Thursday, November 30, 2006

Margaritaville LoveBugs' Adoption Promotion Video. Check it out.

Click here for Margaritaville's video on Youtube.

My digital still camera will take short video clips. I then upload the clip and edit it on my PC, often shooting other short clips to combine with the other after recharging the camera batteries.

Then I downloaded the finished clip I made to promote adoptions for some of these rescued cats here, to a flash drive Leigh Ann sent me from Nevada (thank you Leigh Ann), since my CDWr drive doesn't seem to work.

Then I uploaded the clip to at the public library, hoping their connection would be fast enough to stream it correctly. But I was unable to watch it at the library because their computers don't have updated flash players.

So I'm asking anybody with a decent video watch capacity internet connection to click the link above, and see if the video uploaded ok at the library. My slow dial-up connection prevents me from any online video watching or uploading.

Let me know in the comment section, please. If it did not upload very well, then I'll have to go and seek some other upload site with suitable connection.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Watching Oregon Health Plan Task Force

With nothing else on, I am watching a joint task force discuss ideas for filling gaps in the Oregon Health Plan coverage. They are now discussing granting $2000 health care prepaid cards to standard plan recipients and then the recipients would be responsible for choosing how and when they spend that money on health care in a two year time span.

What I don't see in discussion of health care, is the lack of competition in health care markets. It's not like you need a blood test and can find the cheapest place to get that done, or frequent the doctor's office with cheapest office calls. Health care is not a competitive free market.

We talk about over use by patients, the uninsured jacking up prices for the insured, but we never talk about the other side of things. Why isn't health care part of the competitive free market system?

If a doctor isn't good at what he does then, or has very high prices, you find one who is cheaper, or you go to the doctor cheapest for the procedure or test you want. But noooooo. That isn't the way it works here. What if we put free market competition into health care instead of monopolies and HMO's whose job is to limit freedom, choice and sometimes, to deny a person the care they need to live, due to cost.

I say let's Americanize health care. To some extent, Walmart and Target have put competition into the prescription drug game, with their $4 prescriptions. About time! Now, let's see some competition on office call rates, too, and onward from there. Then we might see efficiency rates rise.

If you have to go back to a doctor over and over, over months of time, to find out what is wrong with you, that is inefficiency and wastes money.

Night of Pain

My stomach/abdominal/back pain returned last night with a vengence. I have to consider this may be something very serious. I need to make plans for my cats futures in case I have something horrible, like some sort of cancer of my pancreas or liver or something.

I ate a small dish of ice cream yesterday. Ice cream has fat in it. So I guess my stomach/abdominal pain problem likely is caused by a problem in digestive organs, liver, gall bladdar, biliary ducts or pancreas. Some of these problems can be solved and some are of very serious origin.

So, I don't know. Pain isn't fun. I've lived with my share of pain, with spinal cord issues. Not knowing what is causing this pain is probably more painful than the pain itself.

The five Siamese kittens briefly returned for a day and a half. The mother was not giving milk. I had to go buy KMR ($20) and sub qu fluid needles. I gave each kitten 25 cc sub cu fluids which perked them up then had to begin force feeding them.

When the fosterer took them out, I saw that one of the kittens was heaving when she tried to breath. At first I thought she had some heart issue but she had been fine when we had taken them to the fosterer, a day and a half before. But I could then hear her rattled breathing. She has pneumonia.

She likely inhaled water when she was given a bath to rid her of fleas or when the fosterer was trying to force feed them after she realized the mom was not giving milk. It is extremely easy to kill a kitten when force feeding with an eye dropper or syringe. It must be done with the kitten's head forward and down, so that if the kitten stops swallowing, excess KMR from the eye dropper or syringe, dribbles down and out the mouth and is not accidentally forced into the lungs.

Anyhow, I got her better, using antibiotics and steam from a vaporizer, just in a day and a half, but now they're back at the fosterers and I wonder what their outcome will be. I am too sick and too overloaded with cats to have them here.

And then Asia, the gray female, the other fosterer tells me has a stinky disgusting mouth. I hadn't looked inside it. She's only a year old. She will need tested for FIV. The Siamese mother had a perfect mouth, pink and healthy. She too is a year old.

I called the neighbor of the former "owner" both of Asia and the Siamese and kittens. The neighbor says Asia has had one litter, this last summer, and she had them prematurely, because a dog cornered her three weeks before she would have given birth and she had to fight the dog to survive.

Just after that, she went into labor and gave birth to six premature kittens. Remarkably, four survived. One, she said, was subsequently killed when someone stepped on it. But the others lived and one even went to her brother in eastern Oregon and is healthy. She said she's never seen Asia sick so she doesn't have any idea why her mouth might be bad, except she said the stress in that household was high, which is why the Siamese mother would suddenly stop giving milk.

Wouldn't that suck, if in her first heat, she had the bad luck to encounter an FIV positive male. Asia is a small fine boned cat with short hair. Her size makes the possibility of a male biting through the skin of her neck in sex and passing along his FIV more of a possibility. She's getting tested immediately.

This is the second day of an ad I am running in the GT, for Margaritaville, Buffy and Santiam. I've received only one call. This is scaring me. I need to find these latest rescued females homes. My friend Chris in Salem has offered to foster Hansel and Gretal, the kittens from Highway 34 and I'm very grateful about this, although I will miss them. They won't be leaving until next Tuesday. They are getting fixed on Tuesday in Salem and she will take them from there. There is a Salem couple who may adopt them. It will be easier for them to see them however once they are in Salem.

Last night, I pulled into Dari mart and there was C, sitting on the sidewalk by the entrance. He's homeless. He had an orange plastic Beaver garbage bag, Beaver logo in black letters. He'd cut out arm holes on each side and was wearing it for a raincoat. I said to him "Where you staying tonight because it's supposed to be very cold?" He first claimed he had somewhere then admitted he didn't. His hands were red from cold. I said "Let me take you to a shelter." He refused, claiming he doesn't like the shelter because he feels intimidated there. I finally gave him my gloves. He was grateful, but wanted to know where we could meet so he could get them back to me. I said we'd probably run into each other somewhere, like at the laundrymat.

C is mentally ill and part of this is caused by his chronic drug addictions. I have known C since he lived in the Benton Plaza when I did. At that time, he was going to LBCC and wanted to be a doctor.

Then he got some ailment, some inner ear problem and had to lay in bed pretty much for about a year. I don't know what that strange illness was. After that, he went to hell, basically, began big time drug use and left the Benton. I lost track of him.

Then he lived next to M for awhile over near Freddies in an apartment complex. But C got taken advantage of by the local users and abusers club---the streetwise drug scene transients who latch onto vulnerable generally mentally ill "can't say no" types who have housing and basically move in, use all their money and get them kicked out, because of their behavior. This is a frequent happening.

So C himself ended up on the mean streets. He can't function. He can't take care of himself. His mother lives in town, but C is mentally ill, and you can't make someone do something they don't want to. A mother can't lock a 50 some year old son in a bedroom of her house so he doesn't freeze to death on the streets. A mother can't make a grown child stop using drugs for their own good or because she loves him. Not even a mother can fix a drug or otherwise damaged brain.

I don't know what went on in his history, his past, how he got started on drugs. Some people's brains and body's can't handle drugs, not even the first time.

L, the woman fostering Asia, lives next to a group home. There's a guy who lives there literally burned out on drugs. He used all types, from acid to meth, and he's maybe 50 now, and can't even remember where he's at if he tries to take a walk. He drones on nonstop, in conversation, that is difficult to escape, and it's all a nonsensical jumble because his brain is literally fried. He bugs his mother, who visits him, for his car and driver's license back because he wants to go back to southern Oregon. Thankfully, he won't be getting keys in his hands again, because that would be a danger to anyone else out there unlucky enough to encounter him and his now useless jumble of mixed up and fried brain neurons.

Well anyhow. I shouldn't talk. My own body is currently a mess.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

And Buffy here, who also roamed Highway 34, but in her case, she roamed both sides of the highway near SafeHaven for months, slowly starving, now hogs my chair. Sometimes, I stand up to type on the computer, just so I don't disturb Her Majesty. She lets her wishes be known, too. She lets me know whose needs are important and whose aren't, between me, her savior, and her. And mine aren't. But, oh well. She's so happy now. To think of what she went through out there, what she suffered, ....oh well. Posted by Picasa

Photo is of the brother and sister snatched from death after I saw them wandering the shoulder of Highway 34 two weeks ago. They were without hope. Look at them now. They have taken over my bed. I let them, happily. Posted by Picasa

My Hobbit House

I am the cat lady who lives in a shoebox with her cats. I love my home. It is teensy tiny but just right for me. I pretend it's mine, but it's not.

I did paint some of the walls a lovely hot pink and some of the walls I painted a steel gray. And the floor----the floor I painted a lovely shade of aqua blue, almost the color the ocean might be in some parts of the world.

In the shed room off the kitchen, that holds the hot water heater, various cat catching nets and traps hang from hooks I screwed into ceiling two by fours.

The kitchen itself is very tiny. Outside the kitchen window I built a platform perch of an old board and my cats stare in at me while I wash dishes. I wash dishes in cold water always, to save money.

If the window is closed, as it is in the winter, my cat Hopi will stare in from that perch wistfully, then she will scratch at the glass pane leaving her paw marks on the window in downward streaks. Eventually she will give up and trek down the slanted ramp I built, also of an old board, to the grass, and come inside the house through the shed cat door.

I harbored the cat door from weather, so that weather would not enter the house, by building a three sided rectangle of cinder blocks around the outside of that hole. Atop the rectangle, what else, another old board, that they can also perch atop, out of the rain, under the protection of the roof overhang.

I hang old blankets from the ceiling sometimes in the shed room, to stop the cold from seeping in, but it is now insulated. I insulated it myself. It is the only insulated room in this house.

The bedroom is always cold in the winter. There is no heat in the bedroom. I have my bed on an old door, that used to be part of the floor of my failed shed project. I scrounged it somewhere and used it and another old door for the floor of my shed, before I ripped out a shoulder muscle when attempting to hoist my roof on that shed. After that, my shed project stalled because my right arm often would not work at all. Then, one day, here came an HP Day of Caring team. They tore down my shed shell and build a beautiful new shed all in one day.

I then insulated my shed. I don't know why. I guess so my cats could be warm inside. I cut a circular hole near ground level on one side. I then cut the end out of a medium sized old plastic plant pot. And I shoved the pot with holes in both ends now, through the hole in the side of the shed and I had me a water proof cat entrance and exit. They love it.

I used the dollar tree vinyl flooring squares to cover the entire shed floor and shelves. It's beautiful.

After the Day of Caring people left i had many scraps of my former shed shell to use again, including the old doors. So, one of the old doors became the platform on which my mattress now lays. More cinder blocks hold it up. I got those cinder blocks free from a man moving who didn't want them and also at a site where a house had been moved with the foundation of cinder blocks left behind and they were free to those willing to dig them free and haul them off.

My bed sits at window level so I can watch the stars nights. And I do. My cats come and curl with me. Miss Daisy likes to snuggle very close, often situating herself across my face.

Old Sal likes to sit atop my chest and proclaim himself King of Me. I watch his face furrow in frustration as Miss Daisy plods up, ignoring his declaration of King and his threatening facial expressions. King Sal's frustration increases as Moby, too, jumps up and makes his way to the pillow above my head, ignoring the rumbling growls and consternation of old Sal, too. Old Sal does not challenge Hopi at all. In fact, Hopi can be slightly egostistical and slaphappy herself. This shared trait has brought Old Sal and Hopi together in common bonds.

When Dex arrives, to wedge into the mix, Sal's agitation sometimes increases. At this point, he can assert aggression. But, his age and perhaps laziness level, keep him from swatting at another cat, using leg, paw and claw. Instead he will suddenly jerk forward at the neck, mouth agape, as if to peck or beak grab the nearest offender. I can hear his teeth click shut on his own teeth. This makes me laugh. And, now, King Sal's new nickname has become "Pecker".

After I laugh at him, he stares at me, all owl eyed, and I start rubbing his cheek and all is forgiven, of me that is. He sees nothing he would need forgiven for. Sal is a cool cat. He's ancient, sometimes grumpy, but he plays more than any of the cats, loves to lapsit, follows anyone around like a dog and is just engaging and bursting with personality.

Last night, cozy and snuggled in with my cats, watching the snow fall outside my bedroom window, I told Hopi and Miss Daisy "What a life we have. Even if our entire lives were just this moment, what a life we have, do we not, my cats?"

Cat in the Snow

Daisy checks out snow. She quickly decides it is not to her liking, comes back inside, curls up in a blanket and goes to sleep. Posted by Picasa

The snowy road out. No thanks. Posted by Picasa

The cats investigate my snowy yard. Posted by Picasa

Snow Bike. Posted by Picasa

Snowy yard. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Advice Needed on Short Video Clip Problems

I have a digital camera that will take short video clips I can then upload to my PC and manipulate rather easily. My problem is I can't upload them to be publicly seen because of my slow dial up connection. I want to create short video clips of adoptable cats here, upload them to Youtube, then direct adoptors to Youtube to see videos of adoptable cats from my petfinder site. Might help in getting some of these cats homes.

So, I need to download them to VCD form, then go out and seek a computer with a better connection than mine. But I can't seem to do that. I have Windows Movie Maker, which I use to edit the short clip and it's saved to my computer. But I can't seem to successfully write it to disc. I think the problem might be in my DVD CD write drive, the drive that failed, because it somehow became unplugged a few weeks ago and caused the computer to crash. I don't know. I ain't a techie.

I have Sonic CD/DVD creator, too. I don't know how to manipulate format. Youtube site says the best format for viewing is, well I forget now, but the format Windows Movie Maker Saves in is WMV. If from Windows Movie Maker, I try to save to disc, a window pops up that says WMM does not detect a DVD or CD drive. At least I think that's what the window says, so I have to save it to hard drive and try to use some other program to create a CD. And I need to be able to play that disc on whomever's computer I can find who has a decent connection for uploading video, if I find that somebody.

I'm driving in the fog, here, without headlights. I am not a techie type. I'm a cat trapper, a rough around the edges type.

Any tech whiz kids out there who might advise me on how I can do this, you know, using little short simple words suitable for tech infants? (I don't even have a cell phone and have to ask how to use it when I borrow someone else's) Hey, I didn't grow up in the tech age. My parents wouldn't even let us watch TV when we were kids, even though, yes, they had been invented then. Although my father loved cheap gadgets, he would not allow music in the house because he did not like music. I remember once when my mother got me a coveted Bruce Springsteen album, when I was young, how my father started in on her for doing that and oh how he hated the likes of Bruce Springsteen. Then I had to find somewhere I could actually listen to it, which wasn't easy either. I guess you could say "My momma didn't dance and my daddy didn't rock and roll" and that would be a true statement.

My older brother sure defied him over music. He was into it. We were raised in a strict religious cultlike environment that wasn't really very healthy at all, in so many ways.

Well anyhow, back to my tech problem. I am putting this plea to out to techies everywhere, and probably even a grade school kid know the the hell do I get my little rescued cat video clips from my computer out to the big wide world of potential cat adoptors? Thank you very much.

The Flame Family

Photo is of young Flame Point Siamese mother and her kittens. Thing is though, she pretty much has no milk, from chronic parasite infestations and starvation.

When the people turned them over to us this evening, they talked about them like they loved them so, even though an hour before, the woman had told me if I didn't come get them she was going to dump them somewhere. And, they have barely been cared for. Crawling in fleas, might be a term I'd use to describe them. Not anymore, however. Taken care of. Posted by Picasa

Asia says hello to L, who will be fostering her. Asia too is from the drug infested flea infested Albany unit the Siamese and her five kittens came from. Posted by Picasa

Is this kitten not beautiful?  Posted by Picasa

Photo is of one of the five Siamese kittens. This one is a girl. Posted by Picasa

Photo is of the Flamepoint Siamese mother and one of her five kittens. The one in the photo is a female. Of the five, only two are males. We had to flea bathe the kittens, due to them being literally alive with fleas. I also gave them all strongid, Advantage and I vaccinated the mother. I was going to vaccinate the five kittens, too, but felt they had been through way too much in just one night. These cats would not have survived long, given how badly malnourished and flea infested they were. Can you imagine what the flea problem is like inside that unit? These cats were inside, plus a dog and two other cats, fortunately for whom I'd flea treated when they were fixed three weeks ago. Two kids live inside there. It's disgusting to think about. Posted by Picasa

Yikes! Flea Crawling Kitten Belly

Photo is of the wet belly of a flea ridden kitten myself and two sisters were bathing, along with his four siblings.

These cats came from the College Park complex I've been working. I had known one unit was being forced by management to get rid of most of their cats. Good thing, too, because they can't even take care of themselves, let alone animals.

I'd gotten Asia, a tame gray Russian Blue mix female fixed for them and also Whiskers, a Lynx Point Siamese male fixed. I returned both and at the same time, took in Moose and Spinner, two flamepoint Siamese teens, from the same mother as these five small kittens are from. I got those two boys fixed and found them a nice home together down in Eugene.

Moose and Spinner's mom had just had these five kittens two days before I met these people. Today, the woman called me, demanding I come get Asia and the mother and kittens immediately or she would get rid of them. She's an addict. I believed she would likely go dump them somewhere.

It is not fun to be abused by people or to be in constant knowledge or witness to animal suffering and abuse, but I do get exposed to these things almost every day. Gets to me sometimes.

So I was so happy when L's sister agreed to take on the Flame Point mother and five kittens and when L herself said she'd take on Asia and find her a home. I was even happier when she said she would go with me to pick them up tonight. I don't get much human contact.

Well the kittens were literally alive with fleas. We had to bathe them all. Fortunately, I'd met Asia, the Russian Blue before, when I got her spayed, so I'd flea treated her then.

But Lily, the kittens' mother, was also flea infested and starved to death. She gulped three cans of wet food one right after the next once we had the cats at D's place. She isn't giving much milk, maybe none at all, probably due to parasite infestation and malnutrition/starvation, but we hope she begins to build up more milk, so we don't have to bottle feed five Siamese babes, now flea free.

The photo shows dark but dead fleas still dotting this kittens belly as he is being bathed. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Oregon's Dirty Gas Problem--Every Breath You Take

Oregon has high benzene levels in a lot of its gas, because a lot of our gas comes from the North Slope and is refined in WA state. The North Slope gas apparently has more benzene in it naturally.

I am including a link to an Oregonian editorial about their own articles on benzene. Links to their articles are contained in the editorial. (click on title of post).

Anyhow, statewide, Oregon's air is dirty with benzene, which is implicated in cancers like leukemia. I think it's strange Oregon too has about the highest rate of breast cancer in the nation. Wonder if this is also related to excessive benzene in the air.

I've known so many very healthy women who get breast cancer---extreme joggers and the like. At times, it made me feel guilty, because I don't jog and so far, don't have breast cancer. I guess I always in the back of my mind thought it might be due to the bounce effect on breasts when jogging, but now I'm thinking maybe it's pollution.

What can we do about it? Drive less. Drive more fuel efficient cars. And, according to the article, ARCO refined gas has much less benzene in it, so if we must fill our tanks, then patronize ARCO I guess.

Get away from cars when jogging or jog or exercise at times when there are fewer cars driving nearby. For example, jogging or biking in town yesterday or near any major highway, while all the gasaholic footballs fans were arriving or leaving, would not have been a great idea.

Probably not much we can do about the health effects of benzene affecting us in every breath we take, until we quit our addiction to gas and oil. Addictions come with health consequences.

Here's another little farming secret. Do you know, if seed or grain is going to be stored over a couple of months in a warehouse, in bags on pallets, that they hire a gas contractor to go in and gas the warehouse, with like mustard or nerve gas, once it's sealed up, to kill rodents, although this practise kills anything alive in that warehouse including birds of prey, like owls, bats and even cats. A farmer told me this and he was ashamed of the practise. I wondered after that, how much of that gas remains in the seed or grain and does it affect us, when we eat it?

Another cause of cancer? Nitrates. Nitrates are in fertilizer, used by farmers and by backyard gardeners and by people wanting admired for their unnaturally green yard grass. And nitrates are found in waste. Yup. Crap and urea. We have lots of animals we raise, for food, well, if you call it food.

When I read about the junk that is fed to cows, like chicken shit and feathers scooped from beneath chicken farmers lines of crammed up chicken cages, I thought "OH MY GOD".

And they'll sometimes feed them broken bag dog and cat food, too. I only know this because someone I know used to get broken bag dog and cat food, huge van loads of it, but had to sign a statement that it was not going to be fed to pigs or cows, because although the practise goes on, it's illegal.

This type of food is not exactly a natural diet for herbivores. That's beside the fact farm animals get way too many antibiotics and growth hormones for rapid growth to maximize profit for early slaughter. And you don't know if these animals have cancers, ground up and fed to you in your hot dog.

I think we should stop all subsidies to cattle ranchers. That would be a great start. Too much animal crap and piss is getting into our soils and water tables and rivers and into us. We are all fat enough and don't need cholestrol laden beef to boost our heart disease rates anyhow.

Next step, we need to promote human population control. Fewer people, especially in overly developed countries, means less pollution. But, if we cannot discipline ourselves to control our consumption of unneeded goods and food, how could we control our ability to keep our pants zipped up, when the urge to copulate overwhelms us?

I think I'll see the Mel Gibson film Apocolypto. It's about a Mayan young man, fleeing those who wish to sacrifice him to the Mayan gods for appeasement. The underlying message is about why the Mayan civilization collapsed. The reasons are "excess" and "degradation of their own environment". Mel Gibson is drawing parallels to today's American society. Oh sure, you say, what use is his opinion--an anti-semetic drunk? Well, he might be right about similarities between the Mayans and us, is why I might see this film of his.

People call such flicks and thoughts "gloom and doom". But maybe it's just common msense and those who decry light to the subject, don't want change, or are afraid of change or think change might affect their pocket books.

Well whatever. Are we serious when we talk about morals and family values or is it all just talk?

I have very little stake in the future. I don't have kids or family. Why should I worry about it?

Friday, November 24, 2006

Miss Margaritaville

Storm is Miss Relaxation. Miss....Don't exert unless it involves eating or Play. I may rename her "Margaritaville". Yup, that will be her new name as of now. Margaritaville. Fits. Posted by Picasa

And here's a photo of Storm, abandoned at the Albany complex and still here awaiting a home. She is such a cool cat, loving, and so funny. She loves playing with Beanie and Cattyhop. She's the ideal cat. People get turned off, it seems, from adopting black cats, yet Storm is the most personable cat I have here right now up for adoption, full of zip and charm and personality.  Posted by Picasa


Photo is of Buffy, who roamed Highway 34 near and around SafeHaven since mid summer. She now rules the roost here. Sort of. She has a rather intimidating yowl, that she uses if another cat displeases her. I would say Siamese blood might run her veins, since Siamese, and maybe torti's, too, have world domination genes.

Actually Buffy went through hell for months after most likely being dumped by her "owner" at SafeHaven like so much trash early in the summer. She didn't know why they did this to her. She was disoriented. She did not know where to find food or safe shelter, so she probably quickly ran into the berry vines, to give herself time to think although her mind was likely racing wildly. She likely went into a deep depression for at least a week until hunger drove her to attempt to hunt for food. She could never keep up, however, and starvation tore away at her flesh and energy and gradually at her ability to hunt for food. Her success rate went down. She had trouble finding water to drink over the summer. She lost more and more weight.

Until, in a windstorm no less, she came around a corner of a farmer's fence and smelled tuna. She was desperate for food and quickly overcame her fear of the wire mesh open trap. When it snapped shut behind her, she didn't notice, because she was still gulping the food that had been used to lure her in.

When she discovered she could not exit the trap, she panicked at first and tore at the front mesh of the trap with her claws. But the trap smelled familiar. It smelled of the scent on food left for her all summer long, periodically---in the ditch beside Highway 34, on paper plates stuck into blackberry vines and in another live trap set beside SafeHaven for her a month before, but a rat was caught inside it before she was able to get to the bait.

Buffy knew me long before we ever met. And because of this, she settled down in the trap, trusting she had met salvation. Before I even got out of my car, I heard her yowling in delight. When I lifted the trap up, even though the wind was howling, she arched her back wanting petted.

Buffy was saved and she knew it. She's had it hard, not easy. She's been treated badly by humans. And here she is, on my lap, sleeping soundly. It's her miracle. I'm her miracle. Her fate would have been death, slow and knawing and painfully cold and miserable along that busy highway, her fate invisible except to the scavengers.

When you dump your cat, people, that's how they die, as Buffy would have. There's nothing pretty about it. Posted by Picasa

Photo is of Beanie, trapped behind Carmike a couple months ago, and my cat Moby, who will cuddle anybody anytime anywhere. Mr. Love. Posted by Picasa

Needed: Fosterer for Young Flamepoint Siamese Female and her Five three week old Siamese kittens

I need to find her a fosterer. She's from the Albany complex and the manager has told this woman she needs to reduce her cat count. I already found homes for this woman's two teen male flame points, from the last litter of this female. I got them fixed, first of course. I will take the responsibility on of getting her fixed and the kittens fixed, once they reach two pounds, prior to them being adopted out. I wouldn't want the kittens to go on to become part of the overpopulation problem.

Today, despite being sick, I went to the good tenant's house. She had called the night before about finding a sick cat. I had tried to interupt her, to tell her I was sick and broke and......but she persisted.

The cat is an unknown black adult female. From her description, sounded like she had stomatitis, the kind with massive inflamed skin tissue and growths in her mouth. This is usually associated with late stage FIV infection, but can also be of unknown origin, perhaps an autoimmune disorder. There was no hope for her if it was this and of either cause. She was filthy, had been sitting in the pouring rain and covered in mud. They took her in and had her in a carrier I'd left there. I told them not to allow their other cats contact with her, to give her some food and cover the carrier.

Today I went over and sure enough, she had massive tissue growths in her mouth, was drooling pus and in very poor shape. I don't know if she had FIV or the autoimmune disease that causes this. I took her to Jefferson and for $60 cash, she was put to sleep. At least, she no longer suffers so. A mouth in that shape is unbelievably painful.

FIV is rare but not unheard of in females. Usually, it is a disease of unneutered fighting males because the virus is best harbored in the deep bite wounds males inflict on one another in fighting. But females do get it, in the act of sex, if a male bites through the back of their neck in the "sex hold".

This cat was in horrendous pain. Now she isn't.

The good tenant had never seen this cat before. She was tame, not that skinny and maybe five or six years old. She came to the good tenant's place seeking mercy, I believe, understanding or told by other cats, that this tenant would help her.

It tears me up, though, to see this, to know, if it was FIV, that it was so preventable. FIV is not spread in areas where cats, who are allowed to free roam, are fixed.

I need to find foster care for that other Siamese and her kittens. This complex is a place of sadness for cats and we are turning this around. It will soon be a complex of entirely fixed cats only.

High ALP

My doctor's assistant called to tell me all blood tests were normal except I have high ALP, or alkaline phosphate levels in my blood. I then read up on ALP online. My theory is I have a gut infection. I left a message to that effect with my doctor's assistant.

I will outline my arguements as to why I believe it is a gut infection causing me such suffering, some bacteria, maybe giardia, or the same bacteria these kittens from highway 34 had, a spiral gut bacteria of some nonspecified type. These things can be contagious.

The main reasons for high ALP are: biliary inflammation or obstruction (gallstones or tumor), infiltrative liver disease and sepsis (infection). But, with biliary obstruction or inflammation, which can also result from infection), the GGP and other liver enzyme tests would be high. The rest of my tests are normal.

Yes, there are other problems, like pancreatic problems that can raise ALP, the site said, and ALP is produced also by bone and placenta. But my symptoms are gastric. The other reason ALP can be elevated is due to intestinal inflammation, i.e. from infection. My whole gut hurts, not just my stomach.

I also read bacterial infections like giardia can cause off color or pale stool, and I have such experience with sick cats, and it was another symptom I experienced, but briefly. Sure, so can biliary obstruction and pancreatic issues.

But, I had these same issues happen four and a half years ago or so. My doctor then thought I had diverticulosis and I was treated with antibiotics. Problem resolved quickly.

Also, I've also been having issues with stability, meaning I will feel extremely hot and nearly collapse, consistent with infection in my opinion.

I left this information/arguement with the receptionist at my doctor's office, hoping that my doctor might see this could be the problem. I await their reply.

UPDATE: I got my reply from my doctor's office, which was "you don't have a gut infection". My doctor left a message. He said I don't have a gut infection because of the tests, whatever they were. Urine test, I suppose and the blood test probably showed no elevated white count. Hey, guess what, it won't if I have giardia or a gut bacterial overgrowth. He said he hopes I'm having a better day, in the message. Well, if you consider I haven't been able to eat or drink and I hurt.

I am rather upset with conventional medicine. They have these fancy tests and still a person can suffer crippling abdominal pain, unable to eat or even drink, and be left with no answers, and on their own. I don't know what to do.

If I have an ulcer, most are caused by bacteria. There's a test for that bacteria. I could not get an answer as to whether the ultra sound of my gall bladdar showed or didn't show a hiatal hernia.

Gut bacteria, such I am exposed to from work with cats and from my periodic problem with bad well water do not show in a CBC, as elevated white count indicating an infection. In fact, giardia are hard to test for. At least three consequtive stool samples must be taken to test for giardia or other protozoans. These mainly infect and inhabit the upper GI tract. They cause bloating, gas, pain, inflammation of the intestinal wall, and sometimes diarrhea, but not always. I do have metronizadole here. I am considering treating myself, even though it may be something else entirely that I suffer from. I will not find out what is wrong with me from conventional medicine, I have concluded.

I have been taking prilosec. I was told by my doctor's office at one point, because I remember it, that Prilosec doesn't mix with other antacids like Pepsid. And yet now I'm told to take both. Like I said, I don't know what to do with all the conflicting information and lack of information, none of which has been helpful in relieving my pain.

In the meantime, at least there's one good thing happening. I'm rapidly losing weight. Yay. Now, if I can only survive the cause to enjoy the consequence.

UPDATE UPDATE: I discovered the downside to being unable to eat or drink and that's weakness. My legs feel like weights. I have zero energy. I went to Bimart to get more Pepsid, which doesn't help anyway, so it was stupid. But man alive, I can barely walk I'm so zombied out. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I wonder if I'll survive it. It's hard alone, very hard. I'll just try to kick it up a notch, you know, be more motivated to whatever....I don't know anymore.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Bored Web Cruising Turns up Anti Nightshade Site

I'm bored. My stomach hurts. I did my laundry, but suddenly became excessively hot and felt I was going to collapse. I sat down, but when I'd get up, same thing. I felt like.......well, bad, very bad. I didn't want to collapse in public.

Anyhow, I'm home, been web cruising. Haven't eaten a thing now since yesterday morning, although I tried sipping a bit of squash soup. I quickly thought better of that endeavor.

I ran into this website. I think it was a British Natural Medicine website, but I lost the URL somehow. It discussed Nightshade plants and how they all contain a form of nicotine. They include potatos, tomatoes, peppers, tobacco and eggplant. They said potato skins have the most nicotine substance as compared to the meat of the potato. I've now forgotten the exact name of the substance. Started with an "S".

The site was arguing these are not good things to eat, although the nicotine inhibits an enzyme that stops neural transmission, once it starts, giving one a euphoric feeling after eating these vegetables. The body's reaction to hot peppers is a nervous system response to the pain they cause and can also be euphoric.

Well, I'm probably not getting all the little details correct since I can't find the website page again, for some reason.

I wondered then if the reason fast food like french fries are addictive because they contain an addictive substance--nicotine.

I also thought if someone were trying to quit smoking, they might want to eat potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers, since they're like wearing a nicotine patch in a way.

It won't hurt me not to eat for a few days. I can use the forced diet. I need to drop pounds. I just drank half glass of banana milkshake, bananas blended to mush in soy milk with a few pumpkin seeds, not pumpkin pie, but I do love pumpkin seeds. So far so good.

The soldiers got pies, lobster tails, ham, steaks and turkey. Makes me feel good. There's so much pain and suffering going on over there in Iraq. Having a good warm decent meal must make a difference, even if it's temporary.

I keep thinking of what I might want to do before I die. I think I'd like to learn snow shoeing, if I could find a way to make some cheap or find some used snow shoes. I don't have the warm gear I used to either, like non cotton clothing. But I could watch for some at thrift stores and maybe make myself some snow shoes. I used to love the snow when I lived in Alaska, the pure quiet of it, the smell of the air when snow is falling.

I did cross country skiing in Alaska. I had to. I lived in a shack for awhile about four miles from town. I used to bury my perishable food in the snow and get water from the Resurrection River.

Didn't snow large amounts in Seward. It got cold though. Once it got to be minus 55 degrees with the windchill and I got frostbite on a few toes. It was a mild case, but even so, I had to cut holes in my boots to tolerate the pain it generated for months.

I did some small mountain climbing in Alaska. I went alone, on breaks from work. 10,000 feet or so I think was the highest mountain I climbed and I know that's barely a mountain. Then I'd sometimes butt ski back down parts, sliding on my butt, with my ice axe out to the side for steering and brakage. Those were the days. I was young then and took lots of risks.

I used to hike the Resurrection Pass trail system alone, too. I used to love laying flat on my back on the tundra nights, staring at the stars and the northern lights, that were always just green, in color, in that area, without the multiple colors seen farther north. I'd hear the wolves howl back and forth, a hollow echoy primordial sound. I'd feel gone back in time, like I no longer was part of civilized modern society. I liked the feeling.

I remember coming back here and having a very difficult time shaking Alaska from my blood. I'd sit along the river often, after being thrust into the mental health system. Sometimes, I'd get these waking visions. I'd be following with a group of wolves on a hunt trail. It'd be so real. My senses would become heightened. I'd hear, feel and see the panting and hastened padding of a wolf pack scenting out game. I felt like I was one of them and I'd want to howl. I'd shake myself out of it and look around quickly, to be sure no one was looking or had seen me or heard me, in case I had howled or God knows what. I never quite understood those "waking visions" as I dubbed them. These only occurred on certain nights, when the stars were very bright and the air would seem to crackle with an electric charge almost.

Well anyhow.

I can't complain about being alone on a holiday. There are a lot of people even in this country who have no one and are very ill or sad or living on the streets or.......I have a roof over my head. I have clothes to wear. I have a car now even, which is a real luxery and I know I am lucky to have it. I went without a car for a lot of years when inside the mental health system.

Well anyhow.


I am ailing big time. The day before yesterday, my stomach became so painful I went to see the doctor, who told me since the Prilosec I bought at Walmart wasn't helping, to fill a prescription he gave me, for some drug that coats the stomach.
But yesterday, my stomach hurt all over, like knives. On the way back from delivering cats to Jefferson, I became so sick, had such incredible pain, I thought I was going to die. I finally pulled into campus security, hoping my friend was working, because I didn't think I could make it home.

She was working but couldn't take off work to help me home, so I finally felt I could drive to my doctor's office, which I did. He gave me a pain shot (non narcotic) and took a blood sample. He really believed I was having a gall bladdar attack.

He told me to come back later and they'd do an ultra sound of my gall bladdar.

I had two cats at Heartland also. They had called the night before, saying they were short of cats for their surgery day.

So I called the woman with Napster and I called the woman who had adopted Bittybright from the Slaughterhouse colony. They had another adult female, whom, they told me, when I adopted Bittybright to them, was already fixed. They finally called back late Tuesday about getting her fixed and admitted their other cat really wasn't fixed either. This shocked me, because I had not thought they were the type who would lie.

I told them to have both cats ready at 7:30 and since they had one carrier, to have Bittybright caught first. When I got there, they hadn't gotten either cat ready and were chasing Bittybright around. I wasn't happy. I mean, number one, they'd lied that their other cat was fixed, and had adopted Bittybright unfixed only under the agreement that when I called about getting her fixed, they'd have her ready.

I could take then only the cat easy to catch, their older female. So I took her and left her at Heartland. Well, since Heartland had almost no cats to fix, they had said to come back by 11:00, that she and the male would be done by that time. So after going to the doctor, I went there, very sick myself, to pick up the female. My stomach hurt so bad, I was crying in pain. I sat in their break room awhile. I needed to find help picking up the three cats in Jefferson being fixed--one from the Albany complex and two teen from some Albany people for whom I'd gotten the mother fixed a couple months ago.

I tried calling them from Heartland, since I felt they might be able to access a car and go get all three cats being fixed at Jefferson. No answer, so I didn't leave a message. This was to be a problem later, because they saw Heartland's number come up on their caller ID and thought I taken their cats to Heartland, instead of getting them fixed.

In fact they left a nasty message here, fearful of just that and, by the time I got to Jefferson to pick up the cats, since I couldn't find anyone to help me, they were calling there, sure I'd taken their cats to Heartland to be killed and stolen the money they gave towards one of the fixes, about $30. This didn't bother me at all, because I understood the reason they were upset and worried. And they apologized when I told them why I tried to call them from Heartland.

The ultra sound showed no gall stones in my gall bladdar or bile ducts. I didn't know what to do then. The doctor told me to take tylenol for the pain since aleve would just inflame my stomach further. I told him I don't take tylenol and couldn't imagine putting anything into my stomach.

It was left at that, with this extreme stomach pain and inability to eat, to take Tylenol. This was an unsatisfactory outcome, heading into a holiday.

So I'd taken the female back to the south town people after her spay and then I had to drive to Jefferson. I picked up there three cats fixed there and delivered them back, two to the one Albany household then the black female, Senecia, abandoned at the Albany complex, to the folks who are caring for her temporarily and seeking a home for her.

Then I came home and discovered Napster's woman had not been able to pick him up from Heartland either, before going to work, so I had to go pick him up. I held him here until her boyfriend came over. They are such nice people.

I fell asleep then, probably around 9:00 p.m., on the four foot couch. I didn't wake up until nearly 1:30 a.m. I tried to go to bed then, but my stomach was roiling. If I even swallow a bit of water, it starts up with the pain and bloating. I could not figure out what was wrong, although I thought long and hard about what could be wrong. The doctor seems to think nothing is wrong, but there most certainly is something terribly wrong. I remembered this has happened I believe twice before. The first time, the doctor was sure it might be general abdominal infection from divirticulitis and gave me antibiotics and for whatever reason, I improved quickly.

I don't think it is divirticulitis, but I think it has something to do with a stomach, peptic or duodenal ulcer and maybe massive infection caused by that, if that is possible, or closing off of the valve, due to scar tissue or inflamed tissue, to the small intestine. That would explain why I can't eat without billowing pain and gas and pressure and opening of the valve between my stomach and esophagus in burping and reflux of anything I ingest.

I don't know, but I'm on my own with it. I've got to figure out what is wrong myself and how to treat it myself. I thought I would die last night but I didn't. I was in misery, that's for sure.

One cat took after Buffy, in the night, the new cat from Highway 34, and she screamed. I came out to seperate them, in the dark, and slipped on my carpet, falling backwards onto my back. This hurt.

I sobbed in frustration and now more pain and told my cats they need to behave because if I died, what would happen to them? Most likely they'd be euthanized, I told them, so I need some cooperation, some empathy because I'm in a whole lot of pain, I told them.

Today again it starts, the pain, from the moment I woke up. There seems to be no relief and I just wish I could drug myself into a sleep and not have to experience this pain. I don't know what is wrong.

Last night I thought, well maybe it's my heart causing this stomach pain. I don't know. I also wondered about roundworms. I am exposed to roundworms daily, in neglected animals. I roundworm every cat I encounter, knowing they can affect humans, and try to educate cat owners about roundworms and the dangers roundworms can pose, to adults and kids, to the environment and the need to keep your cat frequently wormed. If I have extra bottles of piperazine, I give them to people and tell them they need to dose their cats and give them the whole roundworm tour of duty lecture. Most often, if I encounter those folks again, the bottle is unopened and they have not followed through.

I often stop at colonies I've trapped for fixing and re-roundworm them all, using pyrantel pamoate (my favorite roundwormer) mixed into wet food. I use small paper plates and big cans of wet food and consider this a public service, to the cats and to the general public and to the environment.

My high exposure to roundworms makes me vulnerable. Maybe I need to worm myself. Again.

Also, disgusted by my out of shape self, last week I began calesthentics, the ones I had to do as a kid in grade school every morning, when lined up like little soldiers---jumping jacks, squat thrusts, etc. I never minded the morning grade school P.E. calesthentics, except the squat thrusts, which really should not be done in dresses and skirts, which is what all the little girls had to wear to school.

So anyhow, I wonder if I jiggled my aging body in the wrong manner, or tore something crucial to my innards loose, as I began my exercise program here. This house has maybe one spot with four square feet of empty floor space, making any exercises a bit hazardous, should one forget oneself and let one's feet stray, when calesthenticating, outside the free floor space dot.

I read about ulcers this morning, although supposedly the pain of ulcers is reduced by eating, not inflamed by eating, so that doesn't exactly fit unless like I said, that stomach/small intestine value is closed off by scar tissue. 90% of ulcers are caused by heli bacteria and the other 10% generally caused by taking NSAIDS. So I'd read somewhere bismuth not only is supposed to sooth stomachs but is believed to kill heli bacteria, so I started sipping pepto bismo just in case.

I read that ulcers can perforate and then the abdomin gets doused in bacteria and acid and you can die. This is what I thought was scarey when I went to the doctor the day before. The assistant took my blood pressure and it read 100/60 and that's not normal. I told them so, so they took it a little later and it was 120 over 85, and that made me feel better. But why is my blood pressure so low, I wonder, at times. Am I bleeding?

I am going to go on about my day as if nothing is wrong, although I won't be eating anything. Even it was to be my last day on Earth, I would want to enjoy it. So, regardless of stomach pain---onward.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Faces of Despair--the Cats of College Park

I can't get their faces from my mind--two freshly abandoned cats. The older female, maybe two years old, was hunkered along the side of one of the fourplexes, just out of the pouring rain, staring blankly, sad, depressed, unloved. The younger female, was given the name "Angel" by the people who abandoned her, from unit 20. Unit 20 rented a U-haul last week and moved out. They left trash, junk they didn't want to bother to take, including at least four cats.

Another older woman, who went on and on about how important her family is, who in her illustrious family published what papers and invented what vaccines, and how much she volunteers and where, called the cats "vermin". Her own daughter's cats, living with her, three in all, are unfixed. She claims she keeps them inside, but as watched, the torti walked out her door and took off. She refused to let me take them to be fixed, claiming I might be selling them to researchers. Afterall, she'd never heard of POPPA Inc. and her father or husband or someone of high importance in her family had once been on Heartland's board, so she would know of a POPPA Inc.

After she called the abandoned teen "Angel" a vermin, I walked away from her self-righteous self-important hypocritical self as she continued to talk and her unfixed torti free-roamed. I picked up Angel and thought about bringing her home with me, but I am over-loaded here.

I then ran into a young blonde woman who wanted her mother's kitten fixed. She then said there was a black kitten running around, who had been crying at the dumpster and had been in and out of a few apartments but nobody wanted him. Then she said some Hispanics in 17 took her in. They'd showed the kitten to her. So we went and knocked on their door. The man said, sort of, (he spoke no English), that five minutes before they'd taken the kitten and dumped at the complex park.

I immediately took out over there, because it was pouring rain. I searched and searched without luck. Then suddenly the Hispanic man's wife came and got me, and redirected me to another part of the complex, claiming they'd dumped it over here, then pointed to the adult brown tabby long hair female who was dumped by unit 20, hunkered down against a fourplex and claimed that was the cat they'd just dumped.

I immediately became suspicious that she'd come to redirect me because maybe her husband had killed that kitten or shoved it under the cover of the pool to drown. I went back and searched more, but could not find that poor little lost soul. He'll be found tomorrow dead, I think, killed actually.

By that time, the blonde who wanted a female kitten fixed had disappeared. She had a bunch of people milling around. This is drug central of Albany.

I wanted to cry then. I wanted to sob. I was soaking wet and wanting to cry.

I talked to the manager and told her someone said they dumped a kitten out by the office there only minutes before. She had seen no one. She's training a new manager. The new manager intends to evict everyone who has more than two animals which is almost everyone there.

Unit 18 had told me this, that she had to get rid of her cats immediately, or she would be evicted. For her, I fixed Asia, a sleek short hair gray female and Whiskers, a Lynx Point Siamese male. I found two teen males she had homes after getting them fixed. And she has a flamepoint Siamese female with five three week old kittens. She has an older flame Point Siamese long hair male, very old, who someone else abandoned there. And she has to get rid of all but one cat, because she also has a pitbull she intends to keep. And where will these cats go? There is no place for them in all the world.

I went then and talked to the good tenant. I wanted to cry but I didn't. The little boy said the family with three Siamese, two of whom I got fixed, want to find them homes because they are moving out.

The good tenant said if she sees them about to move, she'll go talk to them and she'll call the police if they leave them, too.

Then they said a kitten was found in the pouring rain a week ago and the couple whose female kitten I already got fixed took that kitten in. So I went over there, to see it, and they'd "Misplaced" it, couldn't find it anywhere and it's pouring rain out and that kitten was already sort of sick when they found it crying on the sidewalk a week before in the pouring rain. Both of them were really high. They're both addicts.

I came home then. The good tenant found Senecia, abandoned by Unit 117, when they moved. They also left behind Malaki, whom the good tenant took in. So the good tenant is trying to find a home for both Senecia, and Tommy, who is a great cat. I got him fixed almost in the very first batch there. He was abandoned, too. His name then was Paco.

The cats of College Park Drive are in despair. They need homes with real people, not ghost people, not trash people, not drug people---with real people who feel real things, including empathy and love.

I can't get them from my eyes tonight. They are in my eyes and mind and heart. This is just one little teeny place, too, among thousands of such places of despair.

Who are these people and how did they become what they have become and what do they think when they get up mornings and look in the mirror?

Rest Area Lost Cats

The ODOT rest area crew e-mailed me a photo of a cat a woman lost when stopping at an Oregon rest area. The cat is a spayed female gray tabby. It is not the cat I have from the Santiam rest area. Wish it was.

This woman was travelling from Seattle to the east coast and one of her cats got out at one of the Oregon rest areas. She didn't realize it until she got to San Francisco. That was mid October. That house cat would be lucky to have found a way to survive for over a month in strange and hostile territory.

I also saw an ad in the petfinder classifieds from a Utah woman who says her gray neutered declawed male got away from her by slipping out of his harness at an Oregon Rest area just recently.

Seems to be quite the problem.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Possible Bunchie in the Area, Stealing Dogs for Research

Class B animal dealers, a.k.a. "bunchies", get animals, often stealing them, to sell to research labs. They also get animals from free pet ads and they are very good at portraying themselves fraudulently to convince people they are wonderful adoptors. These are not nice people and sometimes are supporting drug habits.

An employee at SafeHaven told me she suspects there is a bunchie working our area due to recent increases in large dog thefts. She showed me a photo of five rottweilers stolen recently from an enclosed yard. I asked her if she knows if there are local research labs that bunchies are selling stolen pets to and she didn't say.

Watch out, folks, these types of people are around and they've been around forever. They often drive old vans or unmarked delivery type trucks and might have cages inside. If you see someone stealing a pet, take down any license plate number or descriptions of vehicle and the person involved and call the police.

It's a strange concept to me, how a society will prosecute blatant animal abusers, like someone who poisons or beats up a cat or dog, although in reality, animal abusers are rarely prosecuted. But we accept the long term torture of companion animals in labs. How would you like your dog or cat to end up in a lab, given a number and treated like a number, injected with harmful substances, watched for affects, then killed and necropsied to find out how that substance affected various organs. There are all sorts of atrocities committed against animals that we allow as a society.

Instead of dealing with this difficult subject and brutality, many animal people point fingers at hunters. Well, nice. I know all hunters aren't the ideal, but at least that animal has lived a good life, free roaming, doing normal animal stuff, and hopefully dies very quickly with a bullet. Or at least relatively quickly.

Besides, if you eat meat, wild game is much more natural and healthy than the meat of animals raised in these huge factory farms. Here animals don't ever behave like animals or forage naturally and are injected with growth hormones for rapid abnormal growth, to maximize yield and profits and often are fed antibiotics from birth to butcher, another reason antibiotic resistant bacteria are on the rise.

I heard one sports reporter broach the subject of athletic steroid use in this manner. He argued that we all use growth hormones because we eat meat laden in growth hormones. He argued this also to be the reason that youth are sexually maturing earlier. I don't know about that, but I don't think it's a healthy practise.

And how we as a society look the other way to research labs torture of animals is beyond me ability to understand. For progress? My bet is it's rather for bucks.

We will pay a price one day for such practises. It's inevitable.

The fourth kitten of the brown tabby long hair female, now also fixed, who was trapped and fixed. One to go, plus the roam in long hair charcoal gray male. Posted by Picasa

This photo is one of the dozens of cats I trapped and got fixed a year ago, at the Frye colony. She looks fat and sassy, that's for sure. This cat is a little over a year old. When I trapped her last December, she wasn't much more than four months of age and was one of Nicki's kittens. Posted by Picasa

Photo is of the brown tabby tux long hair female the Frye Road people thought was pregnant again. She wasn't. Just fat. But at least now she's fixed. No more litters from her. Four of her five kittens have now been trapped and fixed also, all within a week. Not bad. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Jody James

I don't see many people except under stressful conditions dealing with cats. I have not had meaningful interaction with another human being for an extremely long time. Gets lonely.

So a Linn County woman had taken in barn cats from the Corvallis homeless camps. The woman who fed them promised a bag of food a month. So far, in the six months since then, she's brought three bags, but only when I call repeatedly to remind her of the promise. And now the woman who took the cats has turned demanding over cat food. She e-mailed today, wanting to know if I was coming out that way, if I would bring her some more, claiming she was out, but if she had to, she feed them scrambled eggs.

I reminded her that only a couple weeks ago I took her three 20 lb bags of food and some cans of wet food. I told her I could not support all her cats, (not sure how many she has) and said if she wasn't able to keep them fed, then maybe I should try to retrap the ones I took her and find them other barn homes. I thought it was a practical helpful suggestion.

She e-mailed back outraged. She had taken offense and told me never to come on her property again.

I really have no idea why. I've taken her food over and over, way beyond what the barn cats, if they're even still around, would eat in a year or more. I've cleaned at her place, I just don't get it.

I had pretty much regreted taking those barn cats to her ever since, because she refused to contain them more than a couple days. This was upsetting. But she's not one I can communicate with. She hasn't seen them since. I don't know. Pretty hard.

I'd go all the way out there, with food, then she would sometimes not even let me inside. It's a long drive, too.

Anyhow, in a way, I'm kind of happy she told me never to come there again.

The other woman who has been driving me nuts is the woman who fed the colony behind Carmike before I trapped them all. She calls, leaves messages, wants me to solve this and that cat problem immediately and I've told her over and over how exhausted and overwhelmed I am and that I can't do it all alone, and that she ought to get involved herself, since she doesn't work and has time on her hands.

She has her own home. She has a lot more money than me. I showed her how to trap. Thing is, I don't think she's interested in the labor it requires. She wants the cats helped but doesn't want to sacrifice a damn thing herself to help them. She wants me to.

So I finally left her a message telling her to leave me alone and if she wants those cats helped then to go out there and do it.

I really don't have any friends. Most have died or moved away. A is now living on the east coast. W, well, I never hear from her anymore. She's very busy with her job and family. My nurse friend up in Vancouver got herself a new man, moved out of her house and rents it to her son now. I haven't heard from her since. But I know she's happy now and that's a good thing. She'd lived with a guy for almost ten years and they were never happy. Not a good match. Her kids found her this guy who is exactly the opposite in personality than the other one, they said. He's laid back and an artist--he designs jewelry I think and very successful. So, she's happy at last and that's wonderful.

I hear from D down in Oakridge every few months. D is a wonderful person, also very busy with grandkids and her daughter and work. She's cut her hours at work, I think now, and is taking some classes she has always wanted to take. Her step father bought her property up outside Oakridge and she knows how lucky she is to have such a step father. He really loves animals, too, lives back east and is really good to D. So she's got her sanctuary there from the world and for her grandkids whom she adores. She also has animals, cats and dogs, all rescued. I visited her a couple times there and soaked once in the hot tub she has in a yurt. That was something else! She's a wonderful kind and caring person. I wish sometimes we lived closer.

And I hear from Leigh-Ann in Nevada. I've never even met Leigh-Ann. Other than that, the human contact I have is over cats. This can be difficult human contact, but, at best, it's not more than a few moments with a lot of different people.

There are a whole lot of people in my situation, who live alone and have no family. Must be some way some of us who want human contact now and then could get together for some fun. I'll have to think about it.

It's a stone cold thing, to know you have nobody. A very cold dark black feeling in the pit of one's stomach to realize you've got no backup, nobody who cares if you live or die, or would notice your absence if you dropped dead in your bathroom one morning.

If my car breaks down, I'm alone in it, not having money for repairs.

If I lose my place to live, I have nobody who'd let me sleep on a couch or in their garage.

This plays on my mind now and then. But there are lots of people in the same situation. Makes me think about forming tribes or something. I'm sure gangs emerge out of the same lacks and needs.

I didn't mourn my parents deaths. They both died last year. But when I lay in my bed nights, it comes over me like a dark cloud of realization. I can't call home anymore if I'm lost or alone or sick or hurt or if I need money or just somebody to talk to. Not ever again. Not for any reason. There's nobody there. There will never be anybody there ever again.

I hadn't called home for over a decade before they died. There was no point to it. And they never called me. They called my brothers, but not me. I knew why. I wasn't important in the family. Women weren't. That's why they left me nothing in the will. My brothers are going to split over a quarter million dollars in the estate. I get nothing. I haven't heard from either of them and I won't. They're getting their inheritance. I got mine--the legacy of my father's treatment of women.

It's time to change my name. I don't want to be a Harmon anymore. I never was one.

My name from henceforth will be Jody James.

Buffy, the kitty who roamed the area around SafeHaven for months before I finally caught her. She wolfs food down still, but is slowly becoming less frantic when she eats. Posted by Picasa

Photo is of Santiam, the tame adult brown tabby tux from the rest area. I won't be rescueing anymore cats for quite some time. I'm exhausted, have no space here to foster more, have been unable to find willing fosterers or anyone, really, wanting to get involved. It will never end. Linn County and Benton County both need low cost spay/neuter clinics or even no cost clinics. Oregon law makes that nearly impossible, or at the least, extremely difficult, because the law states a vet clinic must be owned by a vet. People have on one to call for help with cat issues. If they call animal control, at least in Corvallis or Benton County, for say a stray they find, or an injured stray or a kitten, the animals involved will end up dead. And yet all available money goes to SafeHaven and Heartland, not to spay/neuter, where a difference would be made for the animals. It's a sad state of affairs. Posted by Picasa

Snow tonight, at least on TV when furnace kicks in. RF interference. If my gas furnace is on, a few seconds after the motor kicks in, the TV goes to snow. I also get static through the computer speakers and sometimes static on the phone. The on/off button has never worked on the furnace, but now it takes so much longer than it used to to shut off, if I turn the thermostat to zero, like if the phone rings and I'd like to actually hear what the other person is saying over the phone. So I have given up. I put the phone off the hook if the furnace is on, because it's useless to either make calls or to try to hear incoming calls. So, watching TV is also rather pointless with the furnace on, unless you like watching snow. Posted by Picasa

Ask Not What the County Next to the County You Live In Can Do For You.....

Linn County's innovative plan to solve its cat problem is for the county commissioners to give residents who call demanding a solution for their personal cat problems my home phone number without even asking me! They're hoping someone who lives way beneath the poverty level in another county will just do what Linn County residents, cat groups and government won't do.

I told my cats last night, interspersed with giggles, that I'm a believer in the Kennedy speech. I told them, with dramatics "Ask not what the county next to the county I live in can do for me, but rather what can I do for Linn County?"

I am up to the challenge, I told my cats, waving my flashlight for emphasis.

Then I told Stormy, a Linn County cat here awaiting a home, "Do you think those Linn County commissioners are kind of using me, Storm?"

SafeHaven's mad that this is the big solution the commissioners came up with and Heartland says they are sorry that this has been the fallout of their refusal to take anymore Linn County cats, trying to force Linn County into a real solution, like maybe a few more Linn County residents getting responsible and fixing their pets.

In a way, I consider it an honor, a vote of confidence.

All established conventional avenues to solve the cat problem in Linn County have failed to come with anything. The paid elected county commissioners have failed to come up with a solution.

I am a poverty stricken person, labeled a mental for thirty years. I don't even live in Linn County. The commissioners of Linn now refer people who call about cats to me.

I have arrived!

My cats would be laughing if they could. They'd be saying, "No, Jody, stifle that ego, because actually what's going on is just the opposite. The "use" of Jody has just escalated exponentially. This is what Stormy, formerly of Linn County is trying to tell me "Run like hell, Jody. Do it now and just say 'Fuck no' to Linn County."

UPDATE on HIghway 34 kittens: They're doing great. I took them to the vet. They tested negative for FIV/Felk but do have some intestinal bacteria so now are on amoxicillin. The vet estimated their age at four to five months and said they are two pounds underweight for their age. They were also given IV fluids, 200 cc each. Prescription for their recovery: rest, relaxation, high nutrition and love for a couple of months.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Hell's a'waiting For You, Lady

SafeHaven told me on Friday, November 10th, a woman came in with three four month old kittens, two torti's and an orange tabby, wanting SafeHaven to take them. She was angry, they said, when they told her they couldn't take them because they were full. A couple hours later, someone called SafeHaven to say they'd seen two kittens across from SafeHaven on the shoulder of the highway, an orange tabby and a torti. I saw the orange tabby and torti walking the shoulder of Highway 34, now down almost a mile from SafeHaven, Saturday night. This precipitated a three day grueling effort on my part to save this brother and sister.

When I found out about the three kittens the lady wanted SafeHaven to take on, that they couldn't, an hour ago, I became overwrought, and wrote this letter to the Albany Democrat Herald:

I am writing this to the woman who took kittens into SafeHaven on the 10th, wanting SafeHaven to take them. SaveHaven was full and could not take them. You were angry. So you took your rage at your personal inconvenience out on these kittens and you dumped them like so much trash on the highway. How do I know? Because I saw them, two of the three that is, walking, shoulder to shoulder along Highway 34 Saturday night.

I’m not like you. I turned around to try to help them. Oh I have plenty of cats already, all spayed and neutered. And no I'm not rich. I have almost no money. In fact, I live on a little bit over $600 per month.

I spent the next three days and nights trying to save them. The big windstorm that hit Sunday night didn’t stop me. I was out there in it. I saw them laying in the short grass just off the shoulder, exposed to that freezing wind, like they’d given in to their fate. The little boy was on top of his sister, protecting her as best he could although this left him completely exposed to the force of the weather. Whose heart could not be energized to action by such a sight?--Only a stone cold heart. My heart isn’t cold. Yours must be.

They’re here with me now. And what about you, lady? Do you go to church and read the Bible? Do you pray for God’s vengence to strike gays and people who get abortions and maybe homeless people? What were doing as those kittens you dumped suffered so, starving and exposed to that storm?

