Saturday, October 27, 2018

Fall Color

Many trees this year did not get enough water, apparently, so the leaves, instead of turning normally, turned instantly to a crackled dry brown and yellow or brown and red, then fell.  They were not pretty.

Just as the leaves began to turn, I dropped my camera, the Canon, the model I get used on ebay.   I was headed to the car, running late, and it flew out of my hands in the garage.  I picked it up, prepared for the worst, because the digitals are really touchy, but it still turned on.  Later, however, I discovered something bad had broken.  It would no longer expose correctly, especially on auto.

I've tried all sorts of other settings on it, after reading it was likely an aperture control thingy in the lens that broke or was bent, with limited success.  I've ordered another, same point and shoot beloved discontinued model, used on ebay, but they're becoming hard to find.

The LCD screen shows a bright normal shot, but if I touch the shutter, the screen shot of the picture to be turns dark.  Anyhow, something got broken when I dropped it, and for the most part the camera does not work now, unless I work hard to find the setting of the day, as I call it, that might work.

In the meantime, I will try to find downloads on digital camera repair.  However, with my bad close up eyes and the lack of light in this place during the winter months, I'll have to find ways to get around those issue too.  And some very tiny tools.

I feel the need to try to learn digital camera repair, if I can, however.  So I will try.  Why not?

I've taken up another hobby.  Local recyclers have stopped taking plastic bags to recycle, along with many other things.  A lot of recycling, since China won't take it anymore, is going to the dump anyhow.   So, I found a video, on youtube of course, of a lady who weaves plastic bags into rope.  From there you can use the plastic rope to make baskets, leashes, cat toys, which is what I'm doing right now, or many other things.

It's a simple loom, with 8 notches.  And you cut the bags across them, which leaves a loop of plastic so as you weave, you can easily add to each strand.

I've taken some photos of the fall color and leaves, with my phone camera and some with the broken camera although I have to distort the color to make them not dark as night, or use long shutter speeds since the aperture control isn't working anymore.


  1. Sigh on the camera front.
    We had had similar autumns here when rain has been scarce. Yours looks better than some I remember.
    Using the bags to make things instead of sending them straight to landfill sounds like an excellent idea.

    1. I enjoy weaving them EC, usually when worn out and plopped in front of the TV for the night.

  2. I'm not sure which pictures come from which cameras, but you show some very pretty leaves. We are having a very late year here as far as leaves changing colors. I don't know if they will all just fall off the trees one day or not. We'll see.

    I did a similar thing with bags a couple of years ago except I knit the strips and made place mats. Do you remember the time when people made rugs out of bread bags? The bread bags had a lot of color in them and they were very pretty.

    1. I am beginning to have malicious thoughts towards the maple, over all the leaves and the constant work involved of getting them off the cat yard wire, then out to the street. And...out of the gutters. I do remember now that you mentioned it, making rugs out of bread bags.

  3. Rotten luck on the camera. :( Ohio is finally seeing some pretty leaf color. I was beginning to doubt we would. Take care, my dear.

    1. Yeah I feel bad about it, but found another cheap online and hope to try to fix this one. It was just one of those rush things, going too fast, flew from my hand.