Oregon state laws are supposed to work for us, not just for those with money either. Perhaps lawmakers are out of touch with the way a good share of Oregonians now live. The Vet Board needs to review that rule and write up clear guidelines on how Oregon can deal with an increasing cat population.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Millersburg Country Colony Cats Again--Sporting their Right Eartips Proudly!

I pikced up yet another cat this a.m., a female, from the Millersburg Country Colony, although the cat is cared for by the sister of the colony caretaker, who lives about a half mile away. They had caught her once before and hoped I had fixing spots, which I didn't. So they'd turned her loose again.

I had told the sister I had reservations Thursday, so maybe her sister could catch her today. Instead the woman called me yesterday, saying her sister had caught her yesterday. She rarely sees her, so figured if she didn't lure her into a carrier then, she might not be able to for quite some time. So I picked her up this morning and she will be fixed tomorrow. She is the sole survivor of the first litter of a dumped off tame cat, who then disappeared or was killed on the road. The other kittens were killed in the fields, by cars or predators, leaving only one survivor of them all--this calico.

I snapped some photos of the colony cats while there, picking up the calico. All of these, two silver tabby sisters, a brown tabby tux female, a black male and a young black female, are fixed. One of the two silver tabby sisters was in heat at spay. The other was lactating with two surviving kittens, one male and one female, whom I took to Heartland because they had a fosterer open.

The brown tabby tux female was grossly pregnant at spay. She now seeks me out, if she sees my car, and I often find her inside of it, when I return to the car. She'd like to be my cat, I know, and I wish I had a huge spread with lots of room, outside the city and could take her in and give her what she wants.

Anyhow, they've been watching out there and have seen no more unfixed cats outside of the brown tabby male, who has taken off for now, probably in search of love.



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