Monday, January 13, 2020

So Long Fluffy

Fluffy, who was dumped in the county park, is now in Portland.   He's in foster care to adopt, I think.  I took him up today along with two Sweet Home kittens, who will board the Kitten Caboose on their journey to new lives.

So long my pretty park boy.  Fortunately, he didn't have to remain there long after being spotted by a dog walker.  I trapped  him December 30.  He went with me clear to Astoria on December 31.  Two weeks later, he's in hopefully a home for good.

No more of this pathetic life in the muddy bushes for you, buddy.
He is such a happy playful silly loving cat.  I hope he does well in his new digs.

I dropped off seven cats at the clinic to be fixed this morning.   I took Fluffy and the two Sweet Home kittens up to meet Carma from Animal Rescue and Care Fund, in a Wilsonville parking lot, before heading back to Salem to pick up the seven now fixed cats.

Three of the fixed cats are from an Albany trailer park.  The old couple trapped the cats themselves.  I just loaned them the traps and picked them up as they trapped them.  They're here to recuperate for the night.  There's Baby, a torbi tux and her two near adult kittens, Betty and Brownie.
Baby, the mom

Betty and Brownie, Baby's adult children

Four of them are from Sweet Home, including the kittens mom and a sister, who will go elsewhere now that she is fixed too.  Their mom is a Siamese mix named Bandita. There was a black female we named Toddie, since we didn't get her name, and the man who cares for her is named Todd.  And Maverick, a tabby on white teen boy.  It's always good to get Sweet Home cats fixed.  There are so many unfixed ones in that very small town.

Maverick, a little boy 
Toddie, a sweet girl

Bandita with one of the kittens.  All three were black tuxes.  One boy and two girls.  The girl who didn't go to Portland is Jinx.

Binx, the little boy kitten, went to Portland with one sister.  I didn't get a photo of Jinx, the girl, who didn't go.

Well that was today.  The rain has poured down and its miserable and cold too.  Nobody is very happy with the weather including myself and my cats.  We'd all like summer to be here fast.


  1. Thank you. Again. Always.

  2. I can see why Fluffy was so named.

  3. Brownie looks just like a cat I used to have, Teddy. Thanks for rescuing him and all of the rest.