Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Signs I Need a Break

There are a couple of signs with this last cat round up, that my upcoming break is clearly needed.

When I picked up the nine cats,  I carefully laid out each's paperwork on the counter at the clinic, putting the records in groups to give to various owners, caretakers.  Then I walked off and left the paperwork on the counter at the clinic.  So I had none to give to caretakers when I returned cats.   I'll pick it up next Monday.

Also, I usually take photos of every cat, for records.

This time, I entirely forget to take pictures of the three girl kittens, even though they were in my bathroom overnight.

I was late arriving at the clinic, too.  It didn't matter as there was still a check in line.

The five kittens in the bathroom were harder to catch, they're so quick, when in a hurry, to get into individual traps.  With the two females, Topaz and Moonless, in cages out in the garage, they need in live traps too to go.  I remove the carriers that are in the cages they use for beds, along with their litter boxes, and put in a set small live trap, covered.  Then I remove the cage coverings, sheets usually, that give them privacy. The cats are generally up on the shelves I've made for the cages while I do this.  I simply go on with morning chores in the house then.  Usually I come out and they're in the traps, which was quick at least with them.  They simply want privacy, not completely exposed in their cage and go into the trap to hide.

Pho and Higgins, the two north Albany adults, were already in live traps at least.

Then comes the task of loading nine live traps into the back of my car and securing them with bungee cords.  Lastly I grab my cup of coffee to go that I've made in the kitchen and head out.  Hopefully I've remembered to gas the car.

It went just fine despite my neglects, like the girl kitten photos.  Three girl kittens and two boy kittens were fixed.  Jacob and Israel, the two boys from Lebanon I'd had in my bathroom a few days, went on with my barn cat placement friend, who met me there to pick up Topaz, one of the black females.  She has no trapping jobs and is bored and decided she could take on trying to house cat tame those boys.  So those three left me in the clinic parking lot after surgery.

Topaz, who was spayed then went for barn cat placement

Lebanon apartment complex kitten Jacob

Jacob's brother Israel, also fixed yesterday
Then I headed to Meow Village, six cats still in my car, to leave Moonless there, as pre arranged.
Moonless, formerly of Waterloo
I had not eaten yet at that time, when I arrived at Meow Village, and was famished.  I could barely stand the sight of her grand daughters eating Rice Krispy treats.  I finally begged for one, like a candy whore.  And they gave me about 8 of the individually wrapped treats.  I ate them all!   I blame the kids...wasn't my fault.

But those treats constituted my breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Now I had five cats left in the car.  I dropped off the three girl kittens, with no photos taken, off Knox Butte Road and while there was texted by the N. Albany folks, who had trapped Pho, the torti female, and Higgins, the orange boy, that they were headed to my place.

I arrived just before they did.   I handed off the handsome pair of now fixed kitties.  They'll return my traps later.   I bravely pretended to myself I'd watch a little TV before hitting the hay but that didn't last long.  I plan to actually eat real food today.  And rest up.
Higgins, fixed yesterday, from N. Albany

Pho, a torbi female, also spayed yesterday

Nine more cats fixed bottom line.  That's always good.


  1. Rice Krispie treats for a day, sounds delicious, but I don't think I'd feel very good afterwards. I am continually amazed at how you keep track of all of these cats. Not only do you have paperwork, but you know how many are left in each colony and the names of the ones you have already fixed.

    1. I didn't feel so good the next day. Candy is not a staple food item one eat in excess and not feel the results the next day.

  2. I am very, very glad to hear that today is a much needed day of real food and rest.
    And thank you. As always.

    1. Didn't do much last two days actually.

  3. That's beyond good. Amazing! Thank you for the kind word on my little adventure. It's small compared to all you accomplish. I wish you'd gotten real food during the day. ~hugs~ Love you, too, my dear!

    1. I survived. And I'm so glad you found Orange Boy's owner. Nice he was chipped.

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