Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Ten Cats Fixed and More Kittens

Ten more local cats have been fixed, six of them kittens.

A Lebanon apartment complex is trapping cats on their property.   The adults will return, and they're fine with that, as long as they are fixed.  This is extremely progressive and practical and kind of them.

So the first six were fixed yesterday.   Big Boots was neutered.  He is a sweet boy, when contained, but not so sweet in his actions over there at the complex, prowling and fighting.  Well now those behaviors will slowly fade and perhaps even end, over time.  Can take a month or more after neuter but if he survives the next month or two, he'll be better behaved and have a better life.

Boots--now a neutered boy!
The manager with tenants' help trapped a mother cat too.  They also found her four kittens sleeping in a box and carefully covered the cardboard box with a cabinet door, then carried box, with covered kittens, inside.  They were in her bathroom when I arrived to pick them up Sunday morning.  I used a towel to cover the little hissy spitters, then scruffed them through the thin towel to put into a carrier I'd brought with me for them.  Their mom was in a live trap I'd loaned them, since they'd caught Boots first in their own trap.  I returned the trap Boots had been in when I picked up mom in my trap and the kittens.

All six were fixed yesterday.  The kittens are up for adoption.  I'm trying to find a rescue to take them but seems everyone is full already.

This is Pixie, the kittens' mom
Totem, a boy, on the left, Alexi, the wildest and most beautiful, a girl, on the right.

Sisters Alexi and Sweet Pea

Totem, a little boy. Sure looks like Boots, doesn't he?

Mrs. Deeds, a little torbi teen, now fixed too.
I encountered a poignant situation.  I'd been depressed mainly out of exhaustion and exposure to so many unkind people.   I've been lonely lately.  I mean I'm alone most of the time, and I've gotten used to that, but any human contact has been hard to come by lately.  It's hard to manage the constant demands of strangers calling wanting help with hard situations when alone.  Lack of a support system takes its toll.  I manage by switching bad into good in my brain.  It's the only way I've survived my whole life.

Yup, the optimist, always looking for the light in the darkness.  Even so, sometimes the darkness is too much.

This family encountered Mrs. Deeds, not sure if it was before or after she had her kittens.  Mrs. Deeds was in dire need of help, either way and they helped her.  They've got her five little kittens inside their house and let her come and go, but the kittens were inside, so she would come back in to care for them.   I thought that was beautiful, especially when I met Mrs. Deeds and saw how young and tiny and scared and in need she really is.  Lots of people would have just turned a hose on her, or called me angry, to complain and want her and the kittens gone.  But these folks helped her out.

Mrs. Deeds was spayed yesterday.

Then there's the older couple helping out a friend of theirs, who in my mind, seems not much of a friend.  But that's not my business, is it.  They trapped over 20 cats and kittens last fall at his place, to save their lives really, kept a couple of the kittens.  I placed the rest with rescues and my barn cat placement friend.  He wanted two back, so two fixed boys returned.  But he failed to tell his friends another cat showed, got fat, had kittens.   So once they knew, they trapped her, and five of her kittens and a big male too.  He didn't want the kittens or male back.  He doesn't watch traps or set them.  He doesn't even bring cats in traps to his friends helping him.   My gosh, what a guy.     The big male went last week to my barn cat placement friend.  The mom of the kittens was fixed last week and two of her five kittens were fixed yesterday---Lover Boy and Weepy Joe.

They're fostering all the kittens and will probably keep two of them.  At least.

I hope their friend pays them back with a truckload of cat food.   What are the odds?  Not good, but I can hope.

Lover Boy, a little boy, fixed yesterday.

Weepy Joe, also a little boy, fixed yesterday too.
And the tenth cat fixed yesterday?  A throw back call pulled me back to the Turner colony, the colony I worked last winter.  31 cats and kittens I caught there and got fixed.  Meow Village took almost a dozen of them after they were done.  I love this older couple, both in their 80's, he closer to 90 than 80.  But that was a lot of work, I tell you, back then.

I didn't know they'd given a kitten to relatives before I came on scene and that she never got fixed.  At first they told me she couldn't go back to her relatives and could I take her.  "No," I said.  But I could get her fixed.  She is in heat and making life miserable on everyone.  I picked her up on the way to the clinic since they're between Turner and Salem and its literally 6 minutes from their place to the clinic.  But after loading up all the cats, getting the kittens, still hissy spitty, who I had free roaming the bathroom, into individual live traps, which is how the clinic needs them, I was running late.

I forgot to gas up and the car dash was displaying its yellow empty tank warning light, before I even got to the Turner house.  I told them about the empty tank, as I loaded the black tux girl into a trap.   Frank had to take his son to work but hobbled over as I prepared to leave, with a gallon red plastic gas can and said there might be a little in it, that it couldn't hurt.  I shook the container and figured there might be all of two cups of gas in there.  I pretended to add it to my tank but nothing went in.  There was too little in the gas container to get it out.  I made it anyway to the clinic, then to the nearest gas station.

Oreo was spayed yesterday.
Oreo, spayed yesterday
I returned Oreo first after picking up the ten now fixed cats and kittens, since the couple live very close to the clinic.  The old woman always offers me good stuff, like cookies.  I sat down to eat a couple peanut butter cookies she'd made the day before.  We chat and BS about everything.

She started talking about Oreo.  Pretty soon, I was trying very hard to keep from busting out in loud laughter.  I tried so hard to stifle my mirth it came out my nose, along with peanut butter cookie crumbs.

She said Oreo was a nice cat but that yesterday, Oreo jumped on her lap and bit at her arm and rubbed it.  So she began petting her along her back and Oreo was into it and suddenly her eyes went funny and she was making muffins on her knee and she realized Oreo had an orgasm.  She said it calmed her down right away and she went off and slept.  But it wasn't an hour later she was back and on her lap and wanted it again.   And she just wasn't going to do that for a cat and had to go to the kitchen, she said.

All the way home, the picture invaded my brain, of an 80 some year old woman giving an in heat cat on her lap an orgasm.  I couldn't stop laughing.


  1. I'm laughing, too. That just tells you that no matter how old you get, there are always new experiences to be had.

    1. Yes there are. Those folks are fun. I do enjoy sitting around BS'ing with them. Our jokes are not exactly fit for children.

  2. Good to end with some humour.

  3. Laughter is a HUGE help isn't it?

  4. I'm so glad you got a dose of decent human beings in your life. ~hugs~ Well done, my dear, on all these efforts. A cat having an O in my lap would blow my mind. LOL Be well!