Do you ever wonder why society’s gone so sour? It’s because so many people let the little things go, like being kind enough to save some suffering kittens. Don’t let the little things go.

I’m not like you, lady. And neither are those kittens. Hell’s waiting for you. Sunscreen won’t do you much good there. In the meantime, the little lives you tossed like trash are going to be loved anyhow.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Should Morons Reproduce?

I was bringing in a load of cats to the vet clinic once again and the vet goes "Never seems to end." I said, "Wrong strategy is why. We need to be fixing the irresponsible people, so they don't reproduce their ignorant behaviors in their kids." He said "You're exactly right."

It's like I have to follow some of these people around. I encountered one set of people at the disgusting cottages at Old Salem and Main. They had unfixed pets then. Then I re-encountered them at Heatherdale. They had more unfixed pets. Now I find them again at the low income complex I've been working. Oh yeah, more unfixed pets. They don't learn. They don't care.

Reverse Darwinism is what's going on out there. The people who have to support themselves limit their reproduction to the number of kids they can reasonably support. But not the irresponsible people, mostly state supported. So, that's why things are getting worse and worse. The irresponsibles, by the fact they breed more, are outnumbering the responsibles.

So, should morons resproduce? I haven't a clue. I'm drunk. But at least I'm spayed and not reproducing. Maybe I should have. Needs to be more cat fixers out there. I have good genes and a good mind, despite what shrinks labeled me for 30 years. We definitely should not allow shrinks to reproduce.

So the Sweet Home people didn't answer when I called to tell them their cats were fixed and ready to go home. It was really very aggravating. Finally, the young daughter answers and says she knows nothing about it, but puts her dad on, who has a German accent and is very rude and refuses to get involved. He gives me his wife's phone number and I call it. She's in Eugene, says it's just a miscommunication. I said "so what did you not understand about me saying they'd be back to be picked up at 4:00 or shortly after and you said you'd be home and to call?"

She says she can't pick them and I tell her she has to, that she's being abusive to a volunteer who is exhausted. She says she'll call her husband and then call me back. She doesn't call me back. I leave her a message stating she needs to pick them up promptly in the morning, that there will be a charge for overnighting them and if she doesn't pick them up promptly I'll call the cops.

So I get home and she's left a message and it's that she's called KAT and SafeHaven (she doesn't say why) and that I can go ahead and adopt them out. I call her, no answer. I leave a message stating very clearly that I am not keeping her cats and that she needs to pick them up. Then I call the cops. They call me back, after the dispatcher says it's likely she's abandoned them on me. Then they call her and she tells them she's more than happy to pick them up, that it is all just a big misunderstanding. So I ask the deputy, well when is she going to pick them up because she isn't even returning phone calls. He says he doesn't know and good luck and to call back if she doesn't because they might get her on animal abandonment.

But he was a nice deputy, calming and soothing. So I cracked a cheap beer and to hell with it.

UPDATE: It was indeed a misunderstanding. She picked up the cats Friday morning. Seems she's divorced from her husband, who shows up unexpectedly at her house, often while she's taking her kids to school. You know, more to the story, the untold story you don't know when you just pick some cats up from someone to get them fixed when they ask.

Anyhow, she's very nice, rather extremely busy, trying to take care of her family, etc, and deal with the disgruntled ex. But anyhow, it all worked out.


I've been stiffed. The young couple who adopted Garfield from the Albany complex live on the coast. They came over with a basket to take him home in, not enclosed. So I loaned them a carrier. That's been over a month ago. They said they'd return it to me in two weeks.

I've e-mailed her twice over it without response. I will call this afternoon. And then I'll file a police report. I don't like getting stolen from.

UPDATE: The woman responded, said they hadn't forgotten, just haven't gotten to Corvallis as they thought they would, but they will be coming through for the holidays and will leave my carrier. They are very happy with Garfield, which made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I told her "no problem about the carrier, to just leave it outside my door if I am not home when they come back through."

Then there's the woman who used to live in an old garage shell on Columbus. The house had burned down. Her husband was a meth addict and producer. I got three cats fixed for her over a year ago. She had picked up three more. But by the time I had open spots for fixes, a week after running into her at the Albany complex, one of the cats had already died of roundworm infestation.

She got the latest three kittens from someone outside SafeHaven who wanted SafeHaven to take them but they were full. This woman happened to have been there, too, trying to get free dog food. So she took three more cats.

Since I got the first three males fixed, two were killed on Columbus. The third, a big Siamese, I am hoping she does not leave behind on Columbus, now that she is moving to N. Albany.

So anyhow, I got her two surviving kittens of the last she took in, fixed this week, actually, and had asked her if she could catch the unfixed cats, two females and one male, of a tenant's at the Albany complex, since she knows her. So she'd caught the male and he was fixed Tuesday.

So when I return her two males plus her friend's male, she's at the Albany complex, even though she doesn't live, in a big U-Haul. She told me she was helping somebody move. But later, she said some friend of hers told her that her mother moved out of wherever she lived and left all her stuff and asked if she'd rent a U-haul and go get it and in return she'd give her the washing machine. I didn't want more information. Sounded real fishy to me, more like maybe a burglarly and I told the woman so.

But anyhow, she promised to get the calico of the Albany complex friend. That calico has reproduced so many litters there and her friend is a drug addict or former addict and doesn't fix her. So I gave her a carrier of mine to get that female in. And now, she doesn't answer her phone.

She's not someone who would steal from me.

Two carriers missing in action and I don't have many.

I am so fucking sick of druggees and the misery and drama they spread everywhere. I am. Now I have to go further out of my way to track down this carrier and I shouldn't have to.

Now this Sweet Home woman who called wanting three male cats fixed. She says they got dumped on the road outside their place. She couldn't find fixing help so she called to complain to Linn County and Linn County gave her my number. Giving out my number, the county, that's outrageous. So she brings three teen cats in one broken up cardboard carrier box. And of course they get out in my car. And I can't send them back to recuperate in that disgusting box and anyone with a fucking brain would know that wouldn't be adequate.

I will call the County today or tomorrow and tell them not to be handing out my name. Fuck them. I sacrifice. They benefit.

So anyhow, I called the Sweet Home lady up, to tell her she'd need to pick the three cats up with something more adequate than a broken down tiny box. She did not answer, which is also worrisome, because she said she'd be home this afternoon when I called that the cats were ready so she could come meet me and get them.

I hope she is not dumping them on me. She drove a nice big Suburban. You wouldn't think someone who drives a big gas hog like that would even need financial help fixing cats. But, I think she said she wants to sell it because it sucks gas so badly, but nobody will buy it because of same reason. Guess people are smarter than one might think.

I also left a message with the County commissioners office that I do not want them giving out my number to their citizens as the person who will get their cats fixed for free, the person stretched out nailed to the cross of Linn County. Hahahahahah.

I have no place to go Thanksgiving either and it sucks. Another Corvallis blogger said maybe I could go with him and his wife to some south town friend of theirs who is having a potluck.

I said maybe I'd go, but I asked who it was and do I know them? I don't want to go to a place where I'm going to end up standing around alone stirring the food around the edges of a plate to look busy, a vegetarian plate, too, because whomever it is, is vegan.

You know, like if they are all all young or something, people I have nothing in common with or something. I don't know that's the case at all. I just haven't heard back from that person yet on any details.

At my age, I don't do things just to do things. I need to get something out of it. What do I want out of a Thanksgiving dinner, if I go someplace? Fun. Or...good conversation....or, a warm glowy feeling, something, you know, not nothing and certainly not a negative experience.

I wanted to put something together here, but I got nobody to invite, very little space and no money for food. This put a damper on my plans.

It sucks to have no family. It sucks to be alone on holidays like Thanksgiving. It is a nice warm thought to think of a big family gathered around to eat, talk, relax, watch a movie, play games together.

I went to the Big River Thanksgiving dinner last year or the year before. The food was great. But I asked to be seated with someone, so as not to eat alone. And I got seated with some depressed guy who would not stop talking depressive crap about his life. Fine, Mr., so you're depressed. Lots of people have less than ideal lives. But what in the world could possibly be depressing about a very fine dinner put on by a great restaurant with volunteer help, so shut the fuck up. I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

Buffy, the very thin adult black female I also trapped along Highway 34 when trapping the two starving kittens. She, too, was starving. I'd spotted her across from SafeHaven as early as June 30, then once had tried to trap her right beside SafeHaven but instead caught a huge honking rat. She's starved, worm ridden, or was, but very grateful, tame and vocal. She's one happy cat. Posted by Picasa

And here's the male kitten. Isn't he beautiful? Sure he's skinny and has a couple old bite wounds, as does the adult black female I trapped at same locale. Posted by Picasa