Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Goodbye Raven

Goodbye sweet Raven.  Good luck.

Today I drove Raven up to Felines First Rescue.  They are showing her for adoption in the Petsmart off Scholls Ferry Road exit.

It's always hard, to let them go, to know she's alone now, without a friend, in a Petsmart condo, waiting for someone who will adopt her.  I hope so much someone kind and loving adopts her, someone with values, that include loving her for life.

There are so many people who seem to be without any core values, except serving themselves and instant gratification that yes, I worry for her.

Raven is a smart cat, an athletic cat and a lap lover too.  

I am tired.  Very tired.  Tired to the core.  So I slept this afternoon and will go to bed early tonight.

Goodbye my friend.  Good luck.


  1. Saying goodbye to some must be harder than others.

    1. Yes, Andrew, you are right.

  2. I adopted a pair of my cats from Petsmart and it was a very thorough process. I had to undergo an extensive interview and lots of paperwork. I had to sign that if I had any problems, I would promise to contact them and they would take the cats back. I still remember one of the questions that made an impression on me, "Your kids will be out of the house before these cats will. Do the two of you want four cats when that happens?" Anyway, I think Raven will go to a great home.

    1. Raven is in good hands. Felines First is very good at placing cats and matching them to the home that fits. That's why I was happy to get her with them. For instance, Willy from Mountain Shadows got a home with a blind elderly Pug and a parrot. He tried to engage once with the parrot, who screamed at him and poor Willy went flying. I knew Willy would do well in that situation due to his personality. FFR has placed many many adult cats from this area and I appreciate their efforts immensely